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Ruth Schultz 

I’m pretty sure this will be A Birthday Ollie will never forget. Because He was able to spend it with the people he loves most... his cousins. This weekend, all of his Schultz cousins were in town for a cousins camp at Grammys and papas. I loved that they did all our birthday traditions for him. Thank you Schultz cousins for making this a special day for him. We love you❤️ #ollieis14 #somanymarchbiryhdays

Let the games begin!! We kept the games pretty tradish. We started off with musical chairs, then the ever so classic, pin the tail on the donkey. I bought some confetti eggs, so we played duck duck goose with them. This was a hit for sure. Obvi we had a piñata, c’mon were not animals! We capped the night with a little cake and ice cream. It’s amazing what you can do in 24 hours. I think I work best when it’s last minute! #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty

Some of the party Deets. We had floral crowns, dresses and face paint. I can’t throw a party and not have multiple baked goods. I made a Funfetti cake, chocolate chip cooks and rice crispy maracas. Don’t worry, We had some real food too. I’m just more of a baker🤷🏼‍♀️ #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty

I regret not taking a group picture!! But here are just a few of our cousins that were here to party, coco style today. #poppy #june #lilly #harlowe #lulu #dylan #alta #harvey #eliza #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty

In true Schultz fashion, I decided to throw Davy a party..... yesterday! Davy was in HEAVEN! All of her cousins came to celebrate her. It really was such a special day. Thanks to my family for making it happen!! Right before Davy went to bed, she ran down stairs and said, “ Mom, I need to give you a hug, this was the best party EVAH!” And just like that.... it was all worth it. #davyturns8 #davyjean #overgrammingthisparty #dealwithit #cocoparty

Thank you for all the sweet messages. I’ve read them to Davy twice already. She woke up bright and early, so excited to do our birthday traditions.
She’s VERY excited to share the “pupcakes” she picked out with her class today. #davyis8

Its the night before Davy’s birthday.....and per usual, I can’t sleep. I’m looking through my journal and reliving the last 8 years, both good and bad times. A lot of reflection and mainly thoughts of gratitude. I see this picture of Davy and I see A strong, happy child so full of love. There were definitely times that life felt hopeless and just really hard. Times that she almost didn’t make it. Times that I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. But we did. We survived some tough battles and I’m sure we will survive some more.
Can I just tell you how much I love seeing Davy’s geneticist.... I just love the look on her face when she sees Davy sitting in her office. Her expectations for Dave were soooo low, so bleak. But she’s also the first to say Davy has beat any odds stacked against her and how truly amazing Davy is. She talks, walks and eats by mouth. She smiles, she laughs and she dances. She is so very sweet but has just enough sass to drive a mom crazy.
Happy Birthday Davy girl, I love you so very much.
Please, For Davy’s Birthday, I’d love to read her your comments or DM me a picture to show her. Honestly if she could just FaceTime every one of you all day tomorrow, it would be her perfect birthday😂 Thank you family and friends for being her village.... I get emotional just thinking about it.
#davyturns8 #davyis8 #davyjean #warriorprincess #tubie #1.p31 #rarechromosomedisorder #heartkid #cleftstrong #dysphagia #hypothyroidism #hypotonia #adrenalinsufficiency #hypoglycemic #growthhormonedeficiency #thefutureisfemale
Alll 📷 by the talented @vanessajanelamb

Davy Date at Disneyland. She loved the roller coasters but hated the freaky deaky fantasy land rides.#pinnochio #snowwhite #davyjean

Things Harper said while sick. “Mom, napping really isn’t my thing”. And then he started getting real with me, “I really think the universe is trying to punish me”. #notdramaticatall #harperrhodes

The strongest woman I know....
#davydressedherselftoday #nationalwomensday

Do I even need to explain this? I hope not. The R-word is not OK.....not ever. It’s not an adjective or a medical term that should be used. It’s disrespectful and offensive. Please be mindful of the words you speak❤️ Also if you could take the time to sign this pledge (the link is in my bio) and follow @endtheword that would be pretty awesome, thaaaaanks🌈 #peoplefirstlanguage

He’s 17.....

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