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Aurelia Arellano  Baby powerlifter🏋🏽‍♀️🍑 Snapchat👻: Arellanogirl04

Yes... We are the most dysfunctional lifting squad out here but that's what makes it so enjoyable and fun🤷🏼‍♀️buuut anyway this was day 1 of a new program that I can already tell is going to WHOOP my butt and I couldn't be more excited for all the future gains😋
Bench: 5x5 at 100
Squats: 4x8 at 160

I am back babbbyy😊
I've definitely been going through something and completely lost sight of why I do this and how much I love it but with that being said I'm proud to say I took a step back to re-evaluate and made a few changes. I walked in the gym with a whole new mindset today, gave 110%, and had one of the best workouts I've had in a long time. I couldn't possibly be any happier☺️
Skwats: 3x4 at 170 then volume was 5x6 at 130
Bench: 3x3 at 105(I know I did 4 reps in the video and that's because I didn't pause in my last rep of the previous set so I figured I'd throw in an extra rep lol🤷🏼‍♀️) then some more volume 5x6 at 80.

It hasn't always been laughs and giggles but he's here now and for that I am grateful.☺️
Happy Father's Day daddy💚

Decided to deadlift a day earlier than I'm suppose to... oh well🤷🏼‍♀️ 3x5 at 195 and 4x6 at 135 (Also, didn't hurt my back only screamed that because I thought I rounded real bad)

Because it's hump day... duh💁🏼 #skwat4dabooty #gainz #humpday

These are just two of my most favorite people in the world😻 #ejactuallysmileswhaaaat #thisisus

Came so close to not training today...🙌🏻
Squats: 3x2 at 185 & volume 5x6 at 140
Bench: 3x3 at 110 & volume work 3x6 at 85

Happy birthday to my gorgeous sissy! 23 has never looked better🎉💜 Love you mucho mucho😘

Tiny but mighty😇💪🏻 #shesabeast #doyouevenlift #mockmeet #hooligainz #hgz

Mock meet feels🤑 • Squats: Opened with 185, then 205 for 2nd attempt, and then failed 225 for 3rd(not recorded:/ I think I gave up too quickly but oh well).
• Bench: Opened with 115, then 120 for 2nd attempt, and then failed 125 for 3rd.
• Deads: Opened with 210, then pulled 225 for 2nd attempt, and then 245 for 3rd.
Hooligainz took over the gym😎I couldn't have had more fun... can't wait for the next one🤗

Quick tb to being skinnier and dark🤒🐷🐽🍟🍦🍔🍰🍕🥞🌮🍩🍦 #food #piggy #oink

My first time hitting 115 since I PR'd it in March, I know it's kinda slow but oh well🤷🏼‍♀️ 3x2 at 115
5x6 at 85

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