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Rvmil  The search for true moments in life never end... Join me I will follow up...:))

Found Donald trump dancing ... on my bed... "very bad very bad"

Bangkok sun set river side view

Mermaid Pool party at Bangkok Thailand 🇹🇭

Central world Lancôme Art body painting 🎨 Bangkok 🇹🇭

Long live "mieo" the family cat 🐱

Bees gathering at one of the fields ...

Old city street of Jaffa telaviv

View from streets of Jaffa old city telaviv

Graffiti at Jerusalem old city

Moth - night butterfly .. this one
Lives and grow mostly on almond trees.. north of israel

Morning food offering food to local Laotian monks at Luang Prabang

Silent early morning local Laotian people ofer food for there monks (Luang Prabang Laos)

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