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Michael McDermott  2 wonderful kids | my wife is my rock Step by step, stride by stride 26.2 x 2 (PR 3:52) 13.1 x 1 (PR 1:48) 10k (PR 48:16) Soon-> CIM 12/2/18 🏃

Sunday run day! Two weeks to go until CIM. 10 easy miles this morning and then straight to reading Peppa Pig in the morning to the kids. I love when they both hunker down in my lap to read a book. I love these moments .... I was literally still sweating here. #road2cim #cimmarathon #cimtraining #peppapig

Proper stretching and cool down post run is always important. Easy 6 today with 15 days to go until CIM! #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining #laughter

18 days. Preparation, focus, determination ... and lots of wheat bagels with peanut butter have gotten me to this point. Only 18 days before I get to put it all on the line and all of those bagels ... I mean all of that wholistic training is put to the test. Today’s workout was 1.5 miles at 10 sec faster than pace with half mile rest in between. #cimtraining #cimmarathon #road2cim #bagels
- - - - -
P.S. don’t tell my wife that my foot is on the counter ;)

Time passes, colors fade, but hearts never forget. - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mom, two years have past since you’ve been gone. I still find it hard to believe.
I think of you often. I’m still wearing this purple bracelet and although it has faded from its bright purple it still gives me strength when I need it.
Mom, I like to think that you are watching from somewhere. I’m doing a pretty good job at this ‘dad’ thing. Max is growing into an amazing kid and Mia is such a bright light. She is walking now and her and Max just love each other. There is so much laughter in this house and I wish I could share that with you.

Mom, I miss you.

Ice ice ... baby 👶!
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Last long run before CIM. This felt really good. Ready to see what I can do in a couple weeks. My daughter is fascinated by the ice. :) #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining #iceicebaby #babydaughter

Tempo run ... yes 🙌 nailed it!
#cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

It takes a certain set of mental skills to run a marathon - optimism, self-motivation and grit. These same mental skills are also needed to be a great diaper changer. Especially grit - sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and persist. - - - - - -
Less than 30 days till CIM. Training has been a bit choppy these past couple weeks, but I’m still getting in good miles. Fought some injuries and seem to have mostly put them in the rear view mirror. Excited and nervous for CIM! #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining #californiainternationalmarathon #runningmotivation

3 easy miles this morning and wrangling a dinosaur in the evening. Honestly, that’s like 10 miles in reality. Happy Halloween! #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

Missed a few runs the last couple of days here in Maui. But ... that’s ok. Good times with loved ones and friends. Maria and I got a night out in paradise. :) - - - -
2 short miles this morning before more pool time with the kids and then packing for the return trip. #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

10 miles this morning has me feeling like ... #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

12 miles on the first day in paradise ... shocking! - - - - - -
Life’s been a busy, so have quite been so focused on posting updates here. Still training...anxiously awaiting the race and putting all this training on the line! Did a 16 miler last Sunday. In Hawaii for a week with the family and it’s wonderful. 9 pace miles this morning plus 2 warm up and 1 cool down. Then about 100 times up and down the water slide at the hotel with Max. Mia was quite surprised 😮 that dad got up at 430 am to get in his miles. #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

I’m still here. Had a bit of a down week. Some calf/shin pain creeped in out of nowhere that gave me some concern and resulted in me missing last weekend’s runs. So, 34 miles last week instead of the planned 55 (missed a planned 14 miler). I was quite bummed about it at first, but I focused my energy on making it better. Was able to get some easy runs in earlier in the week - stayed away from the speed work. Thrilled I was able to put together runs of 6, 10 and 10 on Friday through today (Sunday). 36 miles for the week - off plan - yet I’m feeling better and plan to be back in full this week!!! #cimmarathon #road2cim #cimtraining

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