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Diogo was sitting in the bathroom this morning and saw a pair of scissors and shouted “good thing you’ve got scissors cause you’re going to need to cut that cord that comes out of the baby” ... “you’re probably going to want to get a bowl though” how the f does he know so much?? How?!

I actually sprained my ankle a few days ago and then didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to climb down this cliff to go to this beach and I didn’t want anyone to tell me not to. I made it worse but it was worth it 🤗 #38weeks

This is how you get that good prenatal, stretchy/soft, bouncebackable, baby ready skin. You heard it here first.

Soaking in every last moment with this guy while it’s just the two of us. Sorry buddy, you’re gazing at every sunset and moonrise with me until this baby comes.

2.5 weeks from due and feeling like the happiest 🐡 on Block Island.

Summers not over until the baby comes or until I get so grossed out by seafood that I have to stop eating it. Whichever comes first.

Judging from the fit of my overalls my belly has grown about 4 inches in one week, but this float still keeps me afloat so I’m ok 🙋🏼‍♀️

Fruit fly season still life

Notes from the weekend: 1. @shoparq is launching their women’s line tomorrow and I’m so excited I could cry. I’ve been having serious underwear issues during pregnancy (think waking up in the middle of the night to cut off waistbands and legholes..) and these are a living dream (I’m wearing size L!) and I’m so beyond flattered to be able to get them before everyone else because another pregnancy symptom of mine is impatience and divaness. 2. This @kalonstudios crib has settled so nicely into our living room that I can’t believe it wasn’t there before, it’s been a really great toddler jungle gym (very strong) and I’m excited to get sheets and things for it (open to suggestions) 3. I got to hang with not 1 but 2 Instagram friends this weekend, we went to the beach with @cupofjo and to the playground with the @drof_yram / @drof_nayr crew, the virtual meets real world situation will never cease to blow my mind.

I think we need a bigger bathtub

This wasn’t supposed to be a post about my water bottle but there it is, front and center 🙄. It’s a bootleg hydro flask and it keeps my ice water real chill. I drink so many of these a day that I’ve had to google “how much water is too much water” more than once. #34weeks (shirt is @townclothes, pants @black_crane, bathing suit top is my sisters 🤫)

Diogo is starting a new school this year and I admitted to one of the school moms today that I hadn’t exactly signed him up yet (this has been the cause of my wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-mom-guilt-don’t-fuck-this-one-up-Julie panic) And she said “oh I never remember to sign up until I notice that there are no other kids left on the beach” 👊🏼 I love moms.

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