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Amber 🏃🏻‍♀️  "RUN FIERCE, run with Moxie!"➰Mom ➰ Principal ➰Runner ➰Baker ➰PRs➖50K=4:49, Mar=3:17, Half=1:26, 10K=43:57, 5K=21:20 ➰Next▶️Boston

~I once had a leather jacket that got ruined in the rain. Why does moisture ruin leather? Aren't cows outside a lot of the time? When it's raining, do cows go up to the farmhouse, “Let us in! We're all wearing leather! Open the door! We're going to ruin the whole outfit here!" ~ Jerry Seinfeld
I will be wearing my leather jacket TONIGHT as I go see Jerry live in Denver with some friends. So fun! 🙌🏼
But I digress, here was my run today (the emojis represent how I was feeling on each segment):
◾️warm up 🤗
◾️1K @ 6:44 pace ☺️
◾️1 min walking recovery🙌🏼
◾️1K @ 6:38 pace 👍
◾️1 min walking recovery 🙌🏼
◾️1K @ 6:31 pace😬
◾️1 min walking recovery 😢
◾️1K @ 6:24 pace 🤬
◾️1 min walking recovery 😫🥺
◾️.27 @ 6:38 pace 🥵
◾️3 min of walking around and .32 of a jog 🤫 don’t tell coach
◾️1K @ 6:03 pace (mostly downhill on this one) 😞
◾️cool down 😴
I was supposed to do 6 of them and get progressively faster with each one- but my legs got SO tired after the 4th. Gotta love lactic acid! It’s ok though, I ran lots of hills with wind and worked hard today! 👊🏼 ————————————————————————
Ps-I’m not “hiking the ball” in this pic, I’m showing you the 🏔 in the distance 🤣.

Ran some easy chatty miles this morning with, so life is good! The miles fly by when you have someone to catch up with! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
On another note, I am SUPER excited for the holidays because that means some time off of work to spend with my boys, hubby, and parents. The only thing I need to be aware of is ALL of the good food around. Instead of making it a New Year’s resolution to lose the excess lbs I always gain, I’m going to make a pre-Thanksgiving resolution to eat in moderation this holiday season. I can still have all the foods I love, but not in excess amounts. I know it’ll help me feel much better overall. I get that over indulgence crabby feeling when I eat too much, and when it goes on day after day- I get really irritable. I’m going to be strong this year 💪. I’m putting it out there to keep myself accountable. Wish me luck!
🦃 🥘 🥓🍔🥟🥮🍤🍰🥧🍛🍡🥧🍫🍰🌯🌮
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As I was running today, I was reflecting on what truly differentiates a recreational runner from an elite runner. I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and started listening to the @tinamuir88 podcast with @sarahcrouch1989 (1st female American in the Chicago marathon this Oct). Tina asked Sarah if she thought elite athletes had the ability to dig deeper than recreational athletes. Sarah basically thought that this was the case with some people, but not others. She had witnessed GRIT (that digging deep ability) in some of the recreational athletes she’s coached.
I’m not interested in this subject because I want to be an elite (believe me, I’m not delusional 😂). I just think the whole subject is interesting! I also think that we recreational runners can get to be better runners by working on some of these factors too. I *think* what separates elites from us “regulars” is determined by a combination of these factors:
🔹GRIT- You have to have to dig deep if you’re going to run hard for a living. You have to be able to feel pain, but to be ok with it and work through it. Your mental game has to be tough! 🔹EXPERIENCE- It takes years to really hone in on your ability to run. You have to work hard at it. Additionally, you would have had to be exposed to it at some point to ever be running to begin with. Some people are born in homes where running is the norm OR find opportunities to run in school or clubs, others discover it on their own later in life. Experiences definitely play into whether or not someone has been able to develop running skills throughout their life.
🔹GENES- I think that some people just have great running genes. Just like any other talent or skill, some people work really hard to get good, whereas some people it just comes easy to. I think elites work hard AND are often times blessed with good genes.
🔹DESIRE- Why would any of the above matter at all if someone didn’t have the desire to succeed? A “meh” attitude won’t get you to an elite status for sure!
➡️Anything I missed? Anything you can work on to become even better? I personally need to work on getting out of my comfort zone, I really don’t like pain! 🤪

My legs felt much better today! I had Jimmy Johns for lunch, so maybe their “freaky fastness” wore off on me! 🤪
Here was the WO:
◾️2.5 up
◾️9 x 1 1/2 min (supposed to be at 6:20 pace- but I averaged 6:00 pace-whoops!)
◾️2 min jog recoveries between
◾️2 cool down miles
I was actually surprised I felt so chipper because I went to Body Pump last night and nearly died ☠️. I have not lifted a weight in 1 1/2 years!!! I know this is terrible, but I was doing weights frequently and hurt my lower back so badly that I’ve been very nervous to start back up again. I did yoga most of last year, but haven’t even done that since April. I am committing to getting these muscles in order again, but it’s not going to be easy! I was SUPER humbled last night as to how much strength I’ve lost. Oh well, gotta start back somewhere!! 🙌🏼

Trying to catch a ❄️ on my tongue here . I’m not usually too keen on the snow, but it was beautiful this morning. I don’t run outside on the roads unless the sidewalks are clear OR covered in snow (so I can wear my Yaktrax). When they are just icy, I get too nervous that I’ll twist an ankle (which I have done a few times on the ice 🤷🏻‍♀️). •
So, I took this one to the treadmill and ran 8 miles + 4x 20 sec pickups at the end. •
Every once in awhile I’m going to share something a little more personal with you all about me, as I am more than just a lover of running. Today I’m going to share about my mom, because Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m going to visit her and my dad in St. George, UT. My mom was in an awful car accident in college. She was engaged to my dad at the time and suffered severe amnesia. She didn’t recognize my dad when she woke up from the coma she was in, and actually never got back the memories of many years of her life. She ended up marrying him anyway (went off of faith here) and raised 4 of us kids. Even though she did a darn good job of being there for all of us, she suffered from memory issues daily. There have been many times when I’ve gotten super frustrated for having to explain things to her several times (especially as a teenager, it felt that if she cared, she’d listen better and remember). I’m now 40 and still trying to figure out how to have the best relationship possible with her. It’s tough sometimes still, but she’s my mom and I love her to the moon and back 💓. I’m looking forward to seeing her next week!!

This was a rough one folks. I think I’m just plain tired. Luckily, tomorrow is my rest day. I was supposed to do 4x6 min @ 6:40 pace with 90 sec recoveries. Here’s what I did:
🔼3 mile slow warm up (I could tell I was exhausted as soon as I started running)
➡️6 min @ 6:40 pace (felt WAY too hard)
➡️90 sec jog recovery
➡️6 min @ 6:45 pace (I could barely finish this one)
➡️2 mile jog where I was trying to decide if I should call it quits or rally for more
➡️6 min @ 6:42 pace
➡️1/2 mile jog
➡️6 min @ 6:42 pace
⬇️.71 jog cool down until I hit 10 miles
Those paces shouldn’t have felt hard, but the reality was that they did and I’m ok with that. I just need some rest and need to regroup- next one will be better!

I had to take my ‘ol basement treadmill out for a ride today as I got home from professional development when it was dark out and the gym I go to closes early on Friday nights. I did 7 easy and then 6x 15 sec hill sprints.
As promised I am here to deliver some interesting (and some funny) ways that you can get DQ’d from some of the major marathons. This is not a comprehensive list, just a few of my favorites:
1️⃣Helping an injured runner across the finish line. (Both you and the other runner could get DQ’d!)
2️⃣Refusing aid from a medical personnel (apparently if they tell you to get off the course to be checked, you have to do so!)
3️⃣Urinating or exposing yourself. (Ok I’ve seen SO many guys AND girls jump off and do this on the side of the road- but apparently you’re supposed to use the porta-potties or could get a DQ!)
4️⃣Using drones to take pictures (do people really do this?)
5️⃣Swearing at or berating others (no jerkish behavior peeps!)
————————————————————————Happiest of Friday’s IG family!!

10 leisurely miles after a day of eating everything in sight (one of those days)! 🌮🤦‍♀️•
I wanted to tell you all a little story about my race last Saturday. This was something that fueled my fire for a few miles. •
The half marathon that I ran only had about 800 participants and after I got started late and passed a bunch of people the first couple of miles, things got lonely. I only saw people every once in awhile. I had no idea how many people were ahead of me. Also- there were about 400 turns around the canyon roads- so you couldn’t see very far ahead. • •••
When I got to about mile 6ish- I saw two girls running side by side ahead of me. They were taking up most of the right side of the road (narrow canyon road here). There were cones down the middle of the road because every once in awhile a police officer or other service personnel would come by. Anyway, as I approached the girls I realized I was running quite a bit faster then them, so quickly went around the cone to pass (literally like an inch around the cone). This would not have given me an advantage in any way- as I was going around. One of the girls yelled, “you better watch it or you’re going to get a DQ!” I was like ”what the heck??” 🤷🏻‍♀️. It sounded like a threat to me and it really bugged me. I mean, did they want me to elbow through them? I was bugged for a few miles, but I think I ran those miles faster because of it (so thank you girls!)
Around mile 9 or so one of those two ended up passing me and when she did I shouted, “awesome work!” I wanted her to know I was a nice person and not trying to get any sort of an edge- just wanting to run my pace. •
By the way, I did look through the rules and didn’t see anything about the center cones on their website. . . •
Thoughts? Was I in the wrong?
Tomorrow I will have a part 2 here and tell you some real (and funny) actual rules for big marathons!

Check out this green water behind me! It looks toxic, but the ducks swimming around there don’t seem to mind 🤷🏻‍♀️. I did a little WO today to get the legs moving again. It went like this:
🔼3 mile warm up
➡️10x 90 sec pickups (6:36 pace average)
➡️2 min recoveries between each
⬇️3 mile cool down
It started out sunny and cold and ended dark and cold (took the pic after the warm up). I still had my sunglasses on at the end and some people walking by gave me a weird look. When I moved them onto my head, I realized it wasn’t quite as dark as I had thought 😂.

Busy week so far- I’ve been having to hit the treadmill late after work. Today was after a PT appointment with some crazy dry needling. Feeling sore from being worked over, but also feeling a lot looser! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
I need to figure out how to get up in the mornings now that it gets dark so early in the evenings. It’s SO hard though to get out of a warm bed 😫. You all that get up super early every day impress me like no other!!
Any of you struggling to adapt to this time change??

Happy Monday all! 🙌🏼
Today I ran 7 easy treadmill miles to try and flush these legs out. My legs are up on the wall as I write this. They didn’t feel tired after the race Saturday, felt a little tired yesterday, and then I woke up today and they are tight! Gotta love DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). •
For #medalmonday I thought I’d show you how cool Revel does their medals. They add on little charms depending on the race and also give age group winners an extra charm (mine says 1st in age). So cute! •
I’ve never really been that into medals, but on the bus ride up to the starting line on Saturday, the lady behind me (yes I was eavesdropping) was describing every medal she’d ever received to the lady next to her. She said she had a group of friends back home that bring their medals to Starbucks every Monday to show each other and share the details of their weekend races. After hearing how proud she was, I thought to myself that it wouldn’t hurt for me to be a little proud too. So, here I am showing all of you my medal before tucking it away in my closet behind my clothes with the others 🤣.

Well, I did a thing today. I had a bit of a hectic start with a crazy traffic jam to get to the buses. Ended up not having time to stretch or warm up and had to start at the back of the pack, but got through it and hung on fairly well until the last 2 miles. The road flattened out and had quite a few turns, potholes, and broken cement. I gave it what I had and passed some girls at the end. Here were the official stats:
🏁6:36 pace (6:34 on my Garmin since I ran a little extra around people and suck at tangents).
🏅 1st in age range (40-44)
🏃🏻‍♀️ 9th female
🏃🏼 🏃🏻‍♀️26th overall
🙌🏼8+ min PR
🥛 1st to chug chocolate milk (unofficial result here)
💏1st to make husband take 4 million pictures
😌Happy about my effort today, I thought I could go a little faster, but did what I could today.

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