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Julie D. O'Rourke  Mail to: Find some duds @rudyjudeco

When you're trying to model your new fashions and your life partner starts harping on you for harping on him for cutting the ribeye wrong at dinner last night - I had to crop out my eye roll. But guys, this outfit from @karathomsboutique is πŸ™ŒπŸΌ and has inspired me to work on my belly tan.

Don't worry Diogo, everyone is driving me nuts too.

Why is it that when your kid shares something you feel like you might be the best parent on the planet (it's a fleeting moment, but still a moment)?

I promise you we haven't lost sight of all of our other responsibilities... 😬

I had a good time away, but my place on earth is definitely knee deep in blueberries, stuffing my face with these two comrades.

Ask and you shall receive people! Here are the answers to your thoughtful story questions: the dress is from @thefrankieshop and I almost didn't buy it because I thought it made me look pregnant, but then I was like "I look cute pregnant!" So I bought it. But as it turns out, I just had styled it terribly and I worked through it in privacy and thought "oh wow I look cute not pregnant too" The glasses I bought @judith_maine and when I saw one of my best girlfriends this weekend she was wearing the same brand and we marveled at how that made us soul sisters, because we live very far away from each other and rarely speak on issues such as sunglasses, therefore these come highly recommended. And finally, yes this is water but it looks fancy, yeah? On a side note, I'm heading back from my 5 days away, very excited, but am going to miss these leisurely, lengthy and possibly annoying Instagram captions of flying solo.

Here are the things I learned this weekend: 1. Many hands actually do make light work and when they're the hands of 10 women in their 30s, you can make light work of setting up an elaborate sunset meal cooked on a fire and break down and clean up with enough time to go home do face masks, smoke a fatty in the moonlight and still be in bed at 11. 2. I do actually remember how to read and read an entire book. AN ENTIRE BOOK. 3. The women in your life and the women that they have in their lives are the most mystical and special bonds you'll ever have, so you need to take every opportunity you're offered to leave your kids at home so you can go soak in all that magic.

Our bride and our ride! Somehow I've found myself in the most epic childfree weekend I could have possibly imagined, 😏😏😏. Thanks for organizing said weekend, @sarahirenemurphy and really thanks @_missen_ and @bharrisonbryant for getting MARRIED and being my friends.

He didn't catch a thing! (He didn't have a hook..)

Every time I pick blueberries the only thing I can think is "omg I'm so lucky, omg this is the best, omg I want to cry" I just love it so much. Sorry to rub it in, blueberry-less friends, it's just really amazing.

YOU GUYS! @rudyjudeco logo tees will be available at our party tomorrow at @judith_maine!! (Whatever doesn't sell we'll put online πŸ€™πŸ½) be there or be square! 3 market st. Portland MAINE 2-5pm

Sometimes you just want to eat alone.

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