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it's a nice sunny saturday! check some great used records!!
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Jochem Peteri a.k.a. Ross 154’s wave of reissues continues with this 12’’ featuring previously unreleased material from his Newworldaquarium project. An absolute treat for all the NWAQ heads here! Featuring three transcendental disco leaning house cuts, mastered by another Amsterdam-based music protagonist, Marco Spaventi.

Newworldaquarium has stayed relevant over the years with his contemplative house and techno. A cornerstone of Amsterdam's Delsin family, his tracks play out like vivid, sub-aquatic landscapes — a style he established with 2000's "Trespassers," a house groove that remains something of an anthem today. Then there's his magnum opus, ‘The Dead Bears’, a collection of murky, rumbling productions that travel through a wide sonic spectrum ranging from obscure ultra fat discofied house tracks to spaced-out ambient soundscapes. “The rule is that there's rhythm, and that there's melody and melody has to be tonal in my perspective. The rhythm can be anything but it has to funky.” #rushhourstore #rhrecordoftheweek

We have a new batch of merch & shirts in! Check the #rushhourstore website!!

Check out the highlights of week 21!! #rushhourstore

Lady Bug’ and "Love Bug" are probably Bumblebee Unlimited's most recognizable hits... Copies up for grabs in the shop, Get On Down!! #rushhourstore

Visitors today. Sadar Bahar & Jamie 326. Both soon with new music on the RH label...

It was too good to have you over!! 💛 #Repost @djspinna
Just done a live stream in store at @rushhourmusic in Amsterdam. After getting here and listening to so much heat and doing the live mix, I'm still in here 5 hours later pulling joints. To my right the incredible @sadarbahar doing the same. #itistheblood #diggers #vinyllife #djlife #justcantstop #musicistheworld #rushhourstore

@djspinna is preparing an instore mix.. records overload.. live recording via Facebook in a bit! #rushhourstore

A disconsolate love-cry of a man gripped with feelings of loss. Emotions laid bare on a tender night-drive dub with tinkling synths, recalling the memories of an unearthly beauty... #rushhourstore

Paradygm Shift, the first Robert Hood album to be released since 2012. A staggering record full of techno dynamite by the Detroit legend! Check the heat via the #rushhourstore website

South African banger by Umoja now reissued on Awesome Tapes From Africa. Heavy pressing and plays at 45rpm! Check it @ #rushhourstore

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