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Every garbage truck is actually a fairy in disguise but caught this one with her wings on!!❤️❤️❤️
Thanks MCGM for all that you do. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
you deserve better citizens and better civility..

The #InternationalYogaDay #IDY2017 can get all about people dressed in yoga clothes, performing asanas in exotic locales, a photo op of sorts or just that.
You don't need me to tell you this but there's much more to yoga than the pose or the poise, clothes or the location.
i had the honour of meeting this 92 year old gentleman Mr Mohammed (to my left in the pic), at a Chennai mall last year during the launch of the PCOD and Thyroid book. He was there with his friend Raghavendra (to my right), a few years younger than him and they both just decided to come for the event because Crossword had sent them a flyer and anyway they were doing nothing that evening.
So they sat in the front row in the audience, ensured that everyone qued up for their questions and that no one asked more than 1. Clearly they had nothing to do with PCOD, me or the publishers. But they were there and they had a good time and that I think is the hidden benefit of yoga, that you don't take yourself or your life too seriously. That you go to places just like that, that you have friends who accompany you just like that, that you help strangers just like that. That you practice daily just like that, and that you lead a beautiful, glorious, joyful life just like that.
No strings attached.
And just like that i almost forgot to mention that the 92 year old does Sarvangasana for 5 mins everyday for as long as he can remember. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

The man in Sirsanana is my father, he's 70. The man helping him get there is my yoga sir, he's 70 too. Together in this pose they are 140 says @kobadvariava . Because yoga is about being together as people, communities and individuals. About overcoming differences, stereotypes and limitations. It's not about having your body but life itself in a good shape.
#Internationalyogaday #yogaisforeveryone #Iyengaryoga

Ageism - the stereotyping and discriminative behaviour towards older adults is all around us. The belief that we almost rot as we age or are incapable of being on our own or learning a new skill are the off shoots of this. So is this very caring behaviour on the surface when you want your parents to slow down or take it easy on work front etc.
The fact is that age is a beautiful side effect of life. The wisdom, compassion and experience that age brings is both liberating and powerful.

Just sharing the picture of one of my clients who we all fondly call Nana. He's 70 + and in this pic he receiving a trophy in a Tennis tournament from his club in Bangalore for winning the above 55 category in singles and the Open doubles category where they smashed day lights out of 30 somethings with their volleys, smashes and service.

Here's to all the old men and women, may you lead us towards better lives, more fuller lives.

Coconut, kaju, peanuts to rid you off your cholesterol issues.

Complete 3 min video on FB author page. Pls find link in Bio.

Coffee chai and aaraam.

Our desi cows will roam freely here. Under the cloudy skies, green mountains and fertile soil.

Like the colour of the rising sun to match your glowing complexion. This cuppa is for you @aliaabhatt

‪Meal plans as per trimester & heritage recipes crowd sourced from across India. My latest book #Pregnancynotes is now up for preorder.‬ includes a special section on the importance of Sleep and exercise and a very personal note from none other than #kareenakapoorkhan
You will enjoy reading the post delivery section too.
The book is aimed at working women, to help them stay in good shape before, during and after pregnancy.
Link in Bio.

On the brown carpet, planting rice and looking stylish in my own eyes;)

Beauty should be raw, veggies should be cooked.
Muscles should be squeezed, fruits should be chewed.
And life must be lived atleast once.

The very first #Iyengaryoga class for the tribal women from my ancestral village taught me more than one lesson. Sharing some -
1. You don't need a yoga mat
2. You don't need a yoga dress
3. You don't need a yoga centre
4. You don't need a very serious demeanour
5. You don't need no nothing

All you need is an open heart and the ability to laugh at yourself.
BKS Iyengar, the man who took his teachings to the west and inspired millions across the globe on the path of yoga, always desired to take yoga to the villages of India. To the communities that toiled on farms and depended on the forests for their livelihood and life. Last Saturday, one of his dedicated teachers took a step in that direction. We are hoping to turn this into a once a month affair.
Very grateful @kobadvariava

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