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Forgotten foods turn superfoods -
As west looks eastwards for their next superfood, native cultures are fast forgetting their seasonal, hyperlocal foods and customs. An example is the lingad or lingri, a wild fern that grows in the forests of Himachal and Uttarakhand and is eaten during the rains as sabzi and later as pickle. In niche global markets, this is sold as fiddlehead fern, a superfood rich in anti-oxidants, essentials fats and Iron.
Below pic is a typical Himachali meal - Siddu (dough stuffed with vegetables/ dry fruits and then steamed) with ghee and pudina chutney along with lingri pickle and kheru (dahi preparation). What is the one super special food of your region which is now at the danger of being forgotten?

Why peanuts are good for you and how they help your heart, mood and confidence.
A small clip from my Open day at Nirma University, Ahemdabad. #pregnancynotes
Link to video is in Bio.

Looking forward ❤️

Climate proofing your diet, weight loss and health.

Globally, we share the resources of land, water and ecology. We will also have to share the liabilities that come with climate change. Though mostly, climate change and adopting policies to prevent disasters is govt business, there are few things that we can do at our individual level too. Stuff that will prevent climate change, keep us lean, fit and most importantly help our farmers grow and find money for growing climate resilient crops.
1. Jack fruit and Jack fruit seeds - Good as a fruit, can turn into a sabzi and the seeds can be stored and cooked as a dal. Protects water table, this versatile fruit is good news for preventing metabolic syndrome including diabetes, the seeds are a good source of minerals and the sabzi of fibre. Have it on your plate if you want to lose weight, especially the one that comes out of hormonal disorders like PCOS and thyroid.
2. Kulith - Grown across India traditionally but now losing out to the cultivation of soya bean etc, this pulse helps protect against gout, uric acid and kidney stones. Again a climate resilient crop, it lends itself as stuffing in your paratha or make it like a dal and eat it with rice to improve your amino acid profile. Especially good to recover from flu, cold and even migraines.
3. Ragi - Nachni or Mandua in Hindi, this red or finger millet, will grow in the hardest of soil and bring you not just minerals that strengthen the spine but adds to bio-diversity of the farm land too. Cook it with milk as a porridge for breakfast (great for kids, especially for the girl child), it beats every health drink especially the ones targeted for kids in terms of its nutritional profile and benefits of height growth or strength and stamina . You can roll it into steamed balls and have it with peanut chutney, make laddoos with jaggery and coconut or simply make it like a roti and have it with a sabzi.
If you have kids under 5 years, ensure that they are introduced to these foods already. They are the ones most at risk of climate change & its disasters. It's time to wean them off the donuts, chocolates and biscuits and to future proof their health and wellbeing.

It's Pitru paksh, the time of the year when you think and thank your ancestors for all that they did for you. It's because of them that the body is born and the body, the Upanishads believe, is born out of the food we eat.
Eating home food, with gratitude for the timeless wisdom of our ancestors who cooked using fresh ingredients, gently bringing out its best both in terms of taste and nourishment is just one of the ways of thanking them and looking after our bodies.
When the physical body is endowed with health, spiritual growth begins to take roots. It all boils down to what's on your plate and whether or not you have learnt to be grateful for it.

Home coming.

‪A day that starts with yoga feels much more relaxed than a day that starts with alarm snoozing and laying in the bed.‬

All dieting ki baatein from my office with pujatalwar of NDTV.
On fad diets, losing belly fat post 40, healthy snacks for that 6pm hunger and more.
Watch the full video by clicking on the link in Bio.

Simply love it when i get invited to smaller towns across India for a talk. People are invariably warm, courteous and punctual. They are much more gender equal (this Rangoli was a loving 4 hr effort by a man who also doubled up as the event photographer), talented and unified as a community.
They are genuinely interested in what you have to say and are confident to allow free expression of diverse views. They dress up for the occasion, wait on each other, giggle amongst themselves and most importantly have the large heartedness to make you feel welcome and to stay for as long as you would like.
Thank you Karad, you will always remain a sweet memory and i will carry you in my heart, always. 🙏🏼

The Exercise pill -
Exercise is not just better, but much much better, than medication to prevent and treat all metabolic disorders like Diabetes, PCOD, heart disease, etc. And with zero side effects. So, before you pop a pill, give exercise a shot.
The infographic below, summarizes the 'All about exercise' series I ran on FB couple of weeks ago. Feel free to download, share and practice. #Allaboutexercise

Announcing the next Free consultation day - 9th Sep, 2017, Saturday. 15 slots available.

What is it?
Its a free of cost, 45 min, one-on-one consultation session with my team. You can either come to our office in Khar or do it over skype/phone. After your session, you have an option to directly contribute whatever amount you want to Anandwan- Forest of Joy, Baba Amte's organization for the underprivileged.

Who is it for?
This is an initiative to reach out to those who are financially constrained to sign up for a consultation program.

What's the selection criteria?
We are happy to work with anyone who is sincerely looking to take efforts to make lifestyle changes. We however prefer you have read the books so that you are able to make the best use of your consultation time.

To nominate yourself, write an email to mitahar@gmail.com with subject 'FCD' and tell us why you should be selected.

65 year apart but together in yoga. 70 year old teacher @kobadvariava and his youngest student #AnvikaKabra, 4 years old, together they are ageless.

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