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Lottie Bildirici  I swim, bike + run @adidasrunners nutrition coach recipe developer I create recipes for athletes let food be medicine health coach 📍nyc + beyond

I always believed that knowledge is power. Everything clicked when I understood why I was eating what I eat. And nothing is more rewarding than being able to pass that knowledge on. I'm lucky to be able to do what I do with #adidasrunnersnyc and give runners the skills and confidence to tackle the kitchen. Scenes from my latest workshop with @adidasrunners photo @keefshoots

Cooler grey mornings (hello winter creeping up 😭) call for a bowl of warm oatmeal. Topped my oats with all my favorites- fresh figs, strawberries, frozen blueberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans + dried apricot. Eating healthy is so boring 🙃

Pasta filled with protein thanks to @explorecuisine lentil bean pasta. Ever since discovering this pasta a few years ago it has been my go-to. It makes for an easy weeknight dinner. And today on my blog i am sharing all the details behind this vegetable based pesto and vegan parmesan crumbs. I promise it will take less than 15 minutes to whip up! Link in my bio

Scenes from last weeks nutrition workshop with #adidasrunnersnyc at @rapha We highlighted the concept of “power” as we send our runners off to Berlin for the marathon and discussed nutrition strategies to ensure a great race. The main takeaway was to control as many things as you can and always be prepared. We put so many hours into training daily and can forget that nutrition is a key element of successful training and racing. It can be the difference from having a great race or being stuck in the porta potties. Overnight oats are my go-to for race morning. Why? I can make them in a hotel mini fridge anywhere in the world. What do you eat before a race? Photo @keefshoots

Pistachios make for a great post-workout snack. They are rich in Magnesium, Protein, Copper, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, B Vitamins, and Manganese. I used @americanpistachios to create these little post workout “Adventure Apricot Pistachio Bites”. I love keeping them in the freezer as a grab and go snack. All you need is dates, dried apricots, almonds, pistachios, fresh orange juice, and orange zest. Full recipe linked in my bio #pistachiopower #sponsored

As race day gets closer, and my training block gets tougher than ever, it’s easy to loose sight of the why in all of this. Ironman Louisville will mark the ten year anniversary of my diagnoses of Hodgkins Lymphoma. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my health than doing the impossible on a day when I felt so hopeless ten years ago. Thank you to all who already donated to @leukemialymphomasociety Link in my bio to donate! @ridecannondale @rokasports @envecomposites @adidasrunners @ironmantri

Playing, tasting, testing for my next nutrition workshop with adidas runners. We will be covering things pre-run. I of course had to make my pre-race muffins- chocolate chip with orange zest + toasted pecans. I can’t wait to dive into this topic with our runners before they head to Berlin for the marathon. Recipe linked in my bio •

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Catching the sunrise this morning and capping off a big weekend of training with an open water swim. I will be dreaming about mornings like this in just a few months ❄️ Breaking in my new Maverick X Wetsuit @rokasports #findfaster 👌🏻💙

Life and Training motto these days.
Photo @keefshoots

I had fun playing in the kitchen today and creating this bomb vegan pesto with a vegan parmesan. I tossed it together with fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes + broiled cherry tomatoes. The best part? 15 minutes to make and loaded with protein. A few more tweaks to this recipe before it goes live on my blog in just in just a couple of weeks 😁

I played up traditional marinara sauce by adding lentils. I served it over zucchini pasta for a lighter feel. It’s also a great excuse to use up all those summer vegetables! Less than 30 minutes to whip up and made in my favorite copper set of pots and pans from @lagostinausa. The perfect dish to share at your next family dinner :) I am sharing the full recipe linked in bio. Happy hump day! #lagostinasundaydinner

Tempo Tuesday on tap tonight with #adidasrunnersnyc. I am in the thick of Ironman training and the speed in my legs is just as good as my game face #mustworkonspeed #moreimportantlyabettergameface
Photo @keefshoots

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