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Rucca's World.  Just a little nugget, doing nugget things 📍Columbus, Ohio 📬

Thank you @streetlugedean for babysitting me and letting me borrow your hat ✌🏼

Nuggety AF

This lady and her pillows 😁

I took this photo while we were road tripping across the country. On our first long drive from Ohio to Tennessee, the carbon monoxide detector inside the RV started going off. We were RV newbies and had no clue what we were doing. When I read the manual, it stated that we should pull the RV over, air it out and call for help. We were dealing with a time crunch to get to the RV park on time so we had a place to sleep. Against our better judgement, we did not stop. Over the next few hours the carbon monoxide detector kept going off. I was sure we were going to poison ourselves and pass out at the wheel. When we were finally able to get settled and call help to figure out what was going on, we discovered that Queenie’s butt was pressed up against the detector, causing it to go off! 🤣🤣🤣 #deadlygas

Always a lady

This lady. The Queen. She was a creature like no other. ❤️

We always joked that Queenie was like a cat. She played hard to get and everything had to be on her terms 😌. She would look at you like “pet me” and then when you did, she gave you a look like, “not with your hands... with your eyes only” 😂

I’m devastated to share that last night our sweet Queenie crossed over the rainbow bridge. 😞 We had a scare with her 2 weeks ago, where she stopped breathing and we performed CPR on her. After 2 nights spent at OSU’s vet hospital, we discovered she had heart issues but she was responding very well to medication. The Dr. did warn us that sudden death was possible with her heart arrhythmia but she was cleared to go home and we were thrilled to have our Queenie on the mend. After a check up yesterday at the hospital, they told us she was doing great and the medication was working. She had a really good day yesterday, ate her normal, delicious food, jumped on the couch and spent lots of time outside. Unfortunately, last night she had another episode of heavy breathing around 11:30pm. We were able to comfort her and love her as she passed quickly and peacefully. This is incredibly heart breaking for us as we really thought we had more time with her. She was honestly the best dog ever. There will never be another dog like Queenie. She was so special to us 💔

When you realize you’re no longer the baby... 😐 #middlechildproblems

Still here guys! Just busy teaching this child how to play in the dirt 🤷🏼‍♀️

RIP sweet baby 😔@chloetheminifrenchie.

Happy birthday Queenie!!! 12 glorious years! We love this sweet and sassy pup so much! 💕 #12years #seniorcitizen #bulldog #englishbulldogs #loungingwithqueenie

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