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on occasion, nebraska can be beachy. 😍🤗 #lakemcconaughy

"rock climbing" the nebraska way. #yesweareunderabridge

sisters are just the best. @huskergurl85 you are my favorite person. #whodiddy #whoyouis #bestfrand

impromptu dates with this girl...i know that the days when she wants to chill with me rather than her friends are numbered. she's just growing too fast. cherishing all of her sweetness right now. 😍 #curlyannagrace #cherisheverymoment

this view right feeds my soul. 💕

when adventuring with @erinedun there's never a dull moment. 👯💕

oh hey, red rocks. 🤗 #hiking #happyplace

remember that one post about a potential tattoo? yeah, well...i went in an entirely different route. 🙈 decided to make it even more meaningful. "paraclitus gratia fortitudo" protector, grace, strength: the meanings of my babies names in latin. when i was working on simplifying their name's meanings into one word, i was overcome with emotion. these are not just what their names mean, these are literally WHO THEY ARE. william is an incredible protector; always looking out for the ones he loves. anna is full of grace; always gracious to those she meets and interacts with. and leo; the dude IS the epitome of strength in its simplest-five-year-old-form. and what's really crazy; i couldn't think of three words that could possibly better describe the type of mother i hope to be for them. so yeah, this is WAY better than just the three mountain peaks. 💕#sweetwilliamjames #curlyannagrace #squishyleobear

what do you do on a monday when your son is home sick? 'fro out his hair. that's what. #sweetwilliamjames

can i just say: raising a daughter isn't easy. (and please feel free to just scroll past or unfollow me if you don't want to hear this.) in her 6 short years, anna grace has taught me more just about females than i could ever know. ....she has told me: "momma, some girls are bossy. some are shy. some are kind. some are just annoying!" but here's the kicker: ALL are incredibly valued and important and should never be made to feel disrespected, worthless or valued only for their beauty. we are SO MUCH more than that. and raising a little girl who finally has the courage and self confidence to BE herself and feels strong and seeing the person she is guys!!! that. is. everything. so beat those damn drums and be proud. and never apologize for wanting everyone to be equal. 💕💕💕💕💕 #womenempowerment #womensrights #equalityforall #notmypresident #curlyannagrace

sooooooo thrilled to finally announce the launch of an exciting partnership with @erinedun // August and Ivy (@augustandivy) 🤗 we would love to have you follow along and share our page as we evolve and grow. website to come. now booking 2017 weddings and beyond!

"hi! i'm leo. i style my own hair and wear polos. i'm also sensitive and love to snuggle." WHY IS HE LOOKING SO BIG. #squishyleobear #aslongasimlivingmybabyyoullbe

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