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Good friends, good food, good laughs = good life.

My yoga sir, Kobad, dropped by in office for a short visit today. Some insights from our gap-shap.
1. Everyday he eats sada dosa and anjeer kulfi at a Udupi restaurant after class as he is really not interested or fussy about food.

2. Hatha yoga practice makes one egoistic as it actually lends a lot of physical power and strength to your personality. So it's important to practice with bhakti or devotion or else one only gets physical and physiological but not the emotional benefits of practice.

3. We mistake attachment for love but all it brings is misery and happiness. Both these are useless on the path of yoga.

4. Thinking about the future is about hope and hope is hopeless. Present is the only reality, present is solid, everything else is faltu.

5. One can either decide to make money or become a yogi. If you decide to become a yogi then you must be sincere and truthful in your practice. Because truth is nobody's property and truth is everything.

PS- Yogis come in all shapes and sizes and speak the language of the heart. Kobad sir is a Mumbai based Iyengar yoga teacher at Homevilla, Sevasadan and Malcolm Baugh and has been a yoga practitioner for the last 45years.

Post a workout every one is a little nicer than their usual selves.

Learnings from this week guys!

Working towards a greener, healthier and sustainable future.

The write stuff 😍

Top 5 tips to prevent summer headaches and acidity -
1. Drink water out of a Matka and drink enough to ensure that urine is crystal clear/ colourless.

Helps lower the body's core temperature.

2. Glass of kokum sherbet with soaked sabja seeds at 11am/ pre lunch.

Restores electrolyte balance.

3. Dahi rice for lunch or as a 4-6 pm snack.

Regulates blood sugar levels. Good pre and pro biotic meal.

4. Gulkand milk at bedtime.

Ensures restful sleep and is a natural coolant.

5. Mango everyday either with lunch or as a mid afternoon snack. Yes, for diabetics too.

Rich in Vitamin B, calms the nerves and provides long lasting energy.

Running up the hill and then backwards down the slope. Missing all this fun.

The company of a friend who will sit next to you and stare in the space is priceless.

And the sun comes home! 😍

If you are like me and like to jump to conclusions;)

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