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Sattu - sustainability and superfoods

Teej, a festival celebrated during shravan, is rooted in the concept of sustainability. Its the time of monsoon when a lot of communities dont eat green leafy veggies like palak, etc., and also fish or meat.
We still needed to get our folic acid, amino acids and minerals though and therefore the invention of sattu. A delicious, intelligent mix of chana dal, gehu and rice flour (depending on the region you come from), it's the stuff that nutrition love stories are made of. #Plantbaseddiets as the USA likes to call it, sattu provides the body with minerals like calcium, vitamins like folic acid and essential amino acids like lysine.
And this is how sattu can help you - - reduces menstrual cramps and clots
- reduces dark circles under the eyes - reduces pigmentation and hair loss

Diversity is an inbuilt system in our society and culture and it's time we own it with pride. Here's to teej, sattu and all the beautiful women out there.

Real food comes with no labels, real relationships with no restrictions and real people with no pretense.

Post the Surat book launch
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Because some people are just meant to be in your life!❤️

Himalaya, rains, fitness, fun and food. You? Join us for the 2nd edition of the 'Himalayan fitness holiday' from 12-16 Aug - link in Bio. Talk to @gaurav.punj for more details.

Love and stupidity are the same thing. It comes in all forms, strikes all ages and genders. So here we are in the we wear the same tee and carry the same designer sling mode. Bear with us.

Because we are always just talking about fads.
#kareenakapoorkhan #pregnancynotes

Top 3 foods to prevent hair loss this monsoon -
1. Methi dana - add it to some warm coconut oil, let it cool, then massage your scalp and leave overnight. Can also be added to kadhi and had with khichdi for dinner. Alternately, use it in tadka for veggies like pumpkin or to flavour your raita. The methi dana is especially useful if its a hormonal issue related hair loss (PCOD, etc) as it helps improve insulin response.

B) Aliv seeds (garden cress, halim)- soak them and have them with milk in the night. Or roll these iron rich seeds into ladoos with coconut and ghee for even better results. They also protect hair loss that comes with chemo treatment.

C) Nutmeg - add a small pinch to milk (along with Aliv) and have it as a nightcap. The Vit B6, folic acid and Magnesium help prevent hair loss and destress.

Other ingredients that are useful -
Ghee - for its essential fats
haldi - for its immuno-boosting properties
dahi - for the minerals and probiotic bacteria

There is no book that i can conceive without #kareenakapoorkhan . It's been a fitness and funfilled journey for both of us but for reasons spoken and unspoken #pregnancynotes is close to both of our hearts. And i sincerely hope it touches your ❤️❤️❤️

Because you are only as good as your team.

#pregnancynotes launch but i will not blame you if you don't recognise me with my make up on.

And its out today - #pregnancynotes - do read and let me know your feedback. Much thanks. 🙏

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