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Run Report for Friday! What are you doing today? . . .
@runeatrepeat - I'm headed out now! Let's go!! ➡️🛣➡️
#RunEatRepeat #TeamRER

It's National Scavenger Hunt Day! Here's running scavenger hunt challenge... Keep an eye out for these things & comment with your points!! ➡️ Tag a friend to play! ✅✅✅
[You must take a selfie with Oprah to get the million points.] @runeatrepeat . . . . .
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Hello!! Run Report for Thursday 5.24.18... What's your workout today?

I want to want to tho.

Run Report for Wordless Wednesday! What are you doing today? ➡️ Comment with your workout using emojis and numbers!! 🍩🏃🏼‍♀️👍👍🥂🥐🍉🦄 #RunEatRepeat #TeamRER #WordlessWednesday

How 'bout when you're living your life walking down the grocery aisle and spot one of your favorite foods that you forgot about... It's like seeing an old friend!! Or... is that just me?
It's been too long since I've had vitatops. Put a blueberry muffin by the top on yogurt with cocoa nibs, nuts and cranberries. 👍👍 @vitatops @runeatrepeat #RunEatRepeat #rermeals

Run Report for Tuesday 5.22.18!! Let's go! What's your workout today? ➡️ #RunEatRepeat #TeamRER #runhappy #runspo

Hi! I'm answering your questions on all the things in live videos and on the podcast! If you have a question... ask me!
DM me or send it to -
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There are worse things to be addicted to than running... #RunEatRepeat

In honor of #strawberriesandcreamday try this Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats Recipe!
This strawberry shortcake overnight oats recipe is an easy and healthy breakfast for runners or post-run snack. Make it ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about making breakfast (and can use that time to stretch). The good news is strawberries are in season! I’ve spotted the local farms selling them from booths set up all around Orange County in random parking lots. That’s how I know they’re in season – and they are so delicious fresh from the farms!! So strawberries were on my mind but I didn’t get them from the local farm booth… that was a mistake. I have 2 pounds of the fruit and this batch is not very sweet. Womp womp.

But I used them in this Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats and it was delicious!! This recipe suggests using a tablespoon of sugar on the chopped strawberries – it’s optional but does help them breakdown and get even more juicy overnight.

Overnight oats is a great post-run meal or snack because it has a good combo of carbs and protein to refuel your body. This can be mixed together before a run or overnight – just make sure you let it set for at least 2 hours.

Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats

Ingredients: {makes 2 servings]

1 container vanilla Greek yogurt

1 cup oats .5 cup almond milk

1/8 tsp vanilla extract & salt

1 Tb. chia seeds (optional)

1 cup chopped strawberries

chopped nuts or nut butter

1 Tb. sugar (optional)

Directions: Combine yogurt, oats, almond milk, salt and vanilla – mix well.

Mix strawberries with sugar if desired (mine are not sweet today – this varies depending on your taste and the season). Layer oats and strawberries, dividing them between 2 containers.

Store in fridge overnight or for at least 2 hours.

Top with nuts or nut butter before serving.


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Hello! Check in! ✅
What's your workout today? What are your goals for the week?
Chime in with your workout and mini goal... Make it a great one!! @RunEatRepeat - headed out for a short run and stretch!

Sunday stretch... ✅ Run Report for 5.20.18!! What are you doing? ➡️ #RunEatRepeat

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