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"hi! i'm leo. i style my own hair and wear polos. i'm also sensitive and love to snuggle." WHY IS HE LOOKING SO BIG. #squishyleobear #aslongasimlivingmybabyyoullbe

BRING IT, 2017....i dare you. #squishyleobear

pretty sure that hosting a NYE party is the best thing in the world. love my people. 😍😍

buh bye 2016. you were pretty good. but sometimes pretty rotten. thankfully these little people and all their snuggles and loves were a great consolation. looking forward to the whirlwind of 2017 and the adventure that will bring. happy new year sweet friends. 💕💕#bestof2016

i'll be getting my first tattoo soon...trying to figure out the exact placement because forever is a LONGass time. but so far i'm smitten with this spot. (thanks @spankimills 😝😘) and it combines my most favorite things...three mountain peeks representative of my three babies. also, i drew this on with a sharpie while looking in the mirror, sooooo the quality is not representative of what the end product will look like 🙈 #yayornay

don't blink, cause you just might miss something.... #threeyearslater #curlyannagrace

she was sick today......soooo we did crafts. ⛄️❄️⛄️#socksnowman

because when you know it's your snuggle a bit more, linger a little longer and squeeze them just a tad tighter. 💕

pardon my french, but HOLY SHIT the dual camera thing on the new iphone seven+ is freaking amazeballs. 😱 that depth of field!!! clearly leo is as equally as excited. 😂 #squishyleobear #iphonesevenplus #portraitmode #amazeballs

black friday was capped off visiting an incredible boutique who's mission is equally as beautiful as its storefront. and they had birds. REAL BIRDS people; chirping and fluttering around which only added to the magical ambiance. @kindredtribe thank you for such a heartwarming & refreshing shopping experience. i will definitely be back!! 💕 #obsessed #shopsmall

ummmm. guys, i cant handle this..... #squishyleobear

she learned how to ride her bike yesterday and was determined to ride it to school today. it was chilly out and she still can't really ride in a straight line with her backpack weighing her down but she didn't let that stop her! after it took about 10min to ride one block, she hops off and says "wow. momma, i worked really hard. i'm just going to walk a little bit and then try again. aren't you proud of me, momma?" 😍 her tenacious spirit inspires me. #curlyannagrace #nevergiveup

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