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Run It Off  Eat, Run & Be Happy ❤️: Food&Fitness 🏃🏽:13.1x9; 26.2x7 PR 3:15:21 BQx6 💌: RunItOffLife@gmail.com 💻: www.RunItOffLife.com 📝: runitofflife.blogspot.com

LA Marathon DONE!! That race was tough, with a lot of ups and downs. Most importantly though: my knee did not give out (too much), and not only did I finish the race, but I qualified for Boston again!!! The day started off crazy with our bus getting lost and us getting to the starting line late. Then my glute cramped so bad at mile 8 that by mile 13 I had to stop and stretch - twice! And then at mile 25 my calves decided they had had enough. So much of my body was telling me to quick, but when I saw my favorite cheerleader - aka Mr. Run.It.Off - I knew my body was going to have to do a lot more than just cramp a little to get me to quit!! By the time I reached the final stretch, I focused on just finishing. There was no crazy sprint, no burst of energy, just me praying to make it across the finish line without falling - and I did!! Congrats to all the other runners who finished this amazing race!!

Ready to run LA!! Good luck runners!! May our strides be long, our pace be fast and our drinks be waiting for us at the finish 🍻

The week countdown has begun! 4 miles to keep my legs loose as the #LAMarathon gets closer and closer. The phantom pains, and the real pains, are very much present, but they won’t stop me! During this run I even tried something new - I know, something you should never do the week of a race 😱 - I ran with my new @shiningbuddy running belt. I’ll be trying this belt all week and then sharing my experience and feedback about this new product on the blog (link in bio!) Stay tuned!! Happy Monday!

Quick trip down to SoCal for a wedding means a quick out and back run! Out for 30 minutes and then back for 30 minutes. It’s always so hard for me to turn around at a specific time because my running OCD hates to turn around at a non typical running distance, i.e., 3.65 miles.... man did I want to go to 3.75 miles but I’ve got a wedding to get ready for and I need all the extra time to from runner ready to runway ready 💃🏻 Happy Saturday everyone!!

Sleeping Beauty can have her sleep. For me it’s time to wake up and be a Beast! Treadmill speed workout: 4 x 1/2 miles @7:08 pace followed by 4 x 1/2 miles @6:18 pace. Bring on Thursday!! And Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all my fellow running women!!

When you go to the gym for a quick workout and you find your husband copied your outfit 😂 So thankful that my husband runs races with me, but I guess I never really thought of the consequences 🧐 4 quick miles to keep my legs moving and my appetite up. Happy Wednesday!!

When the alarm went off this morning, I thought of every excuse to stay in my nice warm bed. I could always go running after church, or on Tuesday (which is my day off), but despite my many excuses, I rolled out of bed - literally - and started getting ready before I gave in to my desire to keep sleeping. Once I was finally out running, there was barely anyone out along the water, the sun was just beginning to rise, and the sound of the city was just starting to stir. Talk about running bliss!! So happy I made it out to run off yesterday’s brunch. Now time to get ready for the week and kill my last two weeks of training until the LA marathon!! Happy #SundayRunday

How brunch should be: Breakfast 🍩 + Lunch 🍔 Such a delicious combo at @strawsf

That’s what I’m talking about! 8 miles in 1 hour!! This distance was my old, “daily” run and I was so happy to be able to make it make to that pace once again. Could I do it again today? Maybe not, but I did it and it could not have happened at a better time. It’s so nice when all your hard work starts to pay off and you can finally see results. What ever your goals are this Friday, keep with it, you’ll get there!!

138.5 miles in February 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Who needs an ACL 🤪 Hope everyone has a great first day of March and that this month brings more miles, races and food!! I know mine will!

7 recovery miles and my toes were feeling it. It’s amazing how a little blister can turn into such an irritation 🤬So happy that is done with and now time to teach this little blister who is boss! Happy Wednesday!

Going for the gold this Easter season with #mylindtgoldbunny Awesome thing is that this bunny can be personalized for the runner, or person, in your life who is going for the gold🐰🍫 Thank you @krogerco and @lindt_chocolate for giving me the motivation to go the extra mile! Personalize a Lindt GOLD BUNNY for your loved ones this Easter season by visiting www.mygoldbunny.com #willrunforchocolate #sponsored

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