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12 tough miles with my “sister” @bauer_steph 😂 Well that’s what some random guy said on the trail today. As we passed he says, “you two must be sisters, you look just alike”. resemblance 😂 Something tells me he was marching home from a long night, he wasn’t exactly out exercising. This run was tough because I didn’t really fuel properly yesterday, but it’s done! It’s so good to have someone suffer right along with you on a tough long run. Happy Sunday! And it’s the World Cup!!!!!

Holy humidity! I don’t think it’s been this bad all summer, but I didn’t really mind it. I just hate feeling like I jumped into a pool, but it didn’t really bother me. Besides, I’d rather run in a sauna than in the freezing temps we had this winter. When I retire I’m totally moving someplace warm and tropical. Tomorrow I have a longer run planned so I just kept things easy today and now I’m off to do some @bulldogyoga which has become my new favorite! Have a great weekend!

Seven easy miles this morning to start off my day and I’m getting ready to hit up some yoga in my backyard before the sun starts creeping out. I love easy relaxing mornings like this. I need them for my own sanity because once the day gets going it’s nonstop. Today we are headed to the pool and then we have soccer practice again tonight that I’m sure will result in tears again. Girls are so dramatic, it’s exhausting. But, it’s Friday!!!!

I have a few more days until marathon training begins, but today I had an itch to do a tempo run. I just wanted to see if my Indy goals are within reach before I start training. And, I secretly love tempos. They are my favorite. It’s run that kicks my butt, but the one that I look foreword to the most, and the one that just leaves me feeling satisfied when I nail all of my paces. I miss this feeling so much, and today’s run has me looking forward to another 16 weeks of marathon training. And, it looks like my goals are right on target with where my splits were today, and that was even including hills!!!!! Oh, and who has been watching the World Cup?! I’m so excited for Sunday’s game to see Croatia play!

2018 is halfway through and it has been a good year for me. I’ve PR’d in just about every race I’ve run this year, and I’ve seen times I didn’t think was possible. Now I’m getting excited to start training for Indy next week. But, more importantly, I want to reflect on the progress that I have made over the last year. It’s easy to make things seem perfect in this tiny square box, and I’ve gotten lots of comments about how I’m crushing all of my races. But, if you followed me last year you know that 2017 was far from perfect (as far as running goes). My fastest half was 8 minutes slower than my best half this year! My 5k in 2017 was two minutes slower than what I ran mine in last week. Every race I ran last year was a struggle and a disappointment for me. I was beyond frustrated with how things went, and in Chicago I was certain I was going to have a good race but, I left in tears. So, I signed up for another marathon a month later but, I had to back out of that race last minute due to injury and that was the end of my 2017 race season. That was a hard decision to make, but I told myself things would get better, and they have! But, I had to tell myself to keep working hard, don’t give up, stay positive. So, if you’re having a tough year and things are not going the way you’d like, don’t give up! Keep your head up high, keep working hard, and be consistent and things will eventually turn around. Just remember that through every “perfect” post that you see on IG, that there have been struggles for that person to get to where they are. #medalmonday

I can not tell you how hard it was for me to get out of bed this morning. Yesterday kicked my butt, and this morning was a struggle. I laid in bed thinking about how heavy my legs felt, and tried to convince myself that running wouldn’t help me and I’d be better off sleeping in. But, then I remembered that feeling you get when you skip a run and that guilt got my butt moving today. I’m so glad I got up and out. It’s gorgeous outside, and after a mile or two these legs were moving. Well, they were moving for a girl that ran her longest run in months yesterday. Now, I’m going to squeeze in some yoga (has helped with the tightness causing my recent knee pain) before I head to the lake to pick up my kids. Back to reality I go. It’s been nice being selfish and only worrying about myself this weekend. Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe that I forgot to take a picture at the end of my long run with @bauer_steph today! We met up on a trail early this morning so I got to run 14 miles on flat land and we chatted the entire run. This was the fastest feeling long run I may have ever had. I hardly ever looked at my watch and the miles just flew by. It was a nice change of pace and I’m so glad she asked to meet up this morning. It was an early morning, but the perfect start to the day and the temps were AMAZING! Now I’m headed to do some @bulldogyoga outside since these temps are so perfect. And my kids are still gone so it’s another relaxing carefree day!! I may never want to pick my kids up after a weekend like this 😆

#flashbackfriday to the day that I ran an impromptu race, won in my age bracket, PR’d, and made friends with the photographer. Well, we annoyed the crap out of him and forced him to take way too many pictures of us 😂 Here is the only photo I have with my plaque and the other two are showing off their pies. Racing with friends is so much fun!

Today was just an easy run to shake out these legs, loosen up, and get ready for my first long run in months. I’m a little nervous, but very excited to start getting back into my early morning routine. I know everyone has been complaining about the heat, but I’m actually kind of loving it. This winter did me in on the cold so I’ll take the hot burning sun, soaked clothing, and sweat dripping into my eyes and burning any day over frozen eye lashes, 15 pounds of clothes, and frozen extremities. I feel stronger now than I have in a omg time, and I think it’s because of the change in weather. I can not run when I’m frozen, I just can’t! The only downfall to this heat is the fact that I just started my second round of steroids this morning( because I am covered in poison ivy again! Never had it in my life, and now I have had it twice his summer! The day I quit taking my meds is when I started breaking out again. Apparently, I need a hazmat suit anytime I go near ANYTHING that has been exposed to it. So that’s fun! This getting older thing is so overrated! Happy Friday!

Today was another amazing race! Another PR was set this morning! I signed up for this race at ten last night, not expecting much, and today I ran this thing in 21:39! And I also got first in my age bracket and I was the sixth overall female. The race was fun, but hanging out with so many Instagram friends is what made this morning so much fun. I am so glad @pgw_run and I decided to just go for it. I would have missed out on a great morning otherwise. Happy Fourth of July!

Last night I ran the first 10k that I’ve run in years with a time of 46:53!!!! I was the second overall female and the first in my age bracket. I’ve always hated this distance, and I’m still not sure why signed up for this, but I am so glad I did! The distance it’s self wasn’t as bad as I remembered. I guess it does pay off to keep showing up every week. But, this race was by no means easy. The first mile felt like it was down hill, but the second was straight up! Then, I swear mile three was straight downhill. I could feel it in my shins as I neared the bottom of that hill. The heat and humidity didn’t feel all that bad either. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it, but I’m convinced the temps dropped right before the race. My legs are toast, I couldn’t sleep all night, and I’m already awake. Night races kill me, but I love them!!! And the best part is that @bauer_steph drove south to run this thing with me!

Four shake out miles in the heat today! That’s what I get for sleeping in. But, I wore myself out with my ten miles and yoga in the heat yesterday. Lesson learned. Yoga done outside in 100 degree temps will turn your mat into a slip and slide, and you’ll look like you are greased yo for a body building competition. Talk about making yoga super dangerous 😂 I tried to keep things slow today, but apparently I can’t do that anymore. I felt super comfortable, and I felt like I wasn’t moving, but my watch doesn’t say that. Oops! I will do some yoga with my sister this afternoon to loosen this body up, and then it’s race day tomorrow at 9 pm. Evening races are always tricky for me. I never really know how to fuel all day for it. Oh, and I finally have my car back! The two way tape my husband put on it a year ago is officially gone! Bahaha!

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