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Spencer loves gazing at me in the pouring rain 😍 #kidletsintherain


Eye bag game strong (from working too much, not the usual crack binge)

Answering work emails like..

Nothin like some DTLA fun.

Hair so lush.

New year, same hoe.

#throwback to Christmas, felt like it was only just 3 days ago....

While 2016 has been one of my most accomplished years yet I have ever had, working as computer scientist for amazing companies and really growing into my own shoes in my career, it has also been one of the hardest years of my life. This year, I've seen evil in its worst forms, whether it was from a boss, family member, or significant other. I witnessed sides of people I didn't even know existed. One thing I've seen a lot of in people is hate, it's a very easy emotion to feel because it almost allows us to 'rationalize' and erase certain parts of our past & present without having to face the problem. We have all been guilty of hating people for hurting us or using hatred as an escape route.

My biggest advice to everyone is to never internalize whatever it is you're going through... but rather speak up, talk to friends & family, go adventure, find a hobby. I'm a firm believer in every tragedy in our lives happening for a reason. Without being sad, you can't truly understand happiness. Yes, life can be rough, and yes, some people can be awful human beings. But don't ever loose hope, dwell, or have animosity when something comes falling down in your life. That is the reason why we are here... to conquer our own limits, to see how much we can push ourselves up while being pushed down by life's unforseen extremeties. That in itself, is true strength. In times of hardship is your time to see what you are really made of, and the best time to discover new things about yourself. Never stop growing, and always strive to learn. With that being said, have a great Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year!

Walk the plank. 📸: @jcblw

Thanks mom for capturing the enthusiastic part of my personality... 😂

On rainy days (in LA), we wear jean jackets and get wet.

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