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I'm Finally 25 🎈

To reflect over the last few years, The 5 year plan didnt go exactly according to plan but thats ok . Alhamdulilah i managed to do so many other things i never thought i could.
This year my aim is to do more for myself. I will work on becoming healthier, more educated and more lenient with myself (this being the most important)

These past few years i have pushed myself beyond belief and i am always very hard on myself when i make mistakes, which is so unlike me as i am so forgiving when it comes to others.
I have now come to terms with just being Enough for myself, which i feel is the most important.
They say that at 25 your life changes and if i am reading the signs of the universe correctly, this will be for the better 🌻

Thank you to everyone for the messages and well wishes for the year ahead. I appreciate you more than you know 🌻

Here's to the next 25. 🧚‍♀️

@alicepizzauae is one of the most underrated restaurants in dubai. Their pizzas are amazing!
I loved how authentically italian their pizza was and its fresh and crispy. The Margherita is my favourite, the mozzarella is sweet and creamy and compliments the tomato base so well. The pepperoni was great too.
Its not fine dining or fancy. You purchase pizza by weight 😍 and their passion fruit mojito is 👌👌
Ask for chilli flakes on the side.

Definitely try them if you're around @lamerdubai
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Its a cool, cool summer. Leave me here on my own. Its a cool, cool summer.

@findsalt Watermelon Sorbet , I'm just going to bow down to this deliciousness
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If you weren't 100% sure by now , my eating habits arent actually habits at all. Im here today, green juice tomorrow. 📷 CRISPY Chicken strips with sweet potato fries.
🥤 Black Lemonade

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Lunch for One.
If you're into Steak @entrecotecafedeparis IS one of my favourites! The concept is fuss-free, You choose from 3 varieties of steak , all of which are cooked exactly the same. You get a plate of the BEST salad and bottomless fries. (Heloooooo)
This food is Clasically French and is honestly one of the best in Dubai. Bear in mind its not spicy or "over done". So if you're someone that appreciates beef for what it is, this is for you.

You can find it on the Lower Ground Level at the @thedubaimall
Happy Tummy. Happy RSR.
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@food4soul_jhb will be hosting their annual charity golf event this November.
Play an important role in changing the lives of others by contributing towards this worthy cause. .

Proceeds from this event go towards the Syrian Refugee Cause. Sponsor a Hole on the course or a prize for the attendees. Contact @food4soul_jhb directly to find out if theres any way you can help.

This is my second time to Italy but the first on business. I must admit that i had a great time but I am also exhausted! I am grateful that i can wake-up every morning and be able to work. I am grateful that i am in a position to help people and businesses grow.
Thank you to @diski_fashion for taking me along on this trip. Thank you To @boxeur_sa And @macron_sa for their hospitality

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Coffee break post meetings.The Italian life is so simple. I love how they approach things with such calmness. While we were in a meeting I noticed how relaxed they were compared to us and its so refreshing! People are way too serious these days.

Kick back and relax for once , I'm sure you deserve it!
Happy Saturday Peeps!

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I walked all the way to the Armani Hotel Milano for this Saffron Risotto. Only to arrive for the Armani Cafè to be closed for construction.
I was Excited when we found a #armanicafe in Bologna , just for this and a Mocha Loca because by this time I was in South Africa for over a month and i was missing Dubai terribly.

For those of you that don't understand mine and @raerbeauty obsession with The Mocha Loca, we would choose it over Starbucks anyday!
FYI they have a branch In Dubai Mall and it's exactly the same , if not better. 😋

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buona giornata from Bologna. A Small , Peaceful part of Italy. It's my first time here so I'm really excited to explore and work obviously , Mostly I'm here to work @diski_fashion 🤣

Unlike Roma and Milano, Bologna is less occupied by tourists and has a more homely feel. Similar to that of Firenzi. It's all about the Gelato here.

Real Talk

My 25th Birthday is coming up and i have alot of anxiety over it. It's easy to see what a person has from the outside, the facade as i call it, is always more appealing. But no one really knows what goes on in the deeper, more underlying layers.
I have realised over these last few weeks that my life(as well as many others) on instagram is somewhat a "lie". No I'm not lying to you but always remember that things aren't always as rosey as they seem. As a social media influencer I take it upon myself to promote a positive self image for those that follow me. Because No one likes a Debbie downer or wants to constantly be exposed to negativity. Yes i do share my ups and downs but I also want people to know that there is always light and positivity in every situation.
I often get remarks such as "i wish i had your life" or "it must be really cool to be You" and the worst for me is the "what problems do you have"
As if any human on this earth is created without worry or hardship. I still have alot of goals that i need to achieve , some of which have been put on pause or altered due to the life path I have chosen. And everyday I wish that life would just give me a get out of jail free card so i can get a break. but I have never met a successful person that hasn't been through their fair share of obstacles.
So dont beat yourself up. Don't compare yourself to me or anyone else. Just like you, every single person on social media has an underlying story to tell. Take the good from life and try and dwell on the positive.
Be grateful for your life, your kids, your home, your health. No matter what you think you're lacking god has a plan for us all.

#Italian Diet
After an entire day of meetings all you need is an authentic Margarita Pizza!
Still recovering from all the Pizza and Coke 🙈 but damnnnn you will never enjoy Pizza as much as you do in Italia.
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