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R u b y A d d i l i n e  🥂Follow the journey: #champagneyear18 writer-poet-moment collector-advocate for #churchtoo <<*This is my Champagne Year*>>

{{when the sidewalk tells you truth...}} #champagneyear18

{{Sunday the cat is my only Sunday I love these days.}} #champagneyear18

{{change is coming & it’s healthy to have.}} #champagneyear18

{{To my dearest Silverlake,
I love you very much. You’ve helped me come back to life & I will always be forever grateful for you.}} #champagneyear18

{{I used to be afraid of everything. I never could see myself doing anything by myself. I had the fear of being alone. That changed 5 years ago. To be alone on a train, looking at the ocean, taking in the sunset, is one of the greatest things you could do for yourself. Being able to do things alone isn’t sad, it’s invigorating. Don’t ever mistaken alone time as something sad. You’ll know when you’ve had too much & you’ll also know when you need it. The moment you start getting nervous again about being by yourself is the moment you most likely need it.}} #champagneyear18

{{I’m ready for this heatwave to be’s making me deprezzzzed}} #byebyeheatwave #champagneyear18

{{“I live off of the kind words that others say to me. I don’t need them, but damn are they nice to have.” — Kindness Collector}} #champagneyear18

{{“You got me so good.” — Strawberry Moon}} #champagneyear18

{{Dear @ironsmithcoffee, thank you for being my safe place in Enci. Many things were realized, written, thought through, & moments made in your shop. I’m glad I got to ring in my golden birthday there.}} #champagneyear18

{{“I stood there. I took it all in one last time. I couldn’t wait to leave it, but I also wanted it to stay forever. I grew comfortable with my annoyance towards it. I stood there. I waited. I took it all in. I hoped that the next one wouldn’t be the same as the last...that I’d get to see, feel, hear, & be able to acknowledge the changes.” — twenty seven to twenty eight}} #champagneyear18

{{Thank you so much everyone for all the sweetest birthday notes, messages, & love yesterday! I definitely felt like a birthday princess 👩🏻‍🎤👸🏻 lots of giggles, yummy drinks, food, books, saying hi to puppers, kissing flowers, the ocean, & hugs were had! It was so nice to be with at least just a few of my sweeties from different walks of my life yesterday *love you guuuuys. Here’s to the new year! Thank you for helping me start it off right!! 🌸🍓🥂}} #champagneyear18

{{this day, 28 years ago, my mom was told that either one of us were going to die, if not the both of us, because she was under going radiation for her breast cancer. On top of that, there was a huge fire in the small town we lived in. My mom told me that she saw ruby red flames outside the window of her hospital room & that’s when she knew she was supposed to name me *Ruby*. From that day on every June 28th wasn’t just my birthday but it was our day that we celebrated the fact that we did it, that we survived. It was our national holiday. This year, my 28th on the 28th in 2018 with a Strawberry Moon in the sky, is a big one. I’ve gone through a lot of things that should have made me into a weaker person, but it’s only made me the strongest I’ve ever been. I’m tired, but I’m happy. I hope that this next year is filled with lots of love, magic, & adventure! Happy Champagne Year 🍓🥂🌸}} #champagneyear18

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