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Ruby Gloom⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽω❝ົཽ⁎)  n t h ♡ i s ♡ r e a l 🐲💾 ღ ღ 💓🇭🇰 Render ghoul 🦄 💌💟

👾👾👾👾👾 Im an Internet surgeon 💖💖💖💖💖

this year has been a bless. too early to type a long passage about a review of my 2018. but finally i feel like i have been achieving my goals eventually and its amazing. fuck everyone who tried to pull u down, recognize what u are capable of, connect with those who have been shinning gems in ur life, build your own empire. just fuck those to have been mean to u cuz only u can judge youself but no one else 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯

Check out what I and my team created with @fffriday_official @fashionfarmfoundation 💖 U can create your own avatars at different locations in HK! (info is shown in @fffriday_official ) 📲💻 Special featuring our girl FYYN 💘 Special thanks to @m.n.e.corp @xxdandanxx @lioyeung 😀 and my wonderful technical saviors @roga.high @kimhopuikin @therusall 💞

Sometimes when u thought u are trying to save somebody from their situations, but it turned out that they don't accept your way. Then save it to yourself, save yourself the way you want, save yourself before you are offering help. 🐸🐸🐸 #3drender

🤗🐶hi loveeeee

💖💖💻 Happy 💘💘

Wildlife, a wild life. 🌿🕸🕷🐌 #3drender

Stay connected, keep contacting📲 #3drender

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Sometimes we are trying to look for a twin of ourselves, someone who can know you as much as you know about you.. someone who can feel the way you feel... but what you can find is just the look of it, no one is you, no one knows you better than you. There's no such thing, even in NANA -ナナ-, 大崎 ナナ and 小松 奈々 both have a different destiny. 🈳⚛ #3drender



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