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March 28, 2017
Crossing the Rain

Crossed path with some steady rain today and thought it would be fun photographing from my car while I did some errands. Armed with my camera around my neck I did have to jump out of my car a couple of times to chase one and two images, but for the most part it was fun dabbling deep in Scion.
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March 27, 2017
Tintype Outtakes

Remembering my early iPhone days when I dabbled with the app. These were not shot with an iPhone btw, they were photographed using #fujifilmxt2 and a #fujifilm50mm lens and treated with the #tintype app.
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March 25, 2017
Not just Nostalgia
Enjoyed spending time with some of these amazing photographers today. We all shot with the New55 PN that has been reinvented by Bob Crowley in 2010. Sam Hiser the CEO of New55 film was on hand to run a workshop on the film. The highlight of the day was meeting Tony Vaccaro, a 94 year old photographer, who shot with Life, Look and Flair magazine at the peak of his career. It was sweet listening to his stories and how he has changed with the times. The event was held at the Penumbra Foundation in Manhattan.
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March 17, 2017
Abandoned -- An Unedited Poem
Homage to Derek Walcott
Started photographing with my sons again this week and gave them their first assignment entitled "Abandoned ." Interesting when you realize what you left when you started to learn the craft.

The time has come
words no longer respond to the pen,
age is neither shadow
nor fear,
or a new smell,
or the melted smiles that flows out as tears.
At that moment,
when life stops,
when the everlasting sound
that leaves our lips,
is the echo of the “tock”
and the grey hovering realization
that this face
will no longer stare back
is the tick
trying to unhitch its fangs
from the neck and names
of this world,
we stare back at the face
of the broken clock.
To wade across the river
bearing nothing,
with only our tired feet
to take us around the dreamy bend,
at the end,
there is no light that shines
only our rattling voices
echoing in our throats
before losing its roots.
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March 11, 2017

Brooklyn speaks is a series where every now and then I drive around and read the writings on the wall. It is a series where I look for the faces that I use to see posted on street corners and I go to see how much certain sections have changed.
I remember the first time I saw the garage door, it was freshly painted, some ten or so years ago. These days whenever I pass I can see time stripping the colour from it.
Curtis told me today that he had a stroke four years ago and since then he has been picking up bottles to make ends meet. He use to live on Halsey, the same block that I lived on a decade ago.
I am also surprised by how much redevelopment is taking place in Brooklyn, still the number of homeless and destitute continue to increase. Listening to NPR recently one of the guys being interviewed questioned why is it that most of the development take place in neighbourhoods that are vulnerable -- like areas where black and brown people live.
Steve was standing in 26 degree weather shivering. He was waiting for his neighbour to be done with selling her wares so he could help her pack it up. A Jamaican immigrant himself, Steve has lived in Bedstuy for 17 years.
"I just feel that they are forcing us out. Who can afford these rents. Black people can't afford to buy a brownstone for 1.something million dollars," he said.
I can't help but see the changes. They are everywhere. New faces, new words, new graffitis.
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March 8, 2017
For Whom do you Protest?

I truly wanted to find some profound way to commemorate Women's Day today. I thought about heading to Columbus Circle and photographing the protest there. But then life took over and I had to run some errands here in Brooklyn.
On my way on Patchen Avenue, I noticed a man pushing a woman in her wheelchair. He helped her up out of the crosswalk and onto the sidewalk; there she sat quietly, she did not move.
I walked up to her and asked if she was ok. She said she just needed to catch her breath. I asked her if she was in a shelter or heading to one, and she responded with such contempt. "All they do there is suck each other. I do not want to be raped."
"So how long have you been on the street?" I asked.
"Four years," she answered.
It was then I noticed the bottle of gin or vodka clasped tightly inside the same hands that were adorned with hospital bracelets. I started to snap images.
First her hands, then as I moved backwards to recompose, she raised the bottle to her lips with lightening quickness. It was as if she felt threatened by my camera. She consumed the contents of the bottle as if she wanted to bury the last statement she made, the exhausting morning, last night tribulations on the street, or her troubled life.
She swallowed the entire bottle in one gulp.
I did not even have time to respond. I lifted the camera halfway and squeezed.
I sat in my car after, listening to NPR and their coverage of Women's Day. The story was about feminism. It was there I heard the phrase, "Feminism does not speak for all women." -- and those words made me think.
Huge protests happening all over the world today, but who speaks for Barbara Vaughan.
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March 6, 2017
Happy Birthday Son

All I want is for him to be happy. Sometimes parents and I sit and bemoan the impending teenage years with dread. But I always tell them that if you give your child the tools he need he will make a different decision. I also believe that the people you surround yourself with shape your future. Today my first born is 12 years old peering into 16. Without my father, I am his doorkeeper and so I look away from the past and towards him with a gentle smile.

Marley Drakes age 11
Will be 12 on December 30.
" Mosijah is a really talented soccer player.
He has a passion for the game and he never stops trying. I wish for him to have a really blessed day and a happy life. In twenty years he is going to be an amazing soccer player.

Guillermo Friedman
Age 11
Will be 12 on February 14
He is a really good soccer player. He is very kind and he is very flexible. He is not easily bothered. He will probably, maybe, become a soccer coach or a retired soccer player in twenty years.

Coco Sam Barrett
Age 11
Will be 12 October 24
"He loves soccer. He is really nice, he sits at my table and he is ok at math and I mean ok. He is my science partner and he is easy to work with.
I think he will make an amazing professional soccer player or a professional photographer
He could be a comedian if he wanted to."
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March 4, 2017
Arctically Speaking

Had to walk away from a very steamy or cold conversation on @hikari.creative. There were curious sounds outside, a kind of wintry tune, like sweeping tumbleweeds, neighbours desperate calls to their relatives to throw down the key, and the raking branches against the icy window.
I tried pulling the comforter over my already padded body, but decided to grab my camera and go do battle with the 26 degree weather with its wind chill around 15 mph.
I first met sixty one year old Charlie walking away from a building on Marcus Garvey to go find something to eat. He was painting and had just finished the first coat.
"Twenty six degrees is nothing. Especially when you are working for yourself. You have to eat," he said.
64 year old Al left the shelter at Bedford and Atlantic because he needed to make some extra money for food.
At the corner of New York and Pacific where he stood, the New York resident shuffled from car to car to ask commuters for help. Ten years ago a stroke made it impossible for him to use his left hand.
A block up the road Andrew and a bunch of his friends sat outside or stood waiting for someone to pass by and offer them work.
"We are all out here looking for work," they said almost in unison.
Whether it was passing a SVA photography, art and film student being interviewed on the streets, guys hanging out at a brooklyn boutique or a woman making her way home, the cold air seemed to shape their expressions. It was a grim, tight plaster like mask. The cold is supposed to drop down to 14 degrees and I quickly made my way home.
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March 3, 2017
Ruddy Roye's Guide

For years I have been fascinated by William Eggleston's "Guide& #34; -- for no other reason than his images were shot with seemingly the idea of breaking rules.
I have always wanted to just walk around Bedstuy breaking rules with photography, but not doing it only to break rules; I wanted the rest of the world to see Brooklyn and its people before it changed.
Recently I have been stirring a topic in my head with frequent conversations with members of academia. Today I was hit with the word "space& #34; and what it means in the lexicon of photography.
"Spaces are racialized.
Chinatown is still Chinese without people in it. A bodega has a Puerto Rican flag and a picture of a saint on the wall. A black neighborhood will always have a hair store and a church somewhere. It's not just black people that make it a black neighborhood.
But we also craft our identities around what we aren't . The black kid from Brooklyn knows what it means to be black because he ends up in Park Slope by accident. So he crafts an image of that space in his mind as white," said Dr. Shana Russell, PhD. Professor of Black Studies.
This is my newest challenge. To photograph objects and spaces, to see if they define race.
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February 25, 2017

Brooklyn is gone, or you could say Brooklyn is in flux.
Every spring or as soon as the Sun emerges from behind the frosty months, I begin to see the changes that happened when everyone was inside hiding from the cold.
Today was just a walk around. I kinda left Bedstuy and walked towards Bushwick. There has been this push to replace the Hispanic community that has not gone unchallenged. Families that have been in the area for over 40 years are saying that the building that they know as home is being sold from under them -- sometimes without a notice.
Still no one has been able to answer the question, where do the people go when they are replaced?
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February 24, 2017
The Laundromat
Today was laundromat day, and there was no going around it. It had to be done. Truth is, it is not my favourite place to go so, while I was there I decided to challenge myself and make images.
I don't know if all laundromats have the same personality or characteristics, but the ones in Brooklyn have some things in common. Like the bathrooms are always out of order. The wait time feels like the prophecy of the second coming, and folks are always coming in there to sell something. Add on top of that, there is always an argument over empty clothes baskets, because there are never enough.
So while I shuffled in between loads I again thought about putting Instagram carousel through another cycle.
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February 23, 2017
About to try out this new feature by Instagram. I have been begging Andrew @banjowen for years and finally it is here so ima jump on it.
Today I took it for a spin.
My everyday drive around Bedstuy seems to always take the form of an assessment.
Like what's new, whose face is missing, what building got sold, where are the new constructions happening, or what's the new hang out spot?
It is almost impossible to walk in Brooklyn these days and not be confronted by the green boards covering impending construction sites. Today while driving by Van Buren and Tompkins, I happened to stop Timothy to ask him about walking on his block and seeing all the changes in his neighbourhood.
"I haven't been here long, just about two years, but I have seen so much change in just those two years."
But driving around I can see the changes. Blocks with half their faces blanketed with the familiar green mask, re-emerge as luxury condos. "OGs& #34; hang out and catch up about the names that no longer echo in their gravelly throats.
Sixty-six year old Pope came out dapper to meet with friends before heading to Macy's .
Brooklyn United Music and Arts boys took on Fulton street today with their drum line while members of the new Bedstuy erect repurposed museum pieces on the sidewalks to change the face of the neighborhood.
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