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Joshua Running  "A vision without action is simply a dream" ❤️@ashton.rutledge NGA Physique Pro Owner Natural Selection Nutrition Email for coaching consultation

#throwback to the days when me and @steve_from_the_gym were doing the Gemini thing at that Gemini place. Also I do believe this is the exact moment @ashton.rutledge realized that she was madly in love. Ohhh yeaaa. #abs #hats #hatsandabs #gemini #shetookthepic #thatdamneggboxthough

The things that make my time go by. Watching SAQUAN Barkley from the Penn State University dominate the combine. 4.41 in the 40. 41 inch vertical leap. 29 reps of 225. This is the type of freak athlete that will take over the NFL. #wearepennstate #hefasttho #thankyousaquon

So I couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with the number one lady in my life @ashton.rutledge thankfully I can always find comfort in chasing my dreams in here with these cold hard weights.
It’s nights like these that get me through the long hard days away from home and my other half. Even with this much space behind me she’s still my number 1 fan and the source from which I draw my strength rather it’s making me laugh or waking me up at 0930 to wish me a happy Valentine’a day or sending me massive amounts of baby wipes for long weeks in the field she’s always by my side. So here’s to that gorgeous brunette with the big brown eyes. I love you beautiful.

So we had a conversation today about what we wanted women to bring to the table. I know I know right a bunch of tough soldiers sitting around in a war zone talking about what they want from a woman. I heard the same thing over and over again “I need a woman who can cook and she gotta be able to clean and be good with kids”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Although I respect other people’s views I don’t see things that way. See the woman in the picture @ashton.rutledge she’s my partner my teammate my best friend. A woman who will be by my side and drag us through hell if that’s what needs to happen. My support system my biggest fan and almost as tough on me as I am on myself. Sometimes things just click and when she’s by my side I feel unstoppable like we can accomplish anything. I can cook and clean myself. Get you a woman who makes you complete. One who makes you a better man. That’s a woman. That’s my woman. I love you gorgeous. #sundayfeels #milesfromhome #partner #cantstopus #thatsbaerightthere

Truly one of the greatest highlights of these long months away from home is the late nights in the gym. Tonight was a blast with our man hitting his personal best on the bench and finding out he’s still a soprano. We were all literally falling out laughing at him. This is literally something you HAVE TO HEAR!!! #naturalselectionnutrition #militarybodybuilding #swoleisthegoal #thathighnotetho #yeshesagrownlittleman #imstilllaughingatthis #sleepwellwegotyoursix

So I woke up today expecting to dread this day. The dirty thirty halfway to deaths toll day. Lmao. Well I got news for y’all I realized after a tough workout and a hearty meal that I’m better at 30 than I ever was at 20. And I’m going to be even better at 40. Tonight’s workout also attached. I’ll warn you it’s not for the faint of heart. Keep pushing folks.
#thenew20 #damnmilenials #gettingready #notolderbetter #milesfromhome

Amazing sight a completely empty gym. AKA all my dreams are now true. In a constant quest to outwork my competition I can’t wait to have some stupid fun and put in this work without all the people around.
#emptygym #workneverstops #nattypro #ngapro #ngamensphysique #naturalselectionnutrition

A little back day action a few hours before thanksgiving. I’m thankful for gym partners like these and cold iron to warm the nights away from my loved ones. Keep watching and we will keep pushing.
#savesometyrkeyforus #sleepwellwegotyiursix #tillweallcomehome #tellmompassthebroccoliandchicken #atleadtitsnotageminithanksgiving #bigguysworkinghard #ngapro

Having a blast after my workout enjoying growth season. So after I enjoyed my long hard workout and the obvious lack of rhythm that ensued afterwards(don’t be judgmental it’s the off-season) I decided to have a seat outside and enjoy a fire.
As I sat down I was joined by another individual who quickly took up the bodybuilding conversation and their opinions with it. One such opinion being that no competitive natural bodybuilder has never ingested a banned substance. And that those who choose not to take steroids should direct “take up another sport because they will never succeed without steroids”. He did mention that he had competed for 2 shows in the NPC in 2012 and quit after two regional losses. He also mentioned a huge Carolinas bodybuilding promoter and likely South Carolina’s most respected bodybuilder personally giving him advice on how to properly cycle his drugs( which I found to be in poor taste to be name dropping and discussing others business especially supplement use of that sort). So first of all here is my response it is irresponsible to discuss either one of those gentlemen both of which have done soo much for the sport of bodybuilding both in SC and abroad. Next it is also irrational of you to question the actions of any person who is a competitive natural bodybuilder or to describe what they do as beneath you.
All in all none of this changes my love for the sport or my desire to spend this next year improving. All it proves is that not everyone is able to be an ambassador for this sport or live this lifestyle. As for natural bodybuilders we will continue to use your disrespectful words as fuel to shock the world and push the limits. Don’t worry you are not the first person who has said we can’t do this.

Even when the road seems like and hard there are always little things that can brighten your day. Knowing you’re being thought of from this far away makes what we do worthwhile. This care package absolutely made my day. @ashton.rutledge absolutely sent the best essentials ever. Def the best care package I’ve ever received. Love you beautiful.
#shesthebest #carepackage #thatarmylive #fitcouple #allthebabywipes #thatjerkeythough #goingoffmenu #tillwecomehome #sleepwellwegotyoursix

I told the world that I wasn’t coming home without upgrading my wheels. So after less than 1 month I’m well on the way to big juicy quads.
Our time here will be long and painful. With that said you have two choices. You can either pity yourself and suffer without a cause or you can suffer for a purpose. I choose to suffer for a reason. Don’t worry my official camera/hype man @mcdaddi (give him a follow) will make sure you can follow the entire journey.
#sleepwellwegotyoursix #ngapro #nattyphysique #ngaphysique #bigjuicylegs #cominhomeon32s #earnit #armyfit

Wow. Never in all my time lifting have I ever shattered a plate. What can I say in this case I guess I’m just too damn strong. Smh. Might make a nice necklace though. Lmao.
#nattyphysique #ngapro #weightscantkeepup #imadifferenttypeofanimal #theseotherguysbelievetheycanjustdothis #notsofastjunior #notforeveryone

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