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Julie D. O'Rourke  Mail to: Find some duds @rudyjudeco

Making lacto-fermented elderberry soda for ELDERBERRY FLOATS for Diogo's birthday. And making sure Bear knows what's up and doesn't get all judgy at the party and think we just mixed soda water and syrup together.

30k??? Wtf people!! I'm so happy and humbled to be able to share our lives with you and be able to peek into yours as well. What an amazing community this is. THANK YOU!!

My morning bathroom serenade. So much privacy in 600 sq ft.

The countdown has begun to Diogo's 2nd birthday, so get ready for 5 days of me finding moment after moment to get weepy with my baby boy in the sunshine and ask him to hold my hand and take a picture and him saying "no, bye" and anthony saying "yeah I got a good one... 😐"

Don't forget, we're still posting over at @healthy_ish!!

Diogo is not in the wedding party, just very enthusiastic.

I'm convinced he's not getting any bigger but just slowly getting the proportions of a grown man.

GUYS! We took over Bon Appétit's @healthy_ish feed for the weekend, I'm so excited to show off some of my "healthyish" food I cook without you guys unfollowing me 😏

New faves, guys. I got these in the mail and then ordered again like a self care freak*. 👋🏼 big fan over here!
*not sponsored, just really good at online shopping

Don't have your partner take pictures of you first thing in the morning unless you want to really understand the depths of your exhaustion and how it reads on your face. But this ones cute!

Anthony has been spending his spare time sweeping these rocks, and I was like wtf. Then I tried sweeping the rocks and it's v therapeutic. @tonejabrone FTW.

Caught eating coconut butter again 😏

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