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Ryan M Allen  ▫️Breathwork Facilitator ▫️Coach ▫️Founder of Lifted™️ a small group training class that combines meditation and strength training in SF.

All growth is cyclical. The patterns of nature show us this.
Life expands and contracts in order to grow and evolve. It’s easy to get hooked on the expansion and fearful of the contraction phase. We worry that our life is falling apart but it is all part of the process.
Be easy like the sea and let yourself ebb and flow.

No matter who you are, what you think makes you unworthy, how long you’ve denied your power and goodness, spirit is there shining love to you. We are reflections of the divine source of all life in every instance, even when we feel separated. Today, allow love to flow to you, even if you don’t feel worthy. You are whole in this very moment.

How much can life bring us? How little control do we actually need? How much beauty can be felt and appreciated? ✨
To find the answers to this we must be empty of expectations. ✨
Today, I’ll do my best to let life carry me to more surprises and delights.✨

Travel is one of the greatest teachers of my life. This photo was taken five years ago in Rio near the end of a very long adventure through five countries. I decided that life felt too short to not experience as much of this world as possible. What I learned about the power of travel is how much I explore my internal landscape at the same time as the outer. Today I am packing for a much shorter trip. Still, the excitement is bubbling up... What kind of magic will I find this time? What beauty awaits?

If you believe you are a spirit experiencing a body then all of your experiences are spiritual. There is no separation from your meditation practice to having wild sex. One experience is not more important to your life than another. Nothing is separate. When we take that judgement away there is only appreciation for our time in a body and on this physical plane. Go out and participate in it all and resist nothing. 💚

Have a beautiful week, my friends!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how deeply ingrained our cultural idea of masculinity is.
I’ve spent most of my life assuming that my feeling of being nervous around other men was because I was gay. Not until a few weeks ago, when in the closing ceremony of my healer training, did I get to see clearly that most men share the same nervous feelings. I came into that weekend knowing I had some of my own healing to do around masculine energy. That healing happened in a surprising way. I walked into the workshop to find that there were many more men at this training than in the previous. I felt my guard go up. Not only were there more men but they were all straight men. I judged the shit out of a lot of them. I assumed that they weren’t able to be deep, vulnerable, and loving. During a couple of breathwork sessions over the weekend I dug deep into pain from childhood that was related to men. That was deeply healing itself but it wasn’t until the final ceremony that the healing felt complete. I stood in front of a fire, in front of my teacher, in front of about 70 people, including those men, and I shared my truth about feeling afraid of men. I wasn’t planning on sharing that but it just came out along with tears. The ceremony ended and we all hiked back to our cars to say goodbye and on that hike, three of those straight men vulnerably told me that they also had their own deep fears of men. They thanked me with warm embraces that healed a lifetime of fears. This has opened my eyes to what all men face - the fear of being themselves in the company of other men. The “bro talk” of straight guys or bitchiness of gay guys - it’s all a shield. We’ve seen where that leads so let’s all decide to allow men vulnerability, especially with each other. Our world depends on it.❤️

Our hidden facets await the light to shine the gifts that they hold.
I need to add more to this post. I was going to let the image and sentence hold their own space but I realized my vulnerability is what I need to share here.
I’m discovering that the deepest, darkest corners which I haven’t wanted to explore are filled with treasures for me. Mind you, these treasures are not easily found but through working with my own coaches and healers I am finally able to shine light where there had only been muck and darkness. The darkest corner for me has been sexuality. It has been wrapped in shame and secrecy. I’m bringing that to an end.

I’ve spent my entire life both afraid and excited by sex which lead to patterns and behaviors that are not aligned with who I am anymore. I’m in the middle of the dark work but it is already paying off by unburdening me of the weight of shame and showing me how much life there is to be felt!

As a coach, many people think we should have it all figured out. I believe that part of what makes me a great coach is my willingness to face it all, share my own challenges and, when I have integrated those changes, I share how I did it. There is no better teacher than experience.

I send love to all of you who are brave enough to shine light where the hidden resides. To all of you who speak your truth when it’s uncomfortable. To all of you who turn toward yourself and say “What do you need? What is unexpressed?” You are my heros.
📷: @h.younesi.2

My version of independence doesn’t mean cutting myself off from others in order to feel strong or valid. ****************************
My version of independence means allowing myself the support and love I need to move through the world with my head high and my voice heard. That does not happen in a bubble. *****************************
Stay open in your journey and support those who seem as though don’t need any support, because they do.

It’s a new week! Time for a fresh start, you tarts!

Don’t give in. Stay open. Love. Even when it doesn’t make sense.

We are driving out of Joshua Tree with a gospel version of ‘Let It Be’ playing through the speakers. The perfect ending to, not only this weekend, but to the training I’ve been doing with @davidelliott10 and the community of healers he has brought together. This work has changed my life in no small ways. Last night we had a closing ceremony in the desert. Over 60 souls surrounded a fire and individually expressed gratitude, shared their vulnerability and let the fire take what they were ready to release. It is hard to put into words the power of being seen and heard by a community of supporting people. As I shared my story my voice wavered and tears came. I let go of a lifetime of fear and shame. I was met with love and hugs and knowing nods.
I feel open and ready for life to fill my cup with more than I can imagine. There is nothing more to do but let it be.

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