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Ruby Rose  Inmate who fought a zombie apocalypse. Went after John Wick. Was recruited by Xander Cage. Discovered MEG, bumped into the Bella's and became Batwoman

What can I even say about everything you have achieved so far @taylorswift ❤️
What an incredible journey you are on. I am blessed to have you in my life.
Your dedication, hard work and perseverance is unparalleled. Mixed with your self awareness, generosity and what you stand for, you continue to light up the people around you and shine brighter than 60,000 people in New Orleans with glow sticks.
I love you and I’m so proud.
Olivia and Meridith .. you did really well too.

I love my friends for letting me walk around / hike around like this all day.. never once pointing out my glasses were having their own moment 😂 thanks. Thanks a lot.

This sweetheart @rossbutler ❤️

Leopard and Tiger. #Shaolintemple
By Abbot Shi Yanfan

I am aware I have the beautiful privilege to live in this country. I am a guest. However, I do pay taxes here, own a home, have lived here for 6 years, and plan on living here for a lot longer so I can’t sit and act like this isn’t crazy.
Repost @kamalaharris
Americans have a right to know who Kavanaugh is.


Mr and Mrs Grey.

Yes this is how I spend my spare time... taking important photos like this...

Foundation. Peace. Strength. Breath.

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