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Ryan Warrender | Google Design  📱 Mobile UX Manager #Google NYC ⚡ Hackathon + AMP Enthusiast 💻 Design • Startups • Dev 🚀 Startup Insider @StartUpNexus ⤵️Tips to grow your startup


The view after yesterday's AMP Hackathon 👌... The solar eclipse (#science) was cool, but this view was cooler. 🏙️ > 🌒 Thank you to all the teams that came out. ✌️

Wear your 🕶️ today! @lifeatgoogle

Wedding protip: bring a fun date.


Beach Chillin Influencer 🕶️

🚀Here is the full list of the 20 best #startup ecosystems in the world according to Startup Genome:

Silicon Valley (unchanged)

New York City (unchanged)

London (up from #6)

Beijing (new entry)

Boston (down from #4)

Tel Aviv (down from #5)

Berlin (up from #9)

Shanghai (new entry)

Los Angeles (down from #3)

Seattle (down from #8)

Paris (unchanged)

Singapore (down from #10)

Austin (up from #14)

Stockholm (new entry)

Vancouver (up from #18)

Toronto – greater Waterloo area (up from #17)

Sydney (down from #16)

Chicago (down from #7)

Amsterdam (unchanged)

Bangalore (down from #15)

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Some people meditate, I color (coloring books). 🎨

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Surround yourself with hustlers. We build community hubs, called Campuses, where entrepreneurs come to learn, share ideas, and launch great startups. 👩‍💻✔️🚀
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Back it again with cup of coffee and <html ⚡> UXer Code 🤓 @amp.project

Sticky war throwback. 👱+ 🐯

Give a man Phish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to Phish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. #🐡

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