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ruri nathania  1 Peter 3 : 3-4 📩

My location unknown try find a way back home to you again

She who kneels before God can stand before anyone - Romans 8:31

You’ll always be my day one ◑

Grand Concert Tour 2018
Everyday we get up, take a flight to another town and give our best for the concert. Tired? No! Because we sing for the glory of God and give our heart to send the message to the people through music that we sing and play. .
It has been a blessing for me to be part of GCT’s Big Family and also a blessing for me to see with my own eyes how God bless each of every concert that we have. May we all have the heart to always glorify God’s name. Soli Deo Gloria ♥️. #grandconcerttour2018

Start each day with a grateful heart

Bintaro rasa Bali 🌈

My Zona Nyaman 🌼

Count the memories not the calories 🥨

Clean & Clear