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16.5 miles this AM with @xcwarrior1 , Paul, and some Hoban CC guys / alumni. Approximately 8:15/mile avg pace. An even mix of roads/towpath and trails .

(Im in 4th place in this photo)...Fastest 5k Ive run in awhile. 18:10 6th place overall. Teodoso 5k downtown Akron. More hot and humid, but they had slushies afterwards that made up for some of that ! 👍 Raced well, came apart at 2.5 miles, but managed to get strong again with quarter mile to go.

8.3 miles at 7:11 avg pace (on tired legs !)

Creatures of the towpath part 1.. 9.5 mile run at 7:44 avg pace.

Anna and Jenny finishing up 800s (on an uphill stretch) during our group speed workout tonite. I ended up doing 6.75x800s (2:45ish pace on the downhill stretch and 2:55ish pace on the uphill stretch). Was kind of conservative because I did an 8k race on sunday and ran 10 miles yesterday at a decent pace.

10.0 miles at 7:12 avg pace. Hmm. Avg heart rate higher this run vs. avg heart rate during yesterday’s does that make sense ??

Johnnycake Jog 2018. 5.04 miles in 30:44 (6:07 pace).
22nd place. 2nd in age group by 20 seconds. Nice weather helped make for a solid 1 minute faster than last weeks 8k (but still far off my 8k PR). This was my 4th time running this race. The last 2 miles are still a mental challenge. These last 2 miles are dead straight and flat. The finish line seems like a ‘mirage’. You get excited everytime you see a police car/lights flashing (directing traffic) only to find out that’s not the finish ! There were no good pictures of me, but they did have good popsicles ! 😝

Beautiful run weather ! 6.11 miles at 7:09 pace. Hoping for good weather and a killer race this weekend ! 🤞

9.4 miles 8:08 avg pace on towpath and Brandywine trail loop with Andrew, Jeff, Tony and 2 other guys. Rainstorm made for ‘sloppy’ conditions. Also did 4 70 M strideouts.

Update: Run #2 for 13 miles total today.
Treadmill speedwork. Plenty of rest, trying to get legs used to turnover for race this wknd.
2 mile warm up, 1 mile 5:56 pace, .5 mile rest, .5 mile at 2:45, .5 mile rest, .5 mile 2:45 pace, .25 mile rest, .25 mile in :74, .25 rest, .25 mile in :73, and 1 mile cool down.

Run #1 6.2mile run ~7:50
Avg pace - around Mogadore Reservoir.
Shoes are starting to tread separate though (they have maybe 200 miles on them ) 😕. Thinking about a run #2 tonite. We will see if it happens !

Easy 8.6 mile run, 8:05 avg pace, with VR Tues Night Speed Work run group

7.25 miles at 7:06 avg pace - according to Strava (which I am experimenting with). I was worried I wouldnt be able to play music simultaneously with Strava (like Runkeeper), but it does that also ! (And also cuts in to give you updates on your pace)....I do like how Runkeeper tracks down to .01 mile (vs .1 mile) increments (though who knows how accurate it is)....

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