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Bare bear.

3 weeks into this 8 week training cycle, feeling good except for the usual fooked elbow #facials 🤖👹

My first basic AF infographic. #stickmen

The picture shows honey, table sugar, a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule.
Tl;dr- Swapping table sugar for honey in your tea or coffee probably won't make a big difference, rather focus on maintaining a healthy body weight by matching calorie intake with energy needs. Meet these requirements mostly through whole, minimally refined/processed foods that you enjoy. And of course incorporate some form of exercise into your life. These two things play a far greater role in disease prevention.
Honey is converted to glucose in the body the same way table sugar is. It's then either burnt, stored as glycogen or converted to fat(under rare circumstances). This would be the same for any other "natural" sugars.
Sugar is a generic term for any short-chain, carbohydrate, and contains 4 calories per gram just like any other digestible carbohydrate.
Some health organisations suggest limiting added sugars to 10% of total calories. Note this is not intrinsic(naturally occurring) sugars such as lactose in milk or sucrose in fruit.
The average person consumes 2000 calories, so 10% from added sugars is 50g. This limit could be a challenge for most people and maintaining this restriction is unrealistic.
In a 6 week weight loss study, one group consumed 43% of total calories from sucrose and the other group 4% total calories from sucrose. They found no significant differences in weight loss between groups, also no significant difference in blood lipids or fasting glucose.
Consuming an arbitrary amount of sugar does not cause diabetes, it is well known in the scientific community now that excess body fatness, physical inactivity, and genetics are the major causes.
The main negative associated with foods high in added sugars is that they are usually low in vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients.

Chest supported dumbbell rows or "seal rows". These involve shoulder extension and scapular retraction, so will hit the upper back muscles and lower traps.

The Humble Egg 🍳

Perhaps because of their cholesterol content and societies fat-phobia, eggs have been thought of as bad for heart health or a food to avoid.

First of all, cholesterol is produced by the body and is present in all our cells, it is needed to produce hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol.
Blood cholesterol levels are regulated by your liver, so the more cholesterol you eat, the less your liver makes and vice versa. However there are a small portion of the population(one quarter) who are considered hyperresponders meaning LDL levels will rise from increased dietary cholesterol intake.

Eggs are obviously a good source of protein, but also loaded with micronutrients such as selenium, choline(brain development), and antioxidants -lutein and zeaxanthin (eye health). Here are two quotes from two different studies on eggs and health: "The lack of evidence for a relationship between dietary cholesterol and heart disease risk is why most countries of the world do not specifically recommend dietary cholesterol restrictions(64–66). In fact, in Canada and Australia, eggs carry the approval marking of their respective heart associations. Eggs provide several important nutrients that contribute to health promotion and disease prevention." "In conclusion, an approach focused on a person’s entire dietary intake as opposed to specific foods or nutrients should be the heart of population nutrition guidelines." Oh and make sure you cook your eggs, as raw eggs are absorbed with 50% efficiency.

This was an impromptu flex 5ish weeks out from my first #nabba show a few years ago.

More great work by @spohphoto He can make you look like you lift 😜

Love a good hack skwat

Glute focused hyperextensions, great for working the muscle in its shortest position. Drive hips into pad, point toes slightly out, and "softening" the knees helps. #hungrybum

A meme my mate Symon @samoansayan4physique made from my first competition. #lolz

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