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Ruby Rose  Inmate who fought a zombie apocalypse. Went after John Wick. Was recruited by Xander Cage. Discovered MEG, bumped into the Bella's and became Batwoman

#TB When you can’t work out whether to text @melissabenoist Kara Danvers or Supergirl.. so you text all 3.


Trailers are the new mansions. Don’t @ me.

Please check out this amazing company I’ve joined, as both an investor and advisor. @rebbl .. here we are many months ago having our first official meeting after over a year of following them and researching the team involved as well as Not For Sale, I finally knocked on their door and they welcomed me with open arms.
Please look into what this amazing company does as I am incredibly proud to be part of it.

So much more to come.

Portable potties are the new 5 star hotels.

#Repost @amyschumer
It is legal to seek asylum in the US. These people are fleeing from homes where they were in danger and the law says they can stay in the US while their claim is processed. Anyone who says “they should have come legally” THEY DID. THEY ARE! Follow @paolamendoza

@samheughan did the poster for our film so I didn’t have to.. status update : he’s not just a badass or a babe.. he is legend status. ( this is most probably not going to be the poster but I’d love it to be) 🤣😂 I’ll happily take Saturday off !!

This is Charlie, he works 9-5 as an accountant but he worked really hard to get there. He is currently single but “that’s ok” he says... “ One day I’ll be the boss of this accounting firm and I’ll meet the right woman and give her the world”
What Charlie doesn’t realize is that he is already enough.. he just has to know he is enough.. also most women think he’s gay.. because he is.. he just hasn’t worked out why he likes to wear heels and leggings in his down time and why he has such a crush on @coltonlhaynes he thinks it’s ok because mama also has a big crush on Colton. . . Also he only listens to Ricky Martin and Kylie minogue.. sometimes he vogues alone in his room to Madonna... Charlie you will be loved.

So glad I’m not claustrophobic. 🆒🕉🆒☯️🆒

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