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Spring confetti carpets the floors of our fields, the streets, our back reassures me that we have summer just around the corner & I can't wait! Happy Thursday ♡

{ nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished } learning to slow down is still a slow process for me but I'm trying to stop and enjoy the little things more, not rushing through and missing it all to just end up do you slow the pace down a bit?

Living for the moments that can't be put into words { today hasn't gone completely to plan, we had meltdowns, we had giggles, we had freedom, we had boundaries....but the moments in between, between all that chaos...we had us. the good the bad and the ugly, we can still do 'us' pretty well ♡

Happy f r i d a y { these little ones couldn't be happier it's the last day of the week, they long for weekends where there's no school stress, rigid routines or uniforms! We're planning something new for the weekend....when was the last time you did something for the first time?! }

Hump day h u e s . . . the middle of the week when I don't know whether I'm coming or going, but when I've got through today I know we're on the home stretch to the weekend. Then I start plotting our next adventure! Where will yours lead you?

Can I just nap until the the weekend?! That went way too quick...we travelled a little way to find adventures this wekend. The children love the freedom of these places we go, seeking adventure round every corner. What did you all get up to? { when the little ones get hold of mamas camera! } #WHPtravelogue

S u n d a y s : the morning without an alarm. Tea in bed. Pyjamas still on past 7 a m. Hope you've all had a relaxing one.

Help : Really wasn't sure about posting this dark one, it's not my usual style....what do you guys think?

Those who don't j u m p will never fly . . . . . . .
this afternoon we took an impromptu trip out to this lovely place. The weather was cheery, the kids not so much today (wingy weekend I think!) We took a flask, some snacks + even remembered a towel for the brave paddlers....after lots of moaning from them we managed to get a walk in and feel a sense of refreshment. What have you been up to?

Because, well it's pink ♡ one of my fave places to be

A total washout of a day....feeling all the poorly feels too. Hoping tomorrow will be gentle with me and bring some spring sunshine to lighten my week ♡

Friday.....we're coming for ya! Happy weekend peeps ♡

Strolling our way nicely through the week...have you any weekend plans? Two sickies here today but we're trying to be positive and hoping it passes quickly so they can get back to causing mischief! Happy Thursday ♡

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