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I didn’t get in all of the miles I had hoped for this morning because it was raining at 3:30 and I just couldn’t do the rain today. Plus, I felt a little crummy so I rolled over until 4:15. By then the rain has stopped amf I felt better. I’ve gotta long day ahead of me so I needed my rest today. We have ice skating lessons and then a school play this evening. Oh, and my son just puked as I was making my post. So that’s fun! Happy Friday everyone!

It took me awhile to get myself into this run because I didn’t expect to be running it this morning. It looked like this morning was going to be rainy and icy so I assumed I would have to postpone this run. That really messed me up this morning when there was no ice because I didn’t pick out my clothes last night. That’s what I get for believing my weather app. But, I got this run done, and it wasn’t too bad until the last few miles when it poured on me. Aside from that my legs felt great, and this run went really well. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. This run consisted of a 2 mile WU, 8 miles at MP (8:00-8:12), and 1.7 CD miles. Have a great day!

Do you ever have one of those nights where you lay in bed thinking of your morning run, and you can’t fall asleep? I was awake in bed for a couple of hours before I could fall asleep last night because I was anxious to get this run done. So now I’m on no sleep which should make the rest of the day fun. But, this run went great! It was suppose to be storming this morning, but somehow I lucked out, and had 60 degree temps with 20 mph wind gusts. But, I’ll take a little wind if that means there is no lightening. This run was a two mile warm up, 4 x 800 with a 90 second recovery, 4 x 400 with a minute recovery, and some cool down miles. This run went perfectly, but it is a little disappointing when you think you only have 2 x 400s, give them all that you’ve got, and then realize you still have two to go. I pushed through those last two, but it wasn’t easy. These track days are finally getting easier.

I woke up late this morning and realized it still wasn’t lightening, so I booked it outside as fast as I could. I managed eight miles in the rain without any lightening so I consider that a good run. It’s suppose to storm all day so I wasn’t sure I would get this run done, but I did!!! The rest of the week is suppose to be just as bad, but at least the temperature is nice. It was almost 60 degrees outside this morning. It felt like spring! Now, I get to relax and clean my house today because there is no school. I needed this day off so badly!

Ten more early morning miles. It was not easy getting out of bed this morning. Yesterday kicked my butt! Another day at the rink today followed up by grocery shopping and cleaning. I’m already tired just thinking about it. Thank goodness it’s a three day weekend! Have a great day!

Guys, I am so tired! I am still not sure how I got out of bed so easily this morning, but I’ll pay for it later. I was out late last night running the kids to skating lessons, then a birthday party, and by time that was all said and done it was 10:00 pm. And if you know me, you’ll. Ow I’m typically in bed by 8:30 when I have an early morning run planned. So that 3:50 alarm came really quickly this morning. But, there are no excuses! I have to go back and forth the ice rink today for our first xo petition of the year, which means if I didn’t wake up early, the run would never happen. So I did it. That was my only choice, which is probably why I woke up easily. But, I so badly wanted to crawl back into bed the second I got out from the covers. Now, it’s time for stressed out crazy Lisa to come out today. I don’t do well at these competitions. I am terrible with hair and make-up so that always gets me frazzled when I have to put a squirmy 9 year olds hair up in a bun. Plus, there is the stress of forgetting something, being late, and just being nervous for my daughter. Of course, she is always cool calm and collective at these things. Which is good because it offsets my crazy. And it’s not because I expect her to be the best, it’s because I’m so worried I’m going to screw something up for her. Tonight I’ll reward myself with a drink!

I love running! It makes me feel refreshed and exhausted when I finish a run and I love it! It’s the only time of the day that I can simply relax, and not stress about everything else I have to get done. It’s almost like I get a small chance to escape reality for a bit and I love it. I wish I could go to that place right now as I’m beginning to panic about where my daughters costume for tomorrow’s ice skating competition is at in my house. It’s crap like that that I’m always thinking and stressing over, and when I run I get to forget all about that stuff for about an hour, and I love it! Oh, and I didn’t forget about Mondays run of 6.93 miles so I finally finished out that mile today 😂 See, I’m just crazy with stuff like that, I can’t let it go! Off to another busy night of skating, birthday parties, and shopping. I’m exhausted and the weekend has hardly started.

That was a good run! The kind of run that keeps you coming back for more and the ones that you don’t want to end. But, I think it’s safe to say that the 60 degree temps had something to do with it. I struggle to breath in the cold temps and the ten pounds of clothes weighs me down. Today, I was finally able to see what I am capable of, and it was way better than I anticipated. It’s the best feeling when you can see and feel improvements being made. I have made more progress over these last couple of months than I realized. Todays run was a two mile warm up, 8 miles at MP (should have been 7, but I felt too good), and a mile and a half cool down. I will post my splits in my story because hey are too good not to share!

Is it easy to wake up at 3:15 most mornings? No! I work full time, have three kids under the age of 9, and I have these goals that I just can’t let go of. I thought the older I got the easier it would be to just focus on “mom things”, but it’s not. It’s even more difficult than ever. All of this running has turned me back into a child. I whine all of the time just how hungry and tired I am, all I think about is when and what my next run will be, and what is going to get in the way of my running. It all sounds so selfish, but in the grand scheme of things I think it’s the best thing I can do for my kids. I’m not the best runner out there, but I love it and I feel passionate about it, so I bust my bust each and everyday to work towards something I want. I’m teaching my kids that nothing is ever handed to you, you’ve gotta work for it. It’s the same thing I try and preach to my middle schoolers, but I’m sure they just think I’m too old to know what I’m talking about. Today was a tough run, but a good run and these are the runs that will make me stronger. Two mile warm up, 5 x 1200 with a two minute recovery, followed by some cool down miles . It was another cold one this morning with a temp of 20 degrees, but there was no wind, and I hit all of my paces so I can’t complain. If I can do this in 20 degrees, I can’t wait to see what I can do in 30 degree temps.

This is how I feel when I have to stop my run at 6.93 miles! Agh!! That drives me absolutely crazy. But, when your daughter walks down the sidewalk, after school to go home, you end your run. It took everything I had to not tell her to just get in the car and wait for me to jog back and forth until I finish out the mile. I figured the parents in the pick up line would think I was nuts if I did that. These legs were a little sore today, but I needed this run after I dealt with some crazy middle schoolers today. Yikes! You would have thought it was a full moon out there. Plus, it was sunny (I forgot my sunglasses) and over 30 degrees today so it felt amazing. I only had to wear one layer of clothing 🙌🙌🙌I’m so glad I slept in today so I didn’t have to dodge ice and run in 10 degree temps. This run felt warm 😂

That was a cold one today, but I got outside and got it done so I’m happy. The roads were pretty icy all day so I couldn’t get outside until this afternoon, but I did it. I took it nice and slow and I felt pretty good throughout the entire run, even after my afternoon beer 😆 I was a little worried how I would feel after that, but I did okay! Now I need to try and warm up so I can feel my fingers again. Even typing this up is tough.

Yesterday I was suppose to have an easy run, and I of course can’t slow myself down when I feel good, so I ran way too fast. I thought this run would be awful today and I’d have trashed legs after yesterday’s “easy run”, but I somehow felt pretty decent. I didn’t worry about pace and kept it comfortable and it went better than expected. Of course, mentally I want all there, but I fought through it and just kept on running. I think I’m to the point that I’m going to have to start carrying water with me again for these longer runs. I feel dehydrated, and my stomach yells at me the entire time I’m running. I did manage to run by my house and grab a water bottle stash on today’s route because there is no way I would have made it otherwise. I’m pretty excited about tonight because I have a babysitter tonight!! It’s been months since my husband and I have ditched the kids and had a night to ourselves! So if the ice, that they are calling for shows up, I’m going to be pretty angry. And no, this isn’t a Valentine’s dinner either. It just happened to work out that way, but I’m sure the restaurants are going to be ridiculous tonight. But, I guess I can wait for a seat at a bar tonight! Happy Saturday!

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