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RushfitnessAylesbury  From £9.99 a month. 24/7 access, free parking , Free wifi, 60+classes included in membership, no contract options, free inductions, 13000sqfeet .

☄️10 Reasons to start Personal Training ☄️
🔺  Achieve your results in a quicker time frame.
🔺  Motivation – Give you that extra push with training.
🔺  Accountability – Knowing someone is monitoring your training helps keep you on track.
🔺  Safety – Ensure you are doing exercises with correct technique.
🔺  Confidence – Increased self esteem from feeling capable and seeing results.
🔺 Knowledge – To learn why and when you should be doing things and better understand all aspects of training.
🔺  Challenge yourself – See how far you can be pushed.
🔺  Injury management – Get your body working as best as it can again following injury.
🔺  Variety – If boredom is an issue for you, changing your programs on a regular basis will help to avoid this.
🔺  Distraction – Takes your mind off the hard work, makes training fun!

Those long shifts at work, commuting, looking after the kids, doing chores or spending time with family and friends makes it VERY hard to achieve your fitness goals. So it's important you prioritise your time and be productive as possible when in the gym.
Being productive means you can get more done in the same time period which means you're more likely to get to your goals sooner.
Here are 5 ways that will help you be more productive in the gym: 💢Set a goal- Set yourself a goal before arriving at the gym, this could be something as simple as 'burn 300 calories on the cross trainer' or 'do 5 different exercises for chest'. Once you have a goal, you're more inclined to work towards it. 💢Pre Plan your workout - This is very important know exactly what you're doing when you go into the gym. This means you won't spend time looking around, doing random, unnecessary exercises or figuring out your next move. 💢Time your rest - Stay aware of your recovery time between sets. That 60 second recovery can easily turn to 4 minutes if you aren't paying attention. 💢Do supersets - Do two exercises in a row without rest that targets the same muscle group. e.g. Squats followed by Lunges. 💢Try a personal trainer - To prevent any sort of slacking, sign up for a session with a trainer. This will keep you motivated and the intensity high while you're in the gym. 🔺For more information on being productive you can message me on:

Come and trial the gym for free

1. Go to and request your free day pass

2. Contact us to book your appointment
3. Come along and use the gym/try a class
Memberships include: ▪️FREE PARKING ▪️FREE CLASSES
▪️24/7 ACCESS

Get sweaty with HIT 💪🏻
High intensity 💦
High calorie burner 🔥
Lots of fun 😆

☄️Workout of the Week with PT Chev ☄️ 💢10 reps 💢10 exercises 💢NO rest between each exercise 💢2 sets 💢1 min rest between each set
For more workouts, nutritional advice you can contact him on

☄️Workout challenge of the Week☄️ Why not challenge yourself and test your fitness with this workout💪
💢25 Battle ropes 💢25 military press
💢25 Burpees 💢25 press ups (Can be done from knees) 💢25 Jump Squats
All 5 exercises as fast as you can with no rest! After you've completed this, have 60 seconds rest then do it all again 3 TIMES.
Share and Tag your friends to try this challenge

Refer a friend and get a month FREE! 💪🏻 Refer as many friends as you can, you will receive a month free for each referral that stays for a minimum of 2 months. Don't forget you can request a free day pass from our website or in club for your friend to trial the gym!

If you're looking for spin with a twist try Jodie's spin class! Air conditioned studio to keep you comfortable and lighting effects to create a fun atmosphere! (Main benefit other people can't see you sweating) 🙌🏻💦

A few more pictures from today's charity event with The Royal British Legion

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