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✦ Ruggero Pαsquαrelli  ❥ dαily fαcts αnd updαtes ♡ ↝ met him 20.03 / 22.03.18 ― 5 likes on IG • 1 retweet🕊

ignore the mistake at the english one thanks😂 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten #soylunaenvivo

so much love and appreciation to this little cutie💜 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten

I know he said 6 but he didn't count the one he won with Lutteo so he has a total of 7 blimps now. Anyway I'm so so proud of him that he won something that has nothing to do with Soy Luna and only with him!💜 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten

oh my god I hope that Karol is ok because it really looked so bad when she fell..she nearly fell down the stage🤧 but thanks again to cutie Ruggero for helping Karol again you're such a sweetheart💜 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli @karolsevillaofc #karolsevilla #ruggarol #soyluna #soylunaenvivo


Wow. Soy Luna was really something magical. It's still kinda unreal that it's really over now. But I guess I'm not that sad about it because I'm even more excited now for the things that will happen to the cast. This Cast was really something important for me. They showed me so many things over all these years and I couldn't thank them enough for the things that they did for me. They're all truly angels and I'm still so so so grateful to had the opportunity to have met them. Soy Luna really made my life easier over the last 3 years with this show. The Cast are huges inspirations for all of us and I'm so endless proud of everyone who were a part of this amazing thing. Soy Luna was really that show that showed me to never stop believing in my dreams. Soy Luna taught me to always be kind to people even tho they're not to you because you don't know what's going on in their life's. Soy Luna made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry,made me proud. Every Soy Luna character was an inspiration for me ( yes even Matteo aka my most hated character HAHAHA). Oh damn I'm nearly crying while writing this ok uff.. Soy Luna was one of the best experiences in my life and it's hard to let it go..It's hard to let go the people I look up to..It's hard to let the characters go that made me realise so many things in my life..It's hard to let go Soy Luna. I could say this a million times but I'm really so proud of everyone. They reached so many things in the past 3 years and it's really insane. Like sometimes it's really unbelievable. I know that it will be also hard for the cast to let go Soy Luna after so many years and I'm probably going to cry this night when I'm going to see more of those goodbye posts from them. One thing for sure: this isn't a goodbye but a see you soon. We don't know what will happen in the upcoming months or years but soy Luna will always be in our hearts..without soy luna I wouldn't have met so many beautiful people and I will be forever grateful for that..gracias a soy luna y a todo el elenco por estos 3 años..fueron inolvidable y no es un adiós pero un hasta pronto💜 #soyluna #soylunaporsiempre


not sure if I'm ready to turn the page today but I'm excited for all the things that are coming after that..Ruggero's solo career, Karol career, Agus and Maxis Music career, new projects from Valu,Mike,Ana,Male,Jorge,Caro, Katu,Gaston , Chiaras&Lios music careers,.. 🖤 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten #soyluna #soyluna3

they really changed so much during these years and I'm so proud of them💘 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli @karolsevillaofc #karolsevilla #ruggarol #ruggerista #ruggerofakten

how can a colour become too boring? Ruggero has always the weirdest excuses😂😂 @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten

I hate those fucking timezones with my whole heart. @ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggerofakten #soylunaenvivo

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