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Where my I.F.’ers at? I.F.ers??? You know intermittent fasters?

If you fast like me, there’s fasting and feasting. I do one meal a day in around a two hour window and when people hear this I’m always asked, so what do you eat then?

For those who have asked, here ya go!

Peace love and lettuce...with a side of lettuce!
#eatyourgreens #truefactimnotafanofkale #vegan #intermittenfasting #entrepreneur

Life is like a story:
Sometimes a drama,
Sometimes a comedy,
Sometimes a romance.
Always a mystery.

Embrace the mystery. Throw yourself in headfirst into the impermanence and possibility.
We have winds of the world to fly on but instead we get blown back from the cliffs edge afraid to leap.

How little time we are here. Make the most of it.

Shout out to #hostee who’s manifesto I read
in this video.

Happy Friday!
#sappy #yasappy #inspiration #motivationalquotes

That’s my boy. @toasterfin dropping knowledge. Shout out to @conceptsurfshop.

#likefatherlikeson #grom #surfing

Retreatin’ with my partners is getting me all reflective. Amazing how a pause from business can really put business in perspective and provide an increased vigor to jump back in.

#retreat #pause #freshpow #laotzu

Wildflowers don't care where they grow. @dollyparton
whenever you stray,
wherever you roam,
wherever you are,
know you are home.

#wildflowers #dollyparton #lyrics

Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all.

Circumstances come and go. So let them come and go.

#buddha #presence #mindfulness #peace

About a year ago I sold my business. This weekend I finally pulled the trigger on my dream car. What do you think?

#goals #dreams #vroomvroom

Faster faster,
I’m told to be.
Further further,
I’m told to see.
More more more,
Is the key.

But who is it for?
Them or me?

Slower slower,
I’m going to be.
Closer closer,
I’ll look to see.
Less less less,
Will be my key,

Who needs more?
I’ve got me.

#downshift #comma #pause #gratitude

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.
-Bob Marley
Gotta love Marley droppin zen Rasta knowledge.

#bobmarley #quotes #zen #enlightenment

He can’t see. But he could sure as hell hear the cheers and make a guess how close he gets to a strike.
#amazing #nailedit #baseball

Six weeks into life Matt was told he’d never walk. He was wheel chair bound from there on. Two months ago they said he had a chance. One month later he took more than a step... #love #push #keepgoing

For five months she waited. Observing. Listening. Learning. Drooling. Coooing. Babbling. Then this happened. She could have chosen any word for her first one.
Couldn’t believe my ears until the last part which quickly brought me back down to earth ;-). #daughters #humble #gratitude

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