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I don’t do this often. I don’t talk about work I do it. I don’t post selfies flexing in the mirror. I chase this dream with sweat tears and an unstoppable grind. My dreams are big and I’m ok with some sacrifice. The thing that bothers me is all those people posting those selfies talking about how bad they want this and aren’t willing to work for it. You can’t fake or half ass this and if you do we will all see on that Fateful night. If you’re asking if this is about you then you’re not doing enough. If that hurts you’re feelings then good. Maybe it motivates you to get off of your ass and work. #noshadejustreality #ngaphysiquepro #shutupandgrindharder

It’s rare that we see truth in social media where the world is designed to show a highlight reel. The first picture is 3 days before a show. Sadly this is the best it ever reached for me. Due to some of the worst protocols I’ve ever seen(which I followed unwaveringly except for eating carbs before a ten minute workout where I never broke a sweat). The second picture is me on stage following those protocols and where it took me. Three days later much worse is bad peaking. I was told by that person that my natural pro card show was a joke and that I my expectations were unrealistic. The third picture wasn’t just an expectation it’s a shot of me with @steve_from_the_gym perfectly prepped and peaked. Steve takes a lot of shit about his persona and it was said by the new coach that his methods wouldn’t work. The coach wanted to blame my scale and my thyroid. No the problem was the protocols which @steve_from_the_gym told me to follow explicitly even when he knew we would fail as he didn’t want to interfere. He simply encouraged me to@trust the process like he always does. But the results speak for themselves. I’ll leave you with this. The true test of a bodybuilding coach is if he can alter your physique with food exercise and lifestyle changes Anything else should accent your physique not be the sole purpose of change guys who change your physique by loading drugs are drug dealers not coaches. Simple. I know where I’m spending my money with the guy who brought me a championship. #waterboarder #noshadejustreality

So I don’t believe in only sharing what’s good. So I’ll be straight up about it because I see a lot of guys try spin things. Today was the NGA Pro Universe. I worked my ass off for weeks and thought about this moment for months. Unfortunately today was not my day. I was flat and there was no recovering in sight. So today I had to take it on the chin with a dead last finish. This one hurts badly no true competitor wants to get dominated like this on a big stage. So unfortunately we won’t be taking the stage tonight because we have no ability to get or hold a pump and I don’t believe in going out without being able to deliver a great package. However we are going to show up and show love to the rest of a really amazing field. Hey guys it was a pleasure and I’m glad I was able to stand next to what I think was truly the best group of natural competitors to have graced a stage.

No matter what we all must face the curtain on that fateful Saturday. #stillnatty #ngapro #flat #facethecurtain #bodybuilding #ngaphysiquepro #letsgetitonalready

Wow has it been a long road. I know that I’ve been quiet. I haven’t been posting 300 pictures of my prep I decided that this time I wanted put my head down and do the work. We didn’t finish perfect but we were good enough to take a pro overall. Now we have two weeks to make some changes and bring a tighter dryer package to the NGA Pro Universe in two weeks. It won’t be easy but I always surround myself with great people and the best team possible to accomplish the job. Let’s finish this thing with a bang. #ngaphysiquepro #ngacentralfloridafallclassic #naturalmuscle #notdoneyet #ngaprouniverse

So after a long year away and a whirlwind reunion I’m back and ready to work. Fortunately I wasn’t lazy last year and I have 16 weeks to bring this thing in tighter than it’s ever been. Most guys just wanna place I don’t issue apologies for the fact that I want to stand atop the mountain. Besides moderation is for cowards let’s push it to the limit and a national physique title. #imback #teamgemini #geminiinthehouse #nattyasfuck #ngaphysique #unstoppableforce #allnaturalmuscle #naturalselectionnutrition #focused #newdaysamegrind #dontblink

As I stand in the gym my sanctuary my place of peace the place where everything bad in the world disappears I feel this weird nostalgia. Its this place in Camp Arifjon Kuwait where I first took lifting seriously. It’s wild to look back on that decision to where it has taken me. It’s shown me two things that sometimes we have to return to the beginning before we run up the mountain. And two no matter what your situation location or circumstance you can make a decision to shape and change where you go from there. Oh and I also destroyed chest so that I can have a sick pump when I step back in the USA. #allnaturalmuscle #unstoppableforce #naturalselectionnutrition #nga #ngaphysiquepro #nattyasfuck #takemebacksoicangoforward #cominghomebaby

30 straight days in the field. This is the time for the everyone else to get ahead. Being out here has made me far more determined to return to the states and put together the best package you have ever seen. I will not fail I will not compromise. I will reign victorious in 2018. So get ahead now because I’m well rested and coming. #naturalselection #illbebackandillbebetter #allnaturalmuscle #unstoppableforce #myshowmyway

One of the coolest experiences ever. If I have to be away from my loved ones I’m glad to know it’s for a purpose. But in all seriousness moments like these humble us and allow us to see how good our lives really are at home.. #tillweallcomehome #humbled #themboysgohard #coalitionfellowship #brotherhood

Just another day of me closing the gap and pacing the pack. I will make all of you remember me when I return. #stillheregettinit #naturalselection #naturalselectionnutrition #dominateonedayatatime

#throwback to the days when me and @steve_from_the_gym were doing the Gemini thing at that Gemini place. Also I do believe this is the exact moment @ashton.rutledge realized that she was madly in love. Ohhh yeaaa. #abs #hats #hatsandabs #gemini #shetookthepic #thatdamneggboxthough

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