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RYAN CLINE  Going through life figuring out ways to make it more interesting while taking photos along the way. Owner @coalburnt

This place is so hit or miss I find it hilarious, Ive been so many times and every time its either sunny or cloudy. Often times its completely fogged out and you cant even see to the end of the tunnel.

I miss this place so much... I remember it being one of the first places I put my backflipping into practice and I will never forget the smile I felt on my face when I hit the freezing water.

Timelapsing is something I've always had an appreciation for, the amount of time it takes to shoot everything and then put it together in post is crazy! Always worth it in the end, but elapsed time is much more soothing than real time. @zaysolis119 @jaden.stodart

I have a certain appreciation for places like these, someone years ago thought it would be a good idea to plant small trees, with the idea that one day they would grow, and form a natural tunnel.

I've taken hundreds of thousands of photos in my lifetime. But less than .01% of them have a shooting star in them.

Even though I really wanted to camp here again, its just too cold right now. It is about 28 degrees in mammoth and will be 18 degrees by morning. Currently in a hotel room wondering why my 0 degree bag isn't keeping me warm when its this cold out! The 120 to Yosemite is closed so now were heading to SF!

Out of all the places Ive camped, none made a first time impression like this.

It's going to be crazy watching Yosemite go from this warm and inviting place, to a frozen winter forest. Definitely wont be able to camp in the bus haha!

Super stoked to be heading back up the 395 soon. Hopefully Yosemite isn't completely snowed out by the time I get there! Bummed I wont have @robstrok and @erubes1 with me this time though!

In order to really appreciate this place, I feel that you have to spend a night on it. I cant describe what its like to see the stars blanket the sky after the sun sets, its something you have to do yourself.

One of my favorite caves on the Island, for whatever reason it pours rain when I go, making it near impossible to get back up the muddy hill haha! Glad I had enough light to figure out where I was going. @lumecube

One of the most beautiful places Ive ever been, so glad I was able to take experiencing it one step further by climbing the base in-between the two falls and jumping into the freezing water.

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