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When you don't do your research (including calculating the Sticker Price) then how do you really know the value of what you're buying? That's not investing... that's speculation and it's also gambling!

Frankly, that’s the way most retirement accounts are managed. They are speculating on someone being willing to pay more tomorrow than you paid today. This is likely to be true in the long run, but you have to ask yourself, “How long is the long run?” For most people, it's too long to count on if you're looking to retire in your lifetime.

We never want to pay full value, which is why the Margin of Safety (aka Sticker Price) is so important!

Fill in the blank: The single biggest takeaway I have learned from Rule #1 Investing is ___________.

You've got to put in the work, but the results are worth it!

#TBT to last year's Transformational Leadership Council with the one and only Jack Canfield! I'm looking forward to the next one!

High returns don't necessarily mean more risk. Not knowing what you're doing means more risk.

If you don't know what you're doing, your journey is going to be either very slow or very dangerous. That's why most people think that going fast (going after a high rate of return) is dangerous - because they don't know how to drive the financial car, and not because going fast is necessarily dangerous. It's only dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. The basis of Rule #1 revolves around developing the necessary knowledge to make a sound investment decision BEFORE you buy it.

Benjamin Graham, widely recognized as the 'father of value investing,' taught us to never pay full value for a business.

How do you decide what qualifies as a "good" investment?

We care more about making money than owning the trendiest stocks. Do your research!

#TBT to a really fun trip back in 2011 when I explored Africa on horseback with my wife, Melissa.

The average, healthy adult is likely to live into their 90s, so that means they have a good 30 years in retirement. If you wanted to live on $50,000 a year in today's dollars and you're planning on retiring in 20 years, you will need about $100,000 a year to live on.

Do you want to know how much money you're going to need to have to live that lifestyle, starting in 20 years?

You're going to need about $3 Million! Woah!

It's a big number, but it's not impossible... as long as you're getting a high rate of return my using the Rule #1 Investing strategy.
You can start today, with zero dollars saved, and if you can start to put away $400 per month, investing in wonderful companies, you're going to have plenty of money to retire on in 20 years.

Take a piece of advice from Uncle Buffett and start saying 'No' to anything that isn't bringing you closer to your goals.

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