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  Ain't ever had shit so I'm flashy

It’s been an amazing year with my best friend and I hope there are many more. We’ve made it a long way since freshman year and we are still kickin’. I love you Brandi Jo💕

look alive, look alive

Happy Valentine’s day to my best friend, i love you baby💕

Ready for lake days

Waiting on another snow day

2010-2017 just a little change.

I was sleeping so good😴 Wrist looks a little weird tho..didn't even hurt at all! #idefinitelylied #ithurtlikeabitch #feltlikeacarnivalride #ifyouaintflyingyouainttrying #driveitlikeyoustoleit

just a little appreciation post for my best friend, my ride or die, and my babygirl all in one. couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. keep slaying cuz you know you bad💋

Sittin' sideways

Riding outta Summer '17 like

For 16 years we've been through hell and high waters, but out of everything you've been through you're one of the strongest people I know. I couldn't ask for a better sister and I'll be here for you until i'm gone! Happy Birthday 🅱️ hope 16 treats you great, you deserve it! 😈

On to the next chapter🎓

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