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R u b y A d d i l i n e  🥂🎉Follow the journey: #champagneyear18 -writer-poet-picture taker-moment collector <<“Champagne Year” by St.Vincent on 🔂>>


{{hey, I miss your colorful self & love you a lot. Don’t forget that.}} #champagneyear18

{{Dear California,
why do you have to be such a pain?}} #champagneyear18

{{“cheesy is good! Today is a cheesy day! Yes to all of the cheeseeee!” // thanks for being my sweetie valentine all the time 💕}} #champagneyear18 #cheesy

{{“we sorta need each other...yea know?” — that moment when you realize you rather do life with someone instead of alone}} #champagneyear18

{{“I didn’t know I would need kindness in my life this badly...I feel like a flower that’s been watered & seeing sunshine for the first time.” — revived, nurtured, & loved.}} #champagneyear18 #letterstotheoneswhohavelovedme

{{some things take a really long time, but they eventually happen.}} #champagneyear18

{{yesterday on my train ride home from LA to Carlsbad I had a little chat with my mom. This year in April it’s going to have been 5 years since she passed. I miss her everyday & I’ve grown to look & sound like her. I refuse to believe that she’s actually gone, but maybe just in a different dimension that I can’t see or understand yet. She visits me, I know it. She’s in these moments of perfect light seeping through the old windows, when I meet a woman with an inspirational story of how they’ve overcame hardships, in that moment where I’m laughing so hard I’m crying with some of my old friends, when I’m walking down the street in a city I only sorta know but I feel so free. She’s there. I’m thankful for her & how she raised me to be a strong woman. To not be anybody else but myself. I’m relearning my self-worth right now & I’m looking back at how she taught me that I need to know & love who I have been created to be because there is only one of me for a reason. *love you & miss you marme. Thanks for the little visits & perfect moments.*}} #champagneyear18 #letterstotheoneswhohavelovedme

{{“it’s life changing to find the words that I’ve been looking for this whole time. I never knew how to describe this feeling, this thought, this desire till I spent one day with you.” - I woke up.}} #champagneyear18 #letterstotheoneswhohavelovedme #thefutureisfemale

{{I needed this.}} #champagneyear18

{{these last few days have been hard. My depression & anxiety came rolling in. It’s honestly exhausting. I feel like all the color, the CO2, is gone out of me & I’m instead filled with confusion, sadness, & manic. I’m starting to feel better today. I’m going to LA to be with my @roxyhorrorpictureshow. I’m grateful that I’ve got people in my life who are here for me, may they be near or far. Parts of my heart want to runaway & not talk to anyone anymore & not bring others into this burden...but nope, I am instead shown love, kindness, & patience. *thank you for caring about me & loving me & encouraging me to keep going. For actually knowing me.* // people can be just as much a home then a physical place with a roof.}} #champagneyear18 #mentalhealth

{{You can thank me later}} #cutedog

{{my love for North Park is real. It reminds me of Portland, only with sunshine.}} #champagneyear18

{{when one thing ends it just means that something else better is right around the corner.}} #champagneyear18

{{sometimes the best thing to ask is “how are you?” & genuinely care about what they have to say. *You gotta check up on each other.*}} #champagneyear18

{{so much affirmation is happening in this picture. It fascinates me how much power is in just a few words. Words either make life or destroy. I’m in a season of flourishing & I only want words that will help me grow in this season right now 🌿}} #champagneyear18

{{“why aren’t more people like us?” — one unicorn to the other unicorn.}} #champagneyear18

{{my aesthetic: “lounge lizard”}} #champagneyear18

{{there was an earthquake last night & it scared the crap out of me...so here’s a pretty flower to calm me down & you too if you got SHOOK last night too.}} #champagneyear18

{{“I love you, baby, & I’m so proud of you.” — telling a person, whose survived them self, that you’re proud of them is so important. *Do it more often.*}} #champagneyear18 #letterstotheoneswhohavelovedme

{{coffee & flowers are always a good idea}} #champagneyear18

{{I’ve been writing a lot lately. Some days I have all the words or I remember & write memories down that are so heavy to think about but I know need to be shared. I write not just for myself but I feel like there’s someone out there that needs to know that they’re not alone in this lifetime. It’s always nice to have at least 1 human on this earth get it & actually know you.}} #champagneyear18

{{*does photoshoot in arcade*}} #champagneyear18

{{tbh one of the best selfies of our entire friendship...also thanks for laughing at my dumb jokes & I’m really glad we went to Applebee’s last night. We needed that. Here’s to being alive & living our fullest life now & not later & to looking like we’re 19 when we’re not anymore.🥂(ding)🥂}} #champagneyear18

{{this time last year I was freezing, in survival mode, missing the sunshine & the smell of the ocean, wondering what was gonna happen next. & now I’m in California not freezing, taking in all the colors.}} #champagneyear18

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