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Neneh Rubie - “ A Diamond”  Supermodel / Actress✨📽 GOD, Faith ,Dreams Fulani /Temne Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 Miss Africa SL 2017

Eid MUBARAK ♥️🌙🙏🏾

Happy birthday to my favorite make up artist 💓💓💓 I love you sherry thank you for always making me look extra beautiful you are the best ❤️❤️ @muasherryo hope you enjoy your day today love you QUEEN SHERRY O That’s my Sis!

Bby face❤️💥 makeup by : @muasherryo
Earrings : @culture_byus

Takes in That deep breath #PEACE🙏🏾

Empress 👸🏽 @jollofnchill African Day Party 🔥👸🏽👸🏽 designed by : @rubietimbo #nenehfashion


I think you are Magic📸
Makeup by : @muasherryo
Earrings : @culture_byus

Look who I ran into at @boilingcrab Victoria secret model @jastookes ❤️I have been following her for a while and I decided to ask her to take a selfie I kept looking to make sure It was her 😉 lol

“YOUR BEAUTY IS BEAUTIFUL “💓💓 Earrings by : @culture_byus 💟

makeup by : @muasherryo
Photography by : Sherry Owens !

Face beat by : @bobbieriley ❤️ Hair : @hairareus

Sculptured in Heaven 👼🏽 Photography by : @erikjberry
Makeup Artistry and hair by : @muasherryo

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