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shortstopmotion on its way🙅🏽  Music🎸 Paint🎨 Photography📷 Stopmotion🎬 #rudyziadeh

In a month is my last uni semester

Quick stopmotion draft

Burryyit is an animation I did for fun; its message is to burry our negative vibes.
Thanks for watching! ☺️

Interdit de fumer 🚭 ‼♥️

The Straw-cig Pack

Metaphor of taking all toxins in for temporary stress-relief. #colourful #lifelung #impression | #pun #pun

Portion of paradise

Wanderlust 🍃

Spread your wings,
Learn how to fly
Do what it takes to reach the sky.
It's not as high as it seems;
Just follow your heart
Go as far as your dreams.

Brooke Allison

Painting inspired by and dedicated to Souad Hobeika Khalil @souhob ; a strong mother of two children.
_________________🌳__________🌈_________________ *Junior is known for climbing trees ever since his childhood.

Smyth putteth the missing star ⚓☠️ #candlesonthewall 📽️🕯️

I stole your heart once and went to prison; a place where people see who really loves them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made you steal my heart later on; we got trapped in the same prison for eternity. ♂️♀️

All gray

Shadows and textures

By the river 🦋🕸️🍃

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