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Zoë Ruiz  No longer a pink insta. Just a regular insta by a book lover.

I woke up thinking of these two artists, their work and their seclusion. And today is the day I go back to my break from Insta. I'll be back late fall/early winter and maybe to share published work before then. ✨✌️💓👋🌱


Latergram I adore @natashiadeon and her new series. One of my fav events I ever curated. Magic.

Yesterday 🌟💖 Reposting from @natashiadeon: When you start a new reading series and you don't know if anyone will come. 💕 My right now. Inaugural The Table Reading Series. Our mentees take the stage, Avonne Lindemann @avonnelouise and @estefania65 Sophia Apodaca. And the beautiful, @ruizzoe Zoe Ruiz as mentor. 💕

PSA: in one hour

READINGS SPOTLIGHT ON NATASHIA DEÓN’S THE TABLE (aka I don't care that this is a long Insta post bc I want to spotlight Natashia)

TODAY! The first event to kick-off Natasia’s Deón’s The Table. Link to The Table website is on my profile.

What you must know at the outset of this post is that I love Natashia and her friendship is a gift from the universe.
When there is a friendship that shimmers and lights up your life and feels like magic, you say YES. Which is why, I always say YES to Natashia.
Awhile ago, I was chatting on the phone with Natashia and telling her that my plan for the very near future (which is almost here) is to take a very long break from producing literary events in LA. Instead I’ll spend more time writing fiction, studying craft, and teaching undergraduates rhetoric and composition. But, I told her, I wanted to do One Last Event and I wanted it to be Special.

She told me about THE TABLE and invited me to curate the FIRST one as my last lit event in LA. And you know where this story is heading, I said YES.
THE TABLE is a new series and I’m so glad it now exists, particularly because it’s focused on inclusivity and community building. Through mentorship, “the goal of The Table is to help raise up the next generation of writers and readers to be actively engaged in the writing community; to invest in them, give them a space to begin, to reach new or estranged writers in Los Angeles, and to provide fresh outlets for writers and fans to engage and contribute to the vibrancy of the Los Angeles literary community.” I’ve been lucky to be paired with enthusiastic hosts Avonne and Sophia and I wish I had more time to mentor them and pass along what I know about producing and curating lit events.
Inclusivity and community building and gathering and meeting new people is integral to surviving and thriving and celebrating, which is important NOW (in this insane political climate) more than ever.
Our two featured writers Porochista and Chiwan understand community and inclusivity and often speak and write about these things, so hey, it’s just a perfect way to kick off THE TABLE.

As Chiwan said, Join us. It will be beautiful.

SPOTLIGHT ON POROCHISTA KHAKPOUR: I’m delighted Porochista will participate in Sunday’s event with Chiwan Choi, co-presented by Natashia Deón's The Table.

Porochista is an award winning writer with a powerful voice. I'm looking forward to reading her forthcoming memoir SICK, which will be published next year. Her previous novels include THE LAST ILLUSION and SONS AND OTHER FLAMMABLE OBJECTS. She is the former Writer-in-Residence at Bard College and soon will be joining Northwestern as their Writer-in-Residence.

And, in case you are very much looking forward to this event, I encourage you to read one of her most recent essays: “How to Write Iranian-America, or The Last Essay.” The link is in my bio boo.

Also while this photo is not a very recent one of her, I wanted to post it on my insta bc Those Colors Tho

SPOTLIGHT ON CHIWAN CHOI: As you probably already know, Chiwan is a huge literary force in Los Angeles. For the second time, along with his partners at Writ Large Press, he is offering 90 free events in 90 days. You can read about 90X90 in The LA Times, and if you want to attend an upcoming event, check out their calendar

Although he’s got his hands full with you know, almost 100 events (NBD), he still agreed to be part of Natashia Deón’s THE TABLE at Hollywood Hotel.
THIS SUNDAY he will be in conversation with Porochista Khakpour and reading a section of THE YELLOW HOUSE, published this year by Civil Coping Mechanisms and excerpted in NY Times Mag.
To RSVP, check out the readings fb event. Link in bio.

The Millions just published their Second-Half 2017 Preview and it includes SO many amazing books by talented writers. It was fun to highlight forthcoming titles by Eve Babitz, Myriam Gurba, Daniel Alarcón, and Jenny Zhang. You've got your fall reading cut out for you, so get to it. (Link to list in bio)

Pretty much love every image by Eugenia Loli. #eugenialoli #collage #eugenialolicollage

Hello LA Lovelies! I created a facebook event for this rad upcoming event on July 16! The link is in my bio.

I would love love love for you to be there!! This month Readings takes part in Natashia Deón's new series The Table. It's the inaugural event for her series and I would love to start it off right with a welcoming and warm audience. Natashia has paired me with delightful hosts Avonne Louise and Sophia Estefania Apodaca, and we're all so excited to present an afternoon with Porochista Khakpour and Chiwan Choi who are phenomenal writers and not always in Los Angeles. And it's going to be one of the last events I'm curating in LA for a long while, but more on that later or never idk. 💘#porochistakhakpour #chiwanchoi #natashiadeon #books #literarylosangeles #literaryLA #hollywoodhotel #readings

My Ideal Audience: Only uses sippy cups because even though she is a grown ass woman, she spills drinks everywhere, on everything, like all the time. ***
Thank you for your likes and comments (aka prayers) for my laptop. Long story short: I got a new one. It's a pretty boring story involving numbers and rust but hey, the student discount was $150 off (perks of being a grad student bb) and yesterday apparently the discount was only $50. Also, now apple care covers accidentals like spilling water. But DON'T WORRY. I'm only using Sippy Cups from now on. Pink sippy cups. ANYWAY, since the hundreds of pink images (not exaggerating, hundreds) I've collected over the last year and a half are POOF gone, I'm taking it as a sign to retire this #pink themed Insta. I'll still have an Insta. It'll just include more colors and may be boring as a result. ***
Image by Kelia Anne MacClusky
#goodbyepinkinsta #badnewsbears #sippycupsforadults #gradschoolperks

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