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Amber 🏃🏻‍♀️  "RUN FIERCE, run with Moxie!"➰Mom ➰ Principal ➰Runner ➰Baker ➰PRs➖50K=4:49, Mar=3:17, Half=1:34, 10K=43:57, 5K=21:20 ➰🔜 Mt Lemmon Half Marathon

I had planned on running early this morning, but I literally couldn’t get my body to move when my alarm went off. I fell back asleep and got up in time to get to my son’s cross country meet in Boulder. It was beautiful out there, and he did SUCH a good job. However, this meant my run had to take place after all of that and by then it was HOT! I had wanted to do 10 miles with 6 of them at 1 minute @ 6:45 pace followed by 1 min @ 7:45 pace (to keep my HR up). But, it was nearly 90 degrees and I just couldn’t hang on. So, I did what I could and completed the 10 miles anyway. Some days you just gotta roll with the punches!
Pic is from the meet in Boulder because, those views! 😘

SUPER slow run this morning- and look I even got to wear long sleeves 🙌🏼🙌🏼. I was reading an interesting article on Runner’s Connect last night and wanted to share it with you to see your thoughts. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, just found it interesting, and want to conduct some more research into it.
Here are the cliff notes:
✏️ When your legs get super heavy at the end of a race, this isn’t an indicator of muscle weakness, instead it’s caused by the release of hydrogen ions when racing beyond your anaerobic threshold, which creates an acidic environment in the muscles and impairs muscle contraction. Takeaway- hitting the gym may not help in this area, but working on your endurance with strength runs and tempos should.
✏️Absolute speed is something that most runners have enough of. If you’re trying to have a faster kick at the end of a race and you can run your fastest 400 at a 5:30 pace- it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to do so at the end of a longer race because you’re tired (you’re in an oxygen deprived state by this point). Takeaway- there’s no need to run super fast paces in training to improve your chances of hitting your goal. •
✏️Improving your aerobic endurance and lactate threshold are the most important factors in reaching race goals. Takeaway- again, hit those tempos and lactate threshold runs to improve your aerobic capacity rather than short and fast speedwork.
Sometimes I like to run fast for short spurts, thinking it’ll help the longer slower paces feel easier, but lately I have been trying to spend more time on tempos because I know these are my weaknesses- so maybe I’m headed in the right direction already!

15 miles for the day- as I did 4 this morning and 11 this evening. It was time for a WO tonight, since I’m back home and don’t have the excuse of early work meetings and late night work schmoozing.
Here was the WO:
▪️1 mile warm up @ 8:41 pace
▪️3 mile tempo @ 6:49 pace
▪️1 mile recovery @ 8:41 pace
▪️3 mile tempo @ 6:49 pace
▪️1 mile recovery @ 8:41 pace
▪️1 mile @ 6:49 pace
▪️.5 mile recovery @ 8:41 pace
▪️.5 mile @ 6:35 pace
Basically I wanted to get a 3rd 3 mile tempo in, but my legs were worn out, so I finished with what I had left 🤷🏻‍♀️.
Oh- also loving these shorts I got from Road Runner Sports for $5!! Score!

Just a little run before a full day of conferences and travel today.
It’s that time again! Whenever I travel, I love to look up facts about the city I’m in. Here’s what I found out about Knoxville, TN:
🐎 Kid Curry (one of Butch Cassidy’s crew), shot some deputies in 1903 and escaped. When he was finally caught, he was taken to the Knoxville Jail for a time. However, you guessed it- he escaped from jail too! And, he stole the sheriffs horse and took off across the Gay Street Bridge!!
🥤 Mountain Dew first originated here in the late 1940’s!
🙄Knoxville was known as the “Streaking Capital of the World” in 1974 due to 5,000 people on the University of Tennessee’s famous Cumberland Avenue taking their clothes off and stripping on the “strip.”
💥 Knoxville has the largest Labor Day weekend fireworks display in the nation! (But where else do they do fireworks displays on Labor Day?) 🤔
🔨 Knoxville is the home to HGTV 📺 •
🕺🏼Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and the Everly Brothers all had careers that took off here!
I bet I helped you on a future trivia question- you can thank me later! 😂.

I didn’t stretch or sculpt, but boy did I sweat. It’s so crazy to me how you can run at a somewhat leisurely pace and look like you took a shower with your clothes on here in the south! •
I thought running at 6:30am would be totally normal, but apparently the sun doesn’t rise over here until 7:15 this time of the year 😳. Since Knoxville is pretty far west In the eastern time zone- the sun appears quite a bit later than I’m used to! •
Interesting fact- about every 70 miles west you travel within your specific time zone, you can add on 4 minutes to estimate your sunrise. •
Luckily, I was able to get my boss to run with me again (so I wasn’t scared in the dark) and we found a fun trail system close by. No one was out there though- I’m wondering if people work out more after work in this area 🤷🏻‍♀️?
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I’m in Tennessee for work and Holy Humidity! I had a 3:30 am wake up call to get to the airport, but once I got here I hit the trails with my boss right away. It rained/misted most of the run- but it was a beautiful, lush forrest trail by a river. We had fun jumping over tree roots, trying not to get too many spiders in our hair, and slipping through the mud. We got lost, but found an older gentleman out there who helped us find our way back. Quite the adventure! •
The 2nd pic was at the half way point where we turned around, and the first picture is as soon as we got back and I changed my shirt because it was so dang sopping wet!! I don’t know about you all, but if I don’t get wet sports bras and shirts off quick, I get SO cold! Also, my hair frizzed up immediately- it’s not used to this climate 😓. •
Have a fabulous week all!
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Downhill canyon run # 2 complete ✔️. I am trying to do 1 per month until my half- so I’ve got one more in October. This particular one was not as great as I’d hoped. My right calf and hamstring have been tight since my WO on Thursday and my right middle toe was not happy after about mile 4. I’ve got a huge blister there now- ouch! Also, it was HOT from the start! Oh well, teaches me how to endure when things get tough. You never know what you’ll be faced with come race day, so need to be able to cope with these things. My last mile was the fastest at a 6:35 and it also had the least net downhill, so I’m happy about that! 👍
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6 SUPER slow miles today to shake the legs out before a harder run tomorrow. It said 51 degrees this morning, so I opted for the long sleeves, but it felt way hotter- so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️. I feel like low 50’s is usually long sleeve weather for me. In the 40’s I need capris and long sleeves. Colder and I’ve got all sorts of layers! Isn’t it funny how we all watch the weather so carefully and have our cutoffs for each range for different clothing? #itsarunnerthing 😂
I’m SO excited to cheer on all of you racing this weekend!! Crush those races IG friends!!
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✌️Double RUN day!✌️ ———————————
Run # 1️⃣= 6 easy miles with my son before his first class this morning. His leg has been hurting since the marathon, so we took it nice and easy. He hasn’t foam rolled or stretched since the race, teenagers! 🤦‍♀️
Run # 2️⃣= A little treadmill speed (it was 94 degrees tonight😫, so took it inside!)
✔️2 mile warm up @ 8:41 pace
✔️2 mile tempo @ 6:29 pace (first mile 6:31 and 2nd mile 6:27)
✔️1 min resting recovery •
✔️4 x 400’s (6:00, 6:00, 5:27, 4:57) with 30 sec rests in between
✔️1 mile cool down @ 8:41 pace
I literally thought I was going to fly off the mill at that 4:57 pace. It was a little scary.
Tomorrow is basically the weekend- woohoo!!!! Any fun plans?? I’m going to do a downhill canyon run and a breakfast date with the hubby, then a game night with some friends- should be fun!

This is my “I’ll eat 3 extra caffeinated shot blocks and see what I can do, but don’t have high hopes” picture before the run face. My stomach felt like it was twice as big as normal (probably from all the cookies) and my legs felt like bricks (probably because I finally did strength training last night after not doing it in forever). •

So, I hit the ol treadmill and did what I could tonight:
✔️1 mile warm up @ 8:41 pace
✔️ 5 x 1 mile repeats @ 6:40 pace with 30 sec rests in between (no jogging or walking- just wiping the sweat off)

I could have made myself do more, but with the way I was feeling it didn’t feel right (don’t want to get injured). I figured my time would be better spent stretching, foam rolling, and hiding the cookies from myself 🙇🏻‍♀️.
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Do I think I’m faster than I really am? Or, am I faster than I think I really am? ———
I yo-yo between these two thoughts depending on a variety of things- how my workouts go, how much energy I have, how positive my mindset is, etc. Sometimes I wish someone would tell me what my potential was, so I just knew and could plan everything out around that. However, when I really stop to think about it, I’d rather not know my potential. What fun is there in that? I’d rather keep trying, keep striving to crush new goals, and continually learning more and more about the inner workings of my brain and body connection. Sure sometimes I set too lofty of goals, and sometimes I sandbag it thinking I’m not capable of certain paces, but overall I’m still seeing progress, and even more importantly still having fun with running. So, really that’s all that matters. -
8 recovery miles in 90 degree heat with no cloud cover, no breeze, and no trees or shade 😱🔥. That was a HOT☝️!

I had a fun morning up in the mountains today. My son had a cross country meet (which he rocked!) and so my husband and I went up and played while we were waiting for his race to start. The hubs rode his mtn bike on some rocky trails and I found a freshly paved desolate road that went for a long time. It was fun because I felt like I could really focus on my stride and cadence (got my average up about 5 more than normal) instead of worrying about cars, cracks in sidewalks, or lights. I kept my HR low and breathing easy and just enjoyed! I ran without headphones and did watch my surroundings well (as I was all alone).👍

I hope you all are having a lovely start to your weekend!!
~7.55 miles because I was wanting to get to 50 for the week.

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