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What’s one more hour? 😬🤪 The shop is all stocked and ready. But...naturally, there’s a glitch. I went to check on things...but The domain isn’t connecting properly. Been on the line with tech support all morning. I was stressing...but at this point I’m just laughing. I mean. Really.
It’ll probably be sorted here I’m pushing it back one hour. To 12:00. Mountain time. So Sorry. But just want to make sure all goes according to plan...or close to it!
God willing and the creek don’t rise!

You can find the shop here. (Empty at the moment)
Full link in bio.
Photo by K

Lessons in finding joy. #raisethemwild

Headed to the new site! Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 2/19/2019 @11 am, Mountain time. As per usual...building this site took way longer than expected, and had me wanting to occasionally toss my computer out the window. Throw in a sick kiddo, a broken camera, and some other random curve balls... and well, I’m just now buttoning things up. I’ll announce the official address first thing tomorrow morning!
Here’s hoping she goes off with out a hitch! 🤞

And if you’ve sent an email a DM or a message...I’m sorry. It’s not you- it’s me, and it’s I basically got so behind that I just kind of gave up for a spell. I couldn’t keep up, so I just kinda checked out and hunkered down to get this guy finished. Maybe not the best business plan, I know 😬 but it was survival mode over here 😅
And the new site will have an option for email updates, so you’ll be able to find out just when and where to grab the new goodies without having to be plugged into social media. I’m looking forward to offering what I hope to be a less frustrating shopping experience, and really streaming things around here a bit.
A bit about this collection: all of these rings are variations of the Phases of the moon collection. Each have a little brass moon series on one side, and little rugged mountain range soldered onto the other. Reclaimed metal.
Hope to see y’all tomorrow. ❤️
#handmade #turquoise

One lap for mama, one for papa, one for the babe...annnnd yes, one for the that doll too.
#climbingwithkids #homegym #climbing

It’s good to mix it up. Push yourself in your craft. There’s always so much room to grow. Been teaching myself casting. Well, tryin’ well as trying my hand at lapidary. And adding some bolder pieces to to the mix. Equal parts excitement, elation and frustration. Lots of trial and error. Learning and failing. Honing and refining. Been working on some pendants I’ve always wanted to make...since the beginning...but just didn’t have the skills. I think I’m close- ish 😏 Excited to drop some of these creations on the new site...coming this weekend. Date time and address coming soon!
#turquoise #handmadewithheart

I made something! my job and really kind of a small thing...but after a week of Noro virus, and traffic violations, and other small kind of felt like a big deal. least a step in the right direction. I’m back at it this week...and the new website will be live real soon!
#birdsofprey #turquoise #reclaimedmetal

A cold little cabin a little while back-with my girl @camrindengel

Never been to Yellowstone before. Which is kinda crazy right? It’s in our backyard. But...we’ve always had a little pack with us wherever we’ve we generally skipped the national parks in favor of national forests, and blm lands...where the pups can run free. It’s the first time in my adult life...well, all my life really...that I haven’t had that. A dog by my side. It feels weird. It feels something like a phantom limb. I still see her. At my feet. Or curled up by the fire. I catch a flash of her In the woods behind the house. I wake up thinking I feel her warmth at the foot of the bed. I think about getting another, but then I think, I just really want her...and I know too...thats one will come. They always do...a creature in need of home. That’s how I’ve always ended up with my pups. Some rejects and strays...each with their own quirky habits. So until then...until a new misfit wanders into our life...I suppose I’ll enjoy a few national parks in the interim...and Yellowstone was really quite spectacular...
#adopt #bison #yellowstonenationalpark

It’s been that kinda week. 👆
Went to catch up with girlfriend a little ways down the Bitteroot...the sun was shining. The weather was sweet. Went for a warm sunny ski in the backcountry. Got a couple laps in. Indie was happy. Fa-la-la
Then I got pulled over.
Then I got a ticket...from semi- friendly police officer who informed me that my plates have been expired for over a year #deadbeat 😬
Annnnd then Indie was no longer very happy.

So we get to the coffee shop. Order a coffee. It’s delicious. Sit down for a chat...and Indie proceeds to projectile vomit. On me. On the table. On the floors. On the walls. Oh, and I don’t have a change of clothes. For either of us. And welp, it’s pretty much been down hill from there.
Parenting for the win! 😂

So, the website is on hold, the hoops are still waiting to be photographed...they’re coming soon I promise!
But it’s been one of those drop everything and snuggle your kid kinda weeks. So...I’ll keep y’all posted. Thanks being here ❤️ #parentingforthewin #passthewhiskey

A few sets of turquoise climbers as well as then birds of prey from a few posts back will be headed to the Etsy shop (link in profile) this Sunday! 5 pm mountain time. A real update -albeit a tiny one 🤗 Hope to see y’all there!
#reclaimed #rubyandrevolver #turquoise #studs

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