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ruby  21//cat dad//atl

actually at the local but ig can't find them so

gettin lost like it's my job

ISO: personal assistant to fix my hair before I take a photo #tbt

only lookin forward 😎

the three amigas 🌼🌼🌼#tbt

class in a photo

you are so precious to me

i spend a lot of time enjoying antique shops and their cute lil setups

This is something that's stuck with me since I heard it. Think of yourself as a pitcher of water, and the people in your life are different cups. Every time you help one of those people, you're pouring some of your water into their cup. If those people don't help fill you back up, then at some point you'll run empty and you'll feel that way too. Make sure you keep the right people around because it makes a world of a difference.

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