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Class of 2013 reunion: 5 years later, the campus looks completely different (it’s BEAUTIFUL and I might be a bit salty lol) but the people are still the same. Wonderful. #foreverduke ❤️

Things I’ll remember about Philadelphia: 1) Freakishly cold weather in April 2) The Barnes Foundation being 50% Renoir?? 3) Meeting new friends, track record of not getting catfished still perfecto 4) First ever tasting menu. I ate the flowers too.

Last night’s K-pop showcase at SXSW was incredible, just like it was when I last went in 2014. People have caught on since then, so the line was insanely long and I missed the first few sets, but Lee Hi (@leehi_hi) and KARD (@official_kard) were excellent!

Paaaam! Thanks Toni for organizing Galentine’s dinner! (And for the chocolates) 😘


Green tea bingsu aka Korean shaved ice aka heaven in a bowl

8 years ago, I was yelling at my friends for playing N64 in our freshman year common room. And I’m here. 😄😆 #blizzcon

Got a manicure 2 days ago and I haven’t been able to stop staring

Guys, I can’t stop eating. Help.

If raw seafood is your thing. Beautifully presented but I discovered that I still prefer my crab and shrimp cooked 😅 🦀 🍤 🔥

Last week I was having a matcha parfait, this weekend I’m on call. It all balances out 💁🏻

Portland: the city of roses 🌹 (the last one was taken outside the garden but was too pretty to not include ❤️)

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