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Emz  Mom of two [18 & 4], wife, treadmill LOVING // 3:10 marathoner [2/2019] & ultra runner. 100 miles X 6.🏃50 miles X 8. 📧

.....reason #3675264 why I run. //
“Therapy” isn’t a strong enough word. 😂
23.83 @woodwaytreadmills miles for today which also felt like the amount of minutes I slept last night. 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️
My school drop off game was strong though. So there’s that. #clearlyawin //
Happy Monday! //
✌🏼💜 #jfr™️

Mom at school drop off this morning:
“I just have to tell you, I love that you have the confidence to bring your son here right from working out....sweaty & all.”
Me: [overthinking] ohhhh [awkward laugh] um thanks.
Her: I’d be too embarrassed
Me: 🤔 ... [weird pause] ... guess I passed THAT point of caring. 😂 //
#kindagladthereareonly3moreschooldays #wtfreak #zerocrapsgiven #freaking40s #happyfriday //

I prefer the term “limited edition”. //
22 @woodwaytreadmills miles. #whilestaringoutmywindow #myideaofawesome //
Happy Wednesday ✌🏼💜

When you find a hat with your go to word but it’s a trucker & your face just can’t. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
#holy #calmyour #whatthe #thatisjust //
Up with my Bo [early]... poor kid is sick. Decided just to stay up & run. #yeahiwillprobablyregretthis #dinnerisat3pm #inbedby7 #soundsgoodtome 😂🙌🏼
Happy Tuesday ✌🏼💜

Sometimes you need to wake up really early & run really far. //
My kind of Monday. //

...”And when the day is done my momma's still my biggest fan.” - Who I am [Jessica Andrews] //
The person who’s been by my side no matter what. Just loving me hard & unconditionally. //
I love you MY Mom. //
#forevergratefulforthisday #thesephotos #thismoment 💜

There’s a boy who stole my heart, he calls me Mom. //
Love my Bo.

21.99 miles..... mostly just to completely annoy those of you who can’t enjoy the beauty of 99. 😂🙌🏼💜 //
Please share how your workout went today using only a song title.
Happy Friday!!

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. ☀️ //
21.55 miles + 2 because...... I have no idea 🤷🏼‍♀️ //
#happyfreakinghumpday #btw #ihatethewordhumpday #themoreyouknow 💫 //
Tag someone who feels like straight sunlight.....💜 Trust me, they’ll love it.

“Be known for your kindness & grace.” //
Wrote a “life vision” Saturday #iknowiknowsoundssodeep 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ this is one sentence of about 4-5 paragraphs. #butitsoneofmyfavorites //
Awesome long run this morning. #sometimesthemilesjusttickby #todaywasoneofthoseawesomedays //
And the sunset last night......Ridiculously stunning. //
Happy new week!!

“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” #heckyessssss
Music-less/media-less long run. #waswhatineededtoday //
[last photo] A palm tree near my home in Tucson. I often drive out of my way to see it. Because....c’mon.....seriously. //
A cactus growing out of a palm tree. //
#growwhereeveryoufreakingwant #doyou //
Happy Friday ✌🏼💜

“There is a kind of beauty in the growth. Slow down.” - Alison Malee //
Doing things the right way - usually isn’t the fast way. #whichblows #becauseisuckatpatience #buthereiamallgrowingandshizzzzz 🤣🙌🏼💜

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