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Royal Winnipeg Ballet  Up Next: Carmina Burana with Serenade #RWBallet

“Carmina Burana’s burgeoning reputation as a sensual powerhouse of modern ballet is well deserved – there is nothing about it that must beg the attention of the audience, for it boldly sets out to capture them instead with high drama, startling symmetry and ecstatic, shimmering, unadorned dance,” –Garth A. Buchholz (Winnipeg Free Press, 2004)
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents 'Carmina Burana' with 'Serenade' and 'For Bye And About' May 2-6, 2018 @centennialconcerthall

We took our final bow of #RWBDracula at the NAC last night. We performed to three sold out audiences and had a blast doing so! Thank you @nac.cna for hosting us, a pleasure as always.
Ottawa, we’ll see you again in October/November when we’re back at the NAC for our production of #RWBVespers!
Thank you for tuning into my instagram takeover. It’s been so much fun sharing with you our adventures on the road.
Until next time,
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One of the perks of being the Company Manager is that I get to be at all the shows at home and on the road.
Sometimes I sneak into the audience and watch for a bit at the back, but nothing beats being backstage during the show and witnessing the magic come together behind the scenes.
Also, I love seeing dancers being silhouetted by side lighting as they wait in the wings, it’s so beautiful!
#RWBInstaTakeover by @izzyly #RWBDracula #RWBOnTour #ballet #dance #balletdancers #tourlife #bts #backstage @nac.cna

Did you know that on top of travelling with the dancers, we tour with a myriad of support staff who are integral to the success of every ballet we perform?
Swipe through and Meet some of the faces behind the scenes:
1. Ingrid Kottke is our resident Production Stage Manager and this is her tenth and (sadly) final season with us!
2. Brenda Belmonte is the Head of Touring Wardrobe. She makes sure all the dancers are clothed, mends garments, and always has static guard when I need it.
3. Katie Zwingerman is one of our physiotherapists, keeping dancers healthy and helping them recover if/when injured, and always doing so with a smile on her face!
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....and we’re open!
Congrats to all the dancers, crew, RWB staff, and our friends at @nac.cna.
Pictured here are Tyler Carver (Harker), Sophia Lee (Mina), Liam Caines (van Helsing), Sarah Davey (Lucy), and Josh Reynolds (Dracula) who danced in tonight’s show.
#RWBInstaTakeover by @izzyly #RWBDracula #RWBOnTour #ballet #dance #tourlife #🧛🏻‍♂️

A Dancer Prepares: Corps de Ballet member Katie Bonnell goes through a lengthy process to get “Lucy-ready”. Swipe through to see her makeup and wig sessions from this afternoon’s dress rehearsal in just seconds!
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@kbl23 @nac.cna

A dancer’s day begins with ballet class before any rehearsal or performance, and exercises at the barre are essential to warming up the dancer’s body. Being on tour is no different - class at 10am before a two-show day!

Pictured here is Corps de Ballet member Saeka Shirai (and Soloist Yosuke Mino in the background)
#RWBInstaTakeover by @izzyly #RWBDracula #RWBOnTour #ballet #balletclass #barre #dance #dancer #ballerina #tourlife

No rest for the wicked. After a quick stop at our hotel, we are now hitting the stage this evening for a technical rehearsal before our first audience tomorrow!
#RWBInstaTakeover by @izzyly #RWBDracula #RWBOnTour @nac.cna #ballet #ottawa #tourlife

Good morning Insta world! Isabelle here, Company Manager of the RWB. I’m so excited to have you follow us as we tour #RWBDracula to Ottawa.
Airport call was 9:45am and all dancers have checked in. Here we go!
#RWBInstaTakeover by @izzyly #RWBOnTour #travel #ballet

Company Manager Isabelle Ly is taking over the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Instagram! Follow along as she takes you behind-the-scenes of our Dracula tour in Ottawa at @nac.cna. The takeover is running from tomorrow until Sunday, April 15th- don't miss a second of this unique perspective! 🧛🏼‍♂️
#RWBInstaTakeover #RWBOnTour #RWBDracula

“(Carmina Burana) will leave your heart pounding, soul craving and body hungrily begging for more,” –Becky Block (The Projector, 2004)
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents 'Carmina Burana' with 'Serenade' and 'For Bye And About' May 2-6, 2018 at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Celebrating Serenade on this TutuTuesday.
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents 'Carmina Burana' with 'Serenade' and 'For Bye And About' May 2-6, 2018 at the Centennial Concert Hall. #TutuTuesday

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