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RACHEL VERA | 🇷🇺  @gfuelenergy |'russianmuscle10'| 👻v3ra22 📧for online training

Recorded some ab exercises for you guys that are bored of the crunches & sit-ups!!
All you need is a bench & a stability ball🔥
Let’s get to work💪🏽👯‍♀️
3 sets of each, you can do anywhere from 15-30 reps depending on your core strength!
#russianmuscle #humpday #workitwednesday #abs


Livin’ my best life #MKE

He’s also my #bestman 😉

Come on Barbie, let’s go party💙

Just checking if it’s still there😝🍑
#humpday #happyhumpday #bootybuilder #russianmuscle

WARNING....Epic Fail😂
This is what happens when you go light on all your upper body exercises. You lose your strength. And it doesn’t help that I’m 145lbs. I will be working on these once a week from now on, till I’m back to my 10 in a row😈 I might be the only person on the planet trying to get smaller ‘muscle wise’ in my upper body😂 I can tell you it’s much harder than gaining muscle for me😩
#alwaysimproving #weaksauce

My #motivation is me. I know what my body & mind is capable of. Sometimes all you need to light the 🔥 under your 🍑 is a reminder💋
Stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel & light that shit up yourself🔥💪🏽
#motivationmonday #litethatshitup #russianmuscle #girlswholift #mombod

When you try & be all elegant but them back muscles be poppin💛
(Something you might not know about me is I used to Waltz & Cha Cha & perform other style of dancing with my brother as my partner back in my home land🇷🇺❤️) #russianmuscle

Happy Happy Birthday to my Bestest Friend in the Entire🌎 We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence😝 I loouurrrvveee youuuhhh Nicole Carter you hot mama!!💗

Current Shape: Goes to the gym but still enjoys 🍕🍔🥓😝
What days does everyone have their cheat meal??

Keep your standards high & your buns even higher😜🍑
#happypeachdayaaa #russianmuscle #humpday

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