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ƦỤbყ ᑕhẠֆɛ  ι мaĸə мυѕιc and ʍǟɢɨƈ 🌬✨ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ⭐️ Social Alchemist 🎧 Songbird 💧Here to make big waves

Been sipping that #LighteningInABottle
ROLL CALL! Who is out here ? @libfestival
I'll be bouncing between The Highlove Vitality bar and the Witch Hut :)

Ohhh snap :) I feel a QUAKE coming .. what is #QUAKE you ask?? ✨🍬swipe right. Xxx

Alright the secret is out ;) #CatNip will be making a sneaky debut performance this weekend at #LostInLeFestiva the @ravetraintv and @the_imaginenation cross branded after party at the #LighteningInn :). Do you recognize those lil kitties??! Hehehe and we are ganna be doing a speshhh little thing wit cha!! (Swipe right then check the full pic on my profile for more clues ;)

We be festive yalllll!!! Stacked photos by the one and only @fishmakesphotos ✨❤️✨from @lucidityfestival

What's Cat Nip?? Meow?
(Keep clicking through! Full pic and clues in the full pic on my profile!)

Swipers be swiping right for sneaky previews ;) #LighteningInABottle #musicfestival #artist
Music- @nathanielknows
shoot- @ravetraintv & @strifetv

@libfestival here we come!! PSST. Swipe Right for more ❤️✨ I'll be performing this weekend at @highlovevitality Elixir Lounge !! Doing Interactive performing all weekend with a special solo music set Sunday Night 8-9pm ✨

Hope you can join :) it's going to be a woot!
#LighteningInABottle #musicfestival #artist

I am a hopeful creator with big vision and endless dedication. I am not afraid of how much work it will take to achieve my dreams. You are welcome to join me, or you can step to the side becuase this train going all the way. #LetsDoThis #AgentsofChange #Millenial #Changetheworld #magic #NewVideo by @TheRubyOfRome #morecomingsoon

When the going gets tough... close your eyes, breathe and remember how blessed we are that we have so much to feel about :) ... prepping for @libfestival got me like... 😝
#human #breathe #Idontwannaberight @TheRubyofRome #NewVideo #watchit :) link in bio
Photo @holapablo

The way you see me is how you make me.

#Idontwannaberight #NEWvideo @therubyofrome link in bio :)

The time is now.
#newmusic out today.!Link in bio. Psst go to profile for the full picture!

Choose to act with integrity, make decisions that are healthy and wise, follow your passions and do the work it takes to reach your goals ... NEW SINGLE and VIDEO out today by @therubyofrome ! Happy to share a piece of our journey with you and continue brining the dream to life !
#music #new #love #ego #artist #newmusic #linkinbio

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