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gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright!) sunshiny day. ☀️ #curlyannagrace

guess who got to play models today? 🤗🤗🤗 #buckledout

happy easter! 😂😂😂

ummmm.... he's kind of my favorite. 😬🙈 #squishyleobear #ilovetheothertwotoo

i am oversharing like crazy today. sorry not sorry! today has been one of the best! there was a little shopping, sonic drinks, two parks, a 2hr bike ride, and it was topped off with a spontaneous driveway firepit bbq with the best neighborhood you could ever ask for. and i will be going to bed with a very full and thankful heart.

no, i didn't pose them like this. i just said: go sit on that bench and then this happened. they must be photographer's kids. 😍😍😍 #squishyleobear #sweetwilliamjames #curlyannagrace

crap. they just discovered that all the board games that i hate because they have a million little pieces, have been hiding in plain sight for the last year. 😩 now i have to find a new hiding place. seriously how many pieces does Risk have? like 10,000?? 😒

is this leo's idea of an april fools? he slept in until 10:30. 😳 #squishyleobear

she's just my favorite. 😍💕 #curlyannagrace

....when your 8 year old is rocking a vintage adult sized adidas track jacket. 😳😳 #sweetwilliamjames

on occasion, nebraska can be beachy. 😍🤗 #lakemcconaughy

"rock climbing" the nebraska way. #yesweareunderabridge

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