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helly b. isaiah  wanderlust, amateur travelers... (ΰΈ‡Β Λ™Ο‰Λ™)ΰΈ§ your guardian Angel i already do and that's what scared me.

When you finally collected all the 7 bear brand milk can. 🐲


life is not getting easier,
We're the one who get stronger.
(*ΛŠα—œΛ‹*) ノこんにけわ

One more time, let me imagine your smile while i close my eyes. Tidying the memories up. Rewind our every movement, every words that you said, our chat. The sky looks brighter than ever now. How nice.
One more time, i want to stand outside your door. Calling your name, waiting with full of anxiety feel. I wanna feel i'm important to you, even i know that i'm just lost in my delusion.

My legs become weak, can't hold this pressure anymore. I try to sit, find comfort place to lie up. I thought that sky is shining, the real is that tears make silver lining. I never know that this wound will crawling deeper. It's not about how to moving on.
Try to face the reality, i'm just sinking to my deepest memories with you, with us.

I know this is too much. Very much. All of my mind is about you. One day, this bitter story will be my patience seed of sweets fruit.
My past will keep in the past. I just lost my compass. But now, i need to pass. With or without you, till my last. Thank you for that time, it's a blast.

You, a friend, the un-delete memories.

pic by : @93haruu

I wanna be there with you
When the season comes and goes.
Feel the breeze and froze the memories.
We're taking a trip to see the world It's going going on.
Car, train, or ship, even by airplane. Or maybe we can just teleport, maybe.
We make a plan and fantasize it every single day.
Drew something nice from our dream to the diary.

I could wrote about you million times, like really i would do that if it necessary. It gives me some hope. Not much, but enough to make me remember all about you.
Today, i woke up with smile at my face. I just dreamed about you, it means i have something to write, again.
At past, i ever said "i will be back for you, not now but i will." Keep it as a promise. I'll fulfill it. Just wait.
Time flies, we have a distance as far as a pray. Not far, but enough to make me miss you a lot.
Every moment teach me how to appreciate the time. You. Us. No matter how hard i tried to avoid it, that smile will hit me up and down.
hey, lil' star,
i miss you.

sincerely, me.

Once upon a time we are one head. Star that blind the asteroids. Our light through a millions lightyears away. Crush every storm. At that time we're the alpha-star.
And then, suddenly each of us become stardust. Left space with emptiness, deep, black, alone. Did we really need to &ggg apart? Or we just find an excuse to hurt ourself?

As i can remember, we can hardly wait to meet at that park. Meanwhile, our hearts say "do this hooman only speak the outside thing?". Our eyes never met again, lost in translation. Take more pain than they could hold. Here - please welcome disappointment.
Do we ever be a good loser?
Let this feeling eat our spirit.
What a waste, a lot of space.
Hug every sorrow to become tomorrow.
Part of that stories now is just a memories.

I thought this promises will last forever. But now i realize its a just a fever.

is it really happen? The ship start to sink. There's a hole everywhere. The clabauterman already gone. The sea of reality suck it to the deep world.
No regret to forget. But in a few second ago our step still in a rhyme.
it's sad... when... someone you know... become... someone you knew...

Life will always surprise you.
Good morning. πŸ˜—

kalo nyasar itu digaji, harusnya saya sekarang udah punya tambang es teh. πŸ˜—

i know i'm fat
i know i'm ugly
i know i'm pathetic
i know i'm disgusting
i know i'm not important
you don't need to remind me.

thanks. πŸ˜„

Jadi orang perfilman itu ribet. Ya walau cuma figuran, kami tetap ngikutin aturan, ga bisa sembarangan. Harus total.

di film WAGE ini bercerita tentang masa muda pak W.R. Supratman. Saya di sini berasa jadi cameo, yang muncul sebentar hahaha. Ngayal dikit gapapa lah ya.
semoga industri perfilman Indonesia semakin meningkat dengan adanya film-film yang berkualitas. πŸ˜„

nih, biar kalian tau tjantiknya pitta kalo dari depan.
ga perlu pake sedotan πŸ˜—

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