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Michael McDermott  2 wonderful kids | my wife is my rock Step by step, stride by stride 26.2 x 2 (3:52) 13.1 x 1 (1:48) 10k (48:16) Soon-> CIM 12/2/18 🏃

Pretty good weekend if you ask me. 6 miles Friday, 6 miles Saturday and 10 miles this morning. We even got away for a night to San Francisco to celebrate my promotion! Our first night with both of us away from the kids. We had a great time. Week 3 down and closed it out at ~48 miles. Onward and upward! #road2cim #roadtocim #CIMtraining

It’s a familiar story. You know...the one where you wake up tired, a bit unsure and wondering if you will seize the day. Mine started with a coffee and bagel as it always does - I make a mean toasted bagel mind you. Gives me time to wake up, reflect and game plan before I hit the streets of LA for my run. Today’s workout was the first Tempo run of my marathon plan. 6 miles with a target pace of 8:23 per mile. Wasn’t sure how the pace would feel - but I knew I would go out and give my best regardless and leave it all on the line - not afraid to fall short. And here is where the story flips ... I knocked out those 6 miles at a pace of 8:00 (last mile 7:45)! Still riding that high. I was definitely feeling the last two. 2 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. #road2cim #roadtocim #runcim #cimtraining

Don’t stop get it get it
#road2cim #roadtocim #CIMtraining

I love me some track workouts! Takes me back to my roots when I used to run back in high school and for a year in college. I’m certainly not as fast as I used to be after factoring injuries to ACL, Achilles and just plain old age and a desk job. But, I’m getting faster and starting to feel the groove. 8 x 600 today with 400 rest. 2.4 mile up and 2.4 mile down. Actually ran 0.4 mile intervals as the watch doesn’t do 600s! How’s that for over achieving? Target pace for my plan is only 7:20, but I’ve been comfortably beating that pace. #road2cim #roadtocim #hansonsmarathonmethod #CIMtraining

Who said running isn’t educational
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My mornings always start with Max asking me how many miles I ran. It’s kind of a fun game we play. It also is a great way to introduce him to running and also teach him numbers! 😀 By the way he has been wearing those red sunglasses for like 3 days straight! 😎😎 #sunglasses Max and I signed up for his first “race” in early- September. It’s a 1/4 mile run for kids 3-8 - Max won’t be 3 till November but he is ready and looking forward to the moment. He likes to show me how fast he is by doing laps around the inside of the house. Marathon training is progressing well - starting week 3. Got in 43 miles last week. #road2cim #roadtocim #hansonsmarathonmethod #howmanymiles #miles

The path to achieve your goals is not always a straight line
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Nearing the end of week 2. Zig zagging all the way. 6 miles today. #road2cim #roadtocim #goals

Just hanging around - getting things done
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6 easy miles this morning followed by an hour in the home gym #road2cim #roadtocim

Yes, Mia ... really just 6 easy miles today. Kids are so hard to impress sometimes. #road2cim

Focus on the outcome - not the obstacles
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Staying focused on the end game. One hour in the home gym this morning. A mix of upper body, lower body and core. Trying to work that in 3x a week this cycle.#road2cim #roadtocim

When my body gets tired, my mind says this is where winners are made
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I look forward to these days. These are my favorite workouts. I woke up excited. Workout was 12 x 400 with 400 jog in between. 2.25 miles up and 2.25 miles down - total of 10.5 miles this morning. Initially I had 7:20 penciled in for the target pace and the workout just came to me. Every single 400 was faster and the last 6 were all under 7 min pace!! Good things are coming! #road2cim #runcim #hansonsmarathonmethod
Looks like I cut off the last 3 400s in the pic (6:45, 6:16, 6:30). :)

Flying high - - - - -
Monday’s run are sometimes the most enjoyable and it feels great to get the week going on a good start. #road2cim #roadtocim

Journeys not destinations - - - - -
Week 1 of marathon training in the rear view mirror. 8 easy miles this morning and 26 for the week. Stayed patient this week with all easy runs. First speed work begins on Tuesday. #road2cim #roadtocim

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