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Christina & Mike  Enjoying life outside. By keeping our eyes wide open for the next adventure or RV that needs renovating. @christinakessentials

“If you never go you’ll never know”

Happy Birthday to this guy.......always amazing us with your ability to figure out how something works and how to fix it. And always keeping life interesting with your goofy side.🤪 .
We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives! You deserve so much more today then we are able to give you. We love and appreciate everything you do for us. .
🎂❤️ Happy Birthday ❤️🎂

If you’ve been watching our story you know we are back at it and everything is looking very bright and white! +

It feels so good to be back in project mode! Mike was going to work on the shiplap in the slide but the blade on the saw was to dull and come to find out we can’t just run to Homedepot for a new one. Because of course we bought the one saw that requires special order blades. 🤦‍♀️ So for now we will continue painting!

Our curiosity got the best of us after watching most everyone turn down the same street. This little detour became the most beautiful and peaceful part of our day. As we winded through the hills of Julian we talked about our dreams of living in a place just like this. I of course talked about my alpacas, Mike his two story workshop and the kids a pond to fish in that will be adjacent to some off-roading trails. We even planned out the Auntie bungalow ( @lifethrumyrearview ). Along this detour we also came across @volcanmountainwinery with the sweetest staff. Even though we showed up at 5:02 and they closed at 5:00 she poured us each a glass so we could sit out side and enjoy the sunset as she finished closing things up. The wine was great and combined with the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, was the perfect way to end and already perfect day.

As we spent Saturday exploring Julian, Ca., the sent of fresh backed apple pie wafted from what seemed like every other building along Main Street. How do you choose? We went with the longest line method. Not really a favorite, cause who enjoys lines, but almost always a guaranty of a delicious fan favorite. I’m happy to report we walked out with big smiles and full bellies.
If you ever get the chance to try it for yourself make sure to add a scoop of cinnamon ice cream. Your welcome!

Yesterday we took a little drive, something we all needed desperately. +

We ended up in the historical town of Julian, Ca. Originally the site of San Diego County’s only gold rush but now famous for there apple pies. 😋 🥧 +

Our first place we visited was The Eagle Mining Co. When we first showed up here we weren’t quite sure what to expect, with two old buildings and piles of old equipment everywhere it seemed unique. When we entered the general store to enquirer about the mine tour we were greeted by Paul.....a fun unique and very knowledgeable man in mining history as well as 1990’s pop music. 😂😂😂
We got lucky and ended up with him as our tour guide for the 45 min tour deep into the mountain. The tour was so much fun, Riley was right in his element with history and machinery everywhere. If you ever find your self in Julian I recommend you check this place out. +

Then after the tour we headed back into town for some apple pie and window shopping.
For how small the town is, one day just wasn’t enough time to see everything. We will definitely be back. +

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about what apple pie place we went to.....there are a lot of choices.

Happy Earth day! 🌎
I hope everybody is given the opportunity today to appreciate the beauty of our planet, and maybe even start a new healthy habit. 🌎❤️♻️Reduce, reuse, recycle. 🌎❤️♻️
#hike13 #52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2019

Taylor is finally home and we are so excited to have her back on this side of the planet with us.
She had a great time and took some cool pictures that I plan on sharing over the next week or so.
But today in an attempt to fight the jet lag we made some homemade dog treats.

Nothing like cruising into a new week with a Bloody Mary in hand. +

It’s going to be great week friends, I CAN FEEL IT.......or maybe that’s the vodka I’m feeling? Either way it’s a win!

“Life is like a desert, you only regret the oasis you let pass.”

Take me back to this moment in time when Hazel convinced me 15+ times to run up and down this sand dune with her.

18 years ago today we said “I do” and started on our adventure together. Every year I’m just as surprised as the last at how quickly time has flown by......I guess that means we’re having a good time. 😉
Happy Anniversary @mholvey1 I love you more everyday!

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