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Looking forward to getting back into the gym and training/eating properly next week, after about 6 weeks off any upper body training. I have adjusted my next program to minimise the load on my elbow. Will get blood work done tomorrow too, make sure I’m healthy ❤️

My recommendations for calf development:

I have pretty average calf genetics so it’s in my best interest to train them optimally.
99% of the time it’s not a good idea to ask the guy with the best genetics on how to train etc as virtually anything they do will get them results.
The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. It can produce a lot of elastic force, so to maximally recruit the muscle we don’t want to bounce out of the bottom. Try a 1-2 second hold at the bottom before driving the weight back up.
Incorporate both standing and seated exercises, using a variety of rep ranges from about 6-20.
Progressively overload with the above recommendations and they will grow.

From our Hawaii trip about a month ago. 🌋 #Hawaii

Here's my client @nathan.passfield who competed in his first competition at the weekend. Over the 13 weeks we worked together he lost 15.7kg.

I don't fixate on bodyfat percentages as they are only estimates, NOT measurements and have a rather large margin of error. The chart shows his daily weigh ins every morning under the same conditions. As you can see, his fat loss was not perfectly linear but by making some small changes at the right time we were able to minimise any significant plateaus. Weight fluctuations are perfectly normal, it's best not to get caught up on a single weigh in.
He followed the plan perfectly, kept track of everything, didn't over analyse and got the results. This was all done online. (the big spike about 30days in was his 21st lol).

Here's a good illustration by my partner of what a few SMALL changes can do in a short time. #Repost @_kj_fitness (@get_repost)
4 days apart!
Photo on the left is on Monday of peak week. Photo on the right is taken before pre judging on Saturday 😮
Shows what a good tan and successful peak week can achieve 💪👊
Tan from @shinebeautytherapynz ✔✔

The gym where I met my partner, trained for my first comp and made some new friends at is running a special offer! 6 months for $375 This gym has everything, no waiting for equipment here! I also do personal training here, so come see me to get on the right track.

Something something Redbull. 5 weeks into current training program now.

Congratulations to my client/friend Jayesh Gorhekar who isn't on the gram but came 3rd in open men's bodybuilding on the weekend. #inba #getinsta

So sad to hear of Dallas McCarvers passing, way too young and had so much potential. Seemed like a really cool and genuine guy when @_kj_fitness and I met him, which lines up with what everyone who knew him had said already.

I do like this photo by @spohphoto, but my legs are no where near the development I'd like. Squats seem to be one of the "big three" I'm ok at.

Bare bear.

3 weeks into this 8 week training cycle, feeling good except for the usual fooked elbow #facials 🤖👹

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