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Rugged Meats  Active, outdoor living powered by Superior Nutrition anywhere, anytime! // Firefighter owned 🔥 // #poweryourpursuit #ruggedmeats


We've been working on this one for a while and we are excited to announce that for a limited time, our grassfed beef and bacon snack stick is now available!!! Go to the link in our bio to pick yours up today and remember FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50! #poweryourpursuit #bacon

HUGE new product announcement coming tomorrow morning!! You will NOT want to miss this! Here is a teaser to dream about tonight! #poweryourpursuit

Train hard, refuel smart. Pure, all natural protein with Rugged Meats 100% wild game snack sticks. #poweryourpursuit

This picture perfectly sums up heroism in an instant. I was a firefighter for 10 years and drove engines and ladder trucks for most of that. It is always an adrenaline rush when you pull out of the station and see a column of thick, black smoke in the distance, knowing you are about to go to work. I cannot even fathom looking through that windshield and seeing that boiling column from nearly 100 stories up. And yet, in bottom of this picture, as everyone was running to get as far away from the towers as they could, Ladder 118 is driving as fast as they can straight into the chaos. The level of uncertainty in their minds had to be incredible but they still pushed on and all 6 members gave their lives that day as did 337 other FDNY members along with many other first responders. Heros don't wear sports uniforms, sing on stages or show up on the big screen. Not all, but most of them, are nothing more than spoiled rotten babies who have no clue what true sacrifice, valor and courage mean. The real hero's are in the fire station down the street, the police car on the corner, working in a hospital or in a tent in the desert fighting for freedom. Most will never face a situation as drastic as that fateful day but some will. And though they don't know when or where, they all show up to work every day, ready to respond whenever they are called. Respect them and thank them the next time you have a chance because they are willing to do what the vast majority never would so that everyone else never has to see the demons when they close their eyes at night.
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FDNY Ladder 118 crosses into lower Manhattan from Brooklyn responding to the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. All six firefighters on board were killed when Tower 1 collapsed. Photo by Aaron McLamb

What an awesome time we had getting to meet @nikitilley10 today! She's just as nice and sweet in person as she seems to be! She'll be taking some of the awesome rugged meats sticks down to texas to help those in need! We're so glad we could be a part of this!! Thank you to everyone who purchased or donated sticks for the relief effort!! #poweryourpursuit #hurricaneharvey

#repost from @mtn_tactical - East coast, west coast, and all over the world, @ruggedmeats has you covered. Hiking the ridges in California called for taking some fluid and a quality snack. 7 easy miles because there is NO off season.
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@fstoutdoors knows the secret to a light pack and a full belly while hunting elk! Don't get stuck in the back country without your stash of Rugged Meats! #poweryourpursuit #elkhunting

#repost from @blackriflecoffee - 09.11.2001 - Never Forget
Today we honor and remember those lost in the tragic attacks of 9/11. May their memory live on in the people who call this great nation home. #neverforget #poweryourpursuit

Whether it is natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Irma or Terrorist Attacks like 9/11 never forget the brave men and women of our military, fire, police and other first responders who keep us safe every day and run towards danger when everyone else is running away! #neverforget #911 #poweryourpursuit

#repost from @firemedicjw - Let's do this #irma get the show on the road so I can go home @ruggedmeats #ruggedmeats #hurricaneirma #hurricaneprep #poweryourpursuit

Prayers for safety for all of my @stpetefr brothers and sisters and all of the other first responders as they face #hurricaneirma today. Remember while most people are evacuating or hunkering down, they are still on duty serving the citizens! Pray for their safety and show them your appreciation the next time you see them! #poweryourpursuit

#repost from @doe_range - After an afternoon of filming, its time to sit back with a great protein snack and edit.. Lovin my wild boar @ruggedmeats.. Many flavors, which would you choose? #DoeRange #poweryourpursuit #RuggedMeats

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