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Aurelia Arellano  Baby powerlifter🏋🏽‍♀️🍑 Snapchat👻: Arellanogirl04

A little sweat is good for the swole. 😚 #cheesy #whatcanyoudo

Super excited I was finally able to bench semi "heavy" (for me at least) since maxing out on bench which was what feels like forever ago! 😋 #excusethebenchface #benchingismyfav

Just tryin to get buff 🤓🤗

Forgot to record bench but I promise I did it!
5x5 at 105, was suppose to do 115 but only was able to push it for 3 reps for my first set :/ Since maxing out 2 weeks ago I haven't been able to hit the numbers I'm suppose to according to my program which sucks. Don't know what's going on.🤷🏼‍♀️
Squats were 6x3 at 145. Theeeen some yes, assisted pull ups because ya girl can't do a single pull up to save her life.🙂

I want to wish the happiest of 2nd birthdays to the princess of the house, the star of every show, and the light of my life. Don't know what I'd do without this bundle of sass and sweetness. She's something special, that's for sure and I couldn't love her any more if I tried.❤️

My very own personal piggy back slave☺️ #looksweird #tryingtoconservethecheeks #whatarebrothersfor 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hooray for pause squats!
6x3 of 145👉🏼resetting at the bottom😅
Then 5x5 of 110 on bench (not recorded)


Week 3 of this block... 7x3 at 215 and it's never moved like this before yaaay🤗 then 3x5 at 145 of banded deficits (not recorded)

Pause squats 6x3 at 140 (not recorded)
Then PR'd at 225!! Finally hit two plates and kinda proud of myself for it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤗 Bench: 5x5 at 100

Today was a good day and I couldn't be happier👍🏻😊 Squats: 5x5 at 175
Bench: 3x8 at 95, a single at 115, 125, and last my new 1 rep max 135 finally!! It was super slow and ugly but I gave it my all😩 #excusemybackfat

🚦Curves up ahead🚧 #teamthick #comecuddlewithaburrito

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