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Run Eat Repeat / Monica Olivas  Runner. Eater. Redhead. Mexican. 30+ marathons. 50+ halfs. 100+ donuts. Health Coach. Blogger. Contact: Southern California

Chilling with my fur friends at my parents house ... This is Bonnie. (My parents got her & Clyde as puppies from a shelter so we don't know what breed they are. Most likely Lab mixes.) #sunday #sundayfunday

Sorry, you must have me confused with someone who has self control.

Smoothie in a bowl is the perfect post run refuel.
After a workout try to eat a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 carbs to protein to help your muscles rebuild. Sometimes after a hot run I'm not super hungry, mostly thirsty. A smoothie with protein powder and banana or oats hits all the bases for something healthy and delicious.
Berry Super Smoothie Recipe :
1 scoop @officialpureprotein Super Food Mixed Berry

Frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
Almond milk

Topped with nuts, chicken seeds and remaining banana
Tip: blend twice to make it extra creamy (Pure Protein Super Food is non GMO and 100% plant protein)
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How to cut a watermelon.
My super quick and easy method to cut watermelon in bite-sized pieces.
Full video on #YouTube now.
Link in bio.
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Runner's high is legal in all 50 states.

Pants off dance off?

Fine dining.

Sriracha, you're my only fren.... xoxo,
Monican ❤️🌶️ ❤️🌶️ ❤️🌶️ Took a tour of the Sriracha factory today!
It's only about 20 minutes north of my parents' house. I recently heard you can take tours and dragged my little brother along since he's on summer break.
It was awesome ❤️🌶️👍

You know you're Mexican if this is your menudo bowl...
Super random but my mom makes the best tuna. I went over to my parents yesterday and ate all their food.
It's my favorite thing to do.
What's the best thing your peep makes?

We'll get there when we get there...

Guac is extraaaa amazing with spicy margaritas...

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