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Zoë Ruiz  I mostly follow birds and national parks, flowers and fun outfits on here. Currently doing book publicity for TRUE LOVE by Micah Perks.

Preparing for my travels to Detroit in order to attend the 20th Annual Allied Media Conference. I'm on a Saturday panel called Against Erasure. Panel Description: "@WritLargePress presents four Latinx writers from Los Angeles who share and discuss their work, both on the page and in their jobs, to continue producing and nurturing a narrative that White Supremacy is determined to erase." Latinx writers/panelists include @josefobear, @saraborhaz, and @ninabruja7 and the moderator will be @judeth_o. Am I there yet? Or still in Corvallis, OR? Also, is it summer? #AMC2018 #AgainstErasure

Ways to Survive No 19: Celebrate the work (and art and accomplishments) of people in your community!

Like when you are a writer and it’s the pub date of a writer who you know, say Hey, happy PUB DAY!! Say it in person or on social media or privately in an email or a card. You could make a cake and decorate it with frosting that says HAPPY PUB DAY and bring it to a party (I call this the @brandystjohn style of celebration). You can buy a card (featuring dogs in glasses) and a cupcake (only to notice that the cupcake has somehow deflated and frosting has smeared off the top in the quick 15 minutes from cafe to office. Note: carry pastries carefully and apologize for the poor presentation of what would’ve been truly a delightful mini cupcake). You can go to the indie bookstore in town and make sure they are carrying copies of the book, talk up the writer you know to the bookseller, and then buy a copy. You can take a photo of the book and post it on social media and include a blurb and mention its starred reviews. Talk it up as a way of celebration. Pair the book with your favorite beverages (maybe tea or bubbles or coffee or whiskey) and then open the book and dive in!

Ways to Survive No. 12: Dark Moon Vibes

During the dark moon, wake up and journal about your dreams and/or feelings that are strong. Hydrate. Draw a tarot card from @Marcellakroll's deck or a deck you like. Consider a long nap midday and maybe restorative and gentle yoga with a bolster, blocks, straps, and blankets. Listen to @TaraBrach’s meditation talk on “From Human Doing to Human Being.” Read about Dark Moon protocols by @Mystic.Medusa or spells by @gottesss in her Many Moons books. Consider a shower or bath in which you scrub your skin with a sea salt scrub (maybe a DIY one with coconut oil or coffee grounds) or forego sea salt and go with epsom salts combined with peppermint body wash. Consider wearing soft clothes that feel like pajamas or that actually are pajamas. Wear dark colors, and dark eyeliner, too--match the colors of the dark moon. If you dab your skin with Chanel No. 5, breathe in sage from your smudge stick. Envelope your body with smoke. Hang out with a cat, maybe one that likes to play fetch with a Q-Tip--the cat holds this Q-Tip aka mini bone in her mouth--what a witchy cat. Make comfort food, roast sweet potatoes or melt dark chocolate and sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg in warm coconut milk. Decide what you’re going to release this time of the moonth. Let go.

There's a thing called Bitch Pedagogy and if this hat and manicured nails foregrounded in pink with the vibe of fux off is part of the aesthetic, then this pedagogy really speaks to me. (Second image from @janellemonae's Pynk)

My @mystic.medusa horoscope reads: "...solitude or wilderness calms your spirit. Your appetite for meaningless social occasions – never robust – dwindles to practical non-existence" and I'm like, Well, That's all the permission I need to not attend end-of-year grad school parties (and all the parties forever)! I'll be in solitude, continuing my hermetic crone tendencies and wilderness schemes. (Image of Spirit Guide Georgia O'Keeffe)

In Albany, Oregon. About to do some morning pages aka journal for 6 pages. I'm wearing a soft, worn grey shirt, got hot coffee and pink polish on my nails. In a story I'm writing the main character gets a manicure with Chanel's polish called Ballerina. Yesterday I picked a pink at the salon that reminded me of a tutu. This is research, "method writing."

Two more weeks until Spring term ends and then I'll have completed my first year of grad school. I'll be in Detroit, Portland, hopefully some OR and CA state parks. In July I'll be staying in a bungalow in Echo Park and I imagine rest and books and writing and yoga and time with friends. I lived there 7 years ago--this is a photo of my 2011 self.

One of the best parts about being a freelance book publicist is that I spend my time highlighting writers and books I love. Currently I'm doing publicity for TRUE LOVE by Micah Perks, which means I'm sending along queries and mailing ARCs on behalf of one my fav writers and people. I have hard copy and e-galleys, so if you're a reviewer or editor interested in learning more about this linked short story collection, lmk. 💓 If you want more info about TRUE LOVE, link is bio!

Moving out of my current place and packing up my books for the summer 😢 The bright side is I've set aside 26 of them to accompany me during my summer travels because books are friends, too.

Did you know you can support The Millions by becoming a member for as little as $30 per year? It's true. And, one of the perks is that you receive a member only newsletter highlighting what staff writers are reading. This month I highlighted THE DISPLACED, edited by Viet Thanh Nguyen and published by @abramsbooks.

Ways to survive No 25: When Spring comes, host screenings of your fav X-Files episodes with one of your fav poets in Corvallis.

Writing is a space and time in which my shadow leads the ways. #amwriting #selfie #writingselfie (Remedios Varo)

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