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Taylor checking in:
After nearly three months my adventure is coming to an end. I've had such an incredible experience working in the field with some of the most amazing, hard working people. While I'm happy to be going home and seeing family (and green grass), it's hard to leave behind so many new friends. One of my favorite parts of this experience, besides the people, were the nights when they sky would clear up enough for the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Thank you, Palmer Station, for the beautiful memories, and thank you to my PI Oscar Schofield for allowing me to be a part of this! #RUMyView #Antarctica

Palmer station supports such a wide range of science from the smallest phytoplankton to humpback whales. I've been working with the phytoplankton group studying their productivity of the Western Antarctic Peninsula. We also have a team of whalers, birders, divers, krillers, and more! Enjoy some photos from one of our krillers, kharis of some organisms brought up in some of their net tows! #RUMyView #ClimateScience #Antarctica

Taylor checking in!
Part of my time down here consist of a lot of field work and sampling. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (weather permitting) we head out on small boats called RHIBs around 8:30 am. The weather down here is usually pretty cloudy, but we try to get out there as much as possible even if it means fighting with the wind and swells. Some days we get lucky and can see the mountain ranges in the background, and some whales for an added bonus! Coming down here opened my eyes to how much I love field work and being on the water, even if the conditions aren't ideal or comfortable. #RUMyView #Antarctica #Sampling4Dayz

Taylor here! This is just a glimpse of the amazing wildlife down here. It's absolutely breathtaking being able to see these animals up close in their natural habitat. Humpback whales come down here with their calves during the summer months to feed, and I've been lucky enough to see them quite frequently during our rec boating excursions or during our weekly sampling. We also get to see several types of seals (Elephant, Weddell, Leopard, and Fur) and penguins (Gentoo, Adélie, not pictured is the Chinstrap). Enjoy :) #RUMyView #Antarctica

Taylor checking in! One of the many past times here at Palmer is hiking up the glacier in the backyard. However, it can become quite dangerous as crevasses form. To help keep people within safe hiking limits flags are put out. Usually the strong winds knock a lot of the poles and flags over, so today a small group of us went out to re drill holes and put up new flag lines in the glacier. All in all a great day, and a great workout! #RUMyView #glacierhiking

Checking in from Antarctica! My name is Taylor Dodge and I'm a senior in SEBS at Rutgers-New Brunswick, studying Marine Science.
I am currently doing field work at Palmer Station on the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) as part of a Long Term Ecological Research incentive.
I'll be showing you a little bit about our research, life on station, weather, and of course the plethora of wildlife down here! I'll be posting throughout the day so please feel free to follow along, and follow me for more photos of ice, penguins, and more ice! #RUMyView #PalmerStation #Antarctica #ClimateResearch

Are you a #Rutgers student graduating in May? Good news! Regalia is now available to purchase online through Barnes and Noble. Visit commencement.rutgers.edu for more information. #RU2018

Yesterday was all about inspiring action, leaving a mark, and making a difference at this year’s @markconference, hosted by @rutgersleaders. It was a full-day event filled with speakers and fun energizers. Pictured above are our 2018 Ignite Speakers, #Rutgers students who spoke of their personal journey and leaving their mark! How will you leave yours? Tell us by using #MyMark !

In continuation of #Rutgers University Geek Week, Bob Porcja from @rutgerschemistry presented his unorthodox review of Chemistry 162. Attendees were able to participate in the creation of elephant toothpaste, fog and balloon igniting!

Today was all about new technology at the Virtual Reality Showcase, part of #Rutgers University Geek Week. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the the latest innovations in virtual and augmented reality, participate in 3D printing demos with @rumakerspace, and hear industry-leading experts and distinguished faculty speak to the uses and advances in VR technology.

What does your hair mean to you? Today, the #Rutgers - New Brunswick community explored the multifaceted history of Afro-textured hair and discussed the social implications of today’s beauty standards through a series of workshops and a keynote address at the #RUHairitage2018 conference, hosted by @rutgersreslife

Today, students from all over #Rutgers-New Brunswick competed in @rurec’s #RUStrong competition, a contest of strength featuring various Strongman-inspired events like the Herculean Tire Flip, Titan Carry, Ajax Row, and Atlas Stone Lift! How would you stack up against these mighty competitors?

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